Calvin and Hobbes-Series Review

This is a Special Series Review. Because, Calvin and Hobbes is a comic strip series. And they are one of my all time favorites. The picture I’ll have up are the Collectors Edition books. I have the set of three. The one on Amazon is a set of four. The reason I’m not showing my books is cause they are packed up in a boxes (I’m moving.)

Some of the Comics are of Rated M material. Others are Harmless. 

Series Title/Author:

Calvin and Hobbes. Bill Watterson.   I also have the hardcover version, rather than the Paperback.    The full name of this Set is: The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.

Times Read:

-Each individual book I have read about 2-3 times each. This set of books it has been right about 2 for each book. Individual comics on the other hand, I have no earthly idea. The Calvin and Hobbes comic are everywhere. So I end up seeing them, Laughing, and then remembering it some time later.


-It is really hard to categorize this Series. I just wrote the general genres. Calvin ends up go to Mars every once and a while (he’s a 6 year old kid. He has one helluva Imagination.), so I also added Science Fiction. His stuffed Animal is “Alive” so that counts towards Fantasy. A lot like Winnie-The-Pooh.ch870328_jpg


-10/10 will definitely recommend! A lot of the comics are a great way to pass the time. I read these when I was younger, and have started going back over the years. I read something when I was 12, and thought nothing of it. I read it again 5 years later (2 years ago) and I was like “He said What?!?!”.

Bill Watterson was very smart in how he wrote the Comics. What I mean by that is the grammar usage. As a Kid, or younger person in your case, you read these words and have you own idea or definition of what they mean. But as you grow older (you grow older every day, Don’t argue with me.) you end up Expanding your vocabulary and learn the real definitions.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12+

-My Opinion: GUH. I really have no early idea! Look, I started reading this around the age of 10 or 11. Issue is, Some of the comics are great for Kids, cause that is how they feel. In other cases, I would say an age of 17 or more. And there have even been some cases where I’m saying I don’t need to be reading this. And I’m legally an Adult. So in all reality, I’d say start around age 11 and play it by Ear.

Basic Review:

–          (no Basic review for this one. Figured I’d condense it into one review.)

Long Review:

-You are a 6 year old kid. (“No I’m not!”). And your favoite stuffed animal is alive. Can you imagine letting your wildest imaginations run wild? Just imagine for me. One second you are sitting at dinner, and it is something gross in front of you. (That would be brusslesprouts). Your father has given up on saying “It builds character.” Instead he says “It is a plate of Toxic Waste with spider legs. Hope you enjoy!”  And guess what? There really are mutant spider legs.   Ok, not really, but you get my point.

ch930704Calvin is a somewhat normal 6 year old boy. Except that he has a wandering mind. And normally that would be, well, Normal. His mind on the other hand is something quite impressive. He is able to “create” nothing out of thin air. Like Space Man Spiff.

Space Man Spiff is one of Calvin’s personalities that comes out. He is the hero, and everyone else is an alien. Wether he is in school, or at home, or even in the backyard. His teacher is the worst alien there is. And because of that, Calvin is almost allways in the Principal’s office.

Hobbes is an interesting Character. When I first started reading Calvin and Hobbes, I was reminded of Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh. Hobbes Really has no idea he is a stuffed animal. He believes he is a real tiger. And that is because Calvin sees him as a real tiger. He likes Tuna. He pounces on Calvin. Calvin even spent a few minutes in Hobbes’s mouth! 😛

Calvin and Hobbes do everything together. Be it going sledding, or sitting underneath a tree. Making fun of Susie, or terrorizing Calvin’s mom. The even take Baths together. Now don’t look at me like I’m insane. You were a kid once. Hell, I’m 19, almost 20, and from time to time I still take my toys in the tub. Albeit, when that happens I’m normally really sick and its a bubble bath. And said toys are just my action figures, but you get my point. ch2

Calvin is very advanced for his age. He doesnt really understand basic things, like Math. (I feel ya there buddy. Math flies right over my head.) However, he understand Statistics. There are multipul times when he is telling advanced materials to his dad. Again, I’m 19 and I still don’t understand half of it. But at the same time, I’m not a bussiness Major, so I really havent had a reason to study it. <- That made sense, right? I’m not awake yet. My brain is still asleep.

Now I don’t know if there is anything I can do to make you want to read these, but i suggest you do. I’m hoping that by this time if have at least 1 faithful follower that likes what i have to say. But maybe there isnt.  I can only say this: ch860417_jpg

Why did I choose this book(s)?

-It just landed in my Lap one day and i started reading it. I’d like to say I was joking about the landing in my lap, but that is fairly accurate. I was in the Library and my father Handed me a book called The Essential Calvin and Hobbes. And I was there reading it for like 30 minutes. I vaguely remember another book that was It’s a Magical World, Ending up somewhere near my foot. I’m assuming my father threw it across the floor, but I have no idea. We have no relationship and I’m not going to ask him just cause you want an answer to this question.

Would Recommend?

-Yup. Amazing books full of comics. Easily a few hours of reading and looking at the pictures!

Thanks for readin!


I took some photos from the comics (available Online.) To help show you what I mean. u2bphgprvspx


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