What happens when you have no father, and feel utterly worthless? Well in the world of Eragon, you are hunting. Good way to let loose some steam. What isn’t normal is finding a Dragon egg. And hatching it. And not killing it. Basically just breaking the law. Which is what happens now days too.



I am so sorry for missing the review on Saturday (8-10-16). Since this is going up late, here is a Bonus Review. As an apology.

Find the series review Here! It will go live on 8-27-16.


Eragon. Christopher Paolini.

Times Read:



Medieval-ish, Fantasy, Fiction, Suspense, Page Turner.



Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12-17

-My Opinion: 12+.   I picked this book up when I was 12, and have loved the series ever since!

Basic Review:

This is a story of a Boy who is an outcast, and a Dragon that does not know how to be a Dragon.

Long Review:

To put it simply, I am Tired. I have written two series reviews in the past 3 hours. And this was supposed to go up on the 20th. So I am trying my best not to fall sleep while writing this. If I’m not honest, then I’m lying. And no need for that. But you came here for a review. So I will give you a review, even if I pass out afterwards.

Eragon is just your average boy. A trouble maker at times, but normal. Except for the small fact that he doesn’t know who his father is, and he is seen as an outcast in his home town. Oh, and one other thing, he has a Pet Dragon. This happens one day while Eragon is out in the forest. He finds an egg that eventually hatches a dragon. Rather than kill it, like he is supposed to, he hides it. Eventually the dragon is Named Saphira. And they will become dragon and rider.

Eragon decides to leave town (besides, he isn’t well liked anyways…) and finds himself in spot of trouble. The only way out if to get help from a grumpy old man named Brom. Now Brom is an interesting fellow. He seems to know a lot about dragons, and magic, and even fighting. But until you read further into the series, you won’t find out why. He helps train Eragon so that he can be ready for anything. And when you have a bunch of people hunting you down, thats a really good plan.

At first Eragon looks like a complete idiot. He can’t saddle or even ride a horse. And if he can’t do something as simple as that then how can he hope to ride a dragon? There were times where Eragon would stare at a rock, trying to make it move. (if you ask me, that borderline Crazy. But whatda I know?) Before bed each night Eragon and Brom would fight using sticks. Needless to say, Eragon SUCKS and ends up acquiring a nice display of bruises. He and Brom eventually start fighting with swords, and he names his sword after a spell. Eventually.

Eragon and Saphira make some interesting friends along their journey. One being a female elf who has an uncanny knowledge of dragons and magic. Though it is historically known that elves and dragons were riders. And she seems to have a thing for Eragon, though she can’t bring herself to admit it.

Anything else you want to know, you have to read the books. Sorry, that’s it. I’m OUT!

Would Recommend?

Yup. This is an amazing book and the series is well worth reading. Sorry I was so late getting this out. School has kept me busy and I didn’t plan reviews in advance. But on the plus side I got to give an extra review this month! My bonus/apology review.

Thanks for readin!


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