The Host-Review

No one really knows what aliens are like. Are they really green? or something more? What happens when your entire race turns against you? Only one answer. The END.




The Host.Ā Stephanie Meyer

Times Read:



-Science Fiction, Fantasy, Suspense



Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 13+

-My Opinion: 13+

Basic Review:

-In my personal opinion, I believe this is Stephanie Meyer’s best book! Blood sucking leeches infiltrate the mind of a young…. Oh, wait…. Wrong book :-P. <– Like what I did there? Ā (9-24-16. Here is the Link to that Review.)

Melanie Stryder is your typical American teenager. Except for one tiny little detail… She is part of the resistance. Rather than Nuclear war ravaging the planet, it is something more peaceful. Souls. The Souls are Alien, and they kill mercilessly. As a human life is extinguished a new “Soul” is inserted.

Melanie and her younger brother, Jamie, were just leading a normal life. Until their father brought the Seekers to Kill them. And that is where the story takes off!!

Trust me, This book is a Nail Biting Page Turner.

Long Review:

-Much likeĀ A Princess of Mars, I love this book. I have to be careful, otherwise, I might spoil the whole book right here. And why would I want to do that?

So where do I start? Well, let’s start With Wanderer, THE SOUL. The reason I capitalized this name, is because she is one that Remembers the Origin. Which is the Birthplace of all Souls. Wanderer has lived 8 lives, and Melanie’s Body is number 9.

The story really starts with the last memory that Melanie Stryder had. She remembers running from the seekers, and then seeing her escape, takes it. She jumps into the elevator shaft and Death rushes in to meet her. Then Pain. And then…..

Wanderer Is then introduced. Traditionally when a soul is inserted into a host, the host is gone. But not Melanie. There is something about her. She fights to gain control of her body. But what happens when a soul, who only does good, starts to hate a seeker?

Well, Wanderer and Melanie finally find something in common. And in that, they find they have to find the resistance. Wanderer and Melanie find her brother, and her lover (i will not spoil when or how…). And by the end of the book, Wanderer has fallen in love with a Human (Not Melanie’s human).

A few times in the book you can feel the pain Wanderer is put through. A near death experience of choking, a gun pointed at her face, watching her brethren being slaughtered, and the Final death.

Will you read this book?! I dunno… But IĀ finished this book for the 6th time last week. And now, because I wrote the review, IĀ have to read it again. I love it that much.

WouldĀ Recommend?

-YES!!! I URGE you to read this NOW!!! And do not go see the m0vie first. The book is so much better. Anytime IĀ get the chance IĀ recommend this book. The age range is 13+, and if you read the book you will understand.

I’ll Spoil one more thing. Wanderer tries to kill herself so that Melanie can have her life back. I won’t say when, or how, but Wanderer says goodbye to her enemy, her ally, and her sister.

Thanks for readin!


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