What to expect

This site will be updated soon. I just need some free time from school to update it. Be ready!

What can you expect here?  Books, reviews, and some humor. Everyone needs a laugh from time to time! An average of 1 review a week will be posted here. If I accidentally miss a review, there will be an apology review as well as the original! Week 4 of every month will be the series of the month review. Oh, and make sure you re-visit the posts from time to time. I tend to update them, A lot. Especially The Ranger’s Apprentice. Hope y’all are ready for some reviewing!

Also, please note that I do not respond to Negative or Hateful comments. Everything I post is from my Personal Reading Experience.



Author: jnutter3006

I'm a full-time student, full-time artist, and i guess I'm a blogger too. I love reading, and have dedicated 19 years to it. (i am 19yo btw). I also enjoy playing video games, collecting pokemon & yugioh cards, studying rocks, enjoying music, and various forms of art.

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