The Royal Ranger-Review

What happened to Will Treaty? Well, when we last left him he was getting married to Alyss. Now it’s 15 years later. And he is getting his first apprentice. And SHE will be the hardest challenge yet. And maybe she can pull him out of his funk.


Hope you have been keeping up on my Series Review of The Ranger’s Apprentice. I will be finishing that Post within the next few months! (Date of Writing: 10-5-16)

Also, sorry for both this review and yesterday’s review coming up late. Been sick n just now starting to not feel lethargic. (Date of Writing 10-16-16)



The Royal Ranger. John Flanagan.

Times Read:

-1. But after I finish the Barsoom series (which starts with A Princess of Mars) and we move (All but 6 of my books are in boxes [9 boxes stuffed full of books. Yeah, I’m a bit of a book freak…] My family and I move in 3 weeks or so.) I will be Re-Reading the series and then be buying the BrotherBand Chronicles series. Or as much of it as I can afford.


-Classic, Conflict, Fantasy, Fiction, Suspense, Pager Turner, Finale.


-10/10 better than most of the series! Ok, not really. But this book is amazing.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 10+

-My Opinion: 13+

This book is a bit different from the others. Will is now an adult. The 12th book takes place 15 years after the end of book 11. As such, Will is training someone who means the world to him. And something has happened to the love of his life, so he is a wreck. In this book, we lose a lot of the characters that we fell in love with. But such is life.

Basic Review:

-I kinda spoiled a bit, didn’t I? Well, Will is a wreck. Something has happened to the love of his Life, who also happens to be his wife. Yes, Alyss is…… Gone….. But she….. left in a way that is honorable. I’ll tell you in a minute. Because of this Will has started to go crazy. One of his best friends, Gilan, and the Ranger Commandant is worried about him. As such, Gilan calls a meeting with Will’s oldest friends. Halt, Pauline, Horace, and Princess Cassandra (Evanlyn).And they try to figure out what to do with the most capable ranger ever (As Halt said).

Long Review:

-As I stated above, Will Treaty is in a funk. He has gone Crazy hunting down a man that killed Alyss Treaty. Yes, I said it. Alyss is gone. 18 months before the book starts, Alyss is on a mission. You know Courier stuff. A bandit named Jory Ruhl set fire to the Inn that she was staying in. In his defense, he was just there to steal. He didn’t know about Alyss. Alyss originally made it out but heard the screams of a small child still inside the building. So without a Mili-second of hesitation, she ran back in. She reached the child and toss her out the window to her escort. As she was climbing out the window, the building collapsed. There was nothing she could do. Never had a chance. (Or so the book says. However, her body was never found. And even though I asked John Flanagan about it, he wouldn’t say. So she may actually be Alive!!)

We have Lost Alyss. We have also lost King Duncan. Well, Somewhat. He is really sick and as such Evanlyn has taken over. With her husband Sir Horace by her side. And their rebellious daughter (she plays a role. Just let me continue.) is complicating their life. Anyway. We have also lost the ranger Commandant, Crowley. HE passed in his sleep with a smile on his face. So Halt is at peace. The ranger Commandant position was offered to Gilan, and he accepted. We have also lost Ebony. She was Shadow’s pup. We now have Sabel, which I take to be Ebony’s pup. But I may be wrong. I probably am. I asked the Head Ranger about that and he didn’t tell me who her mom is. Anyway…

Because Alyss has passed, Will is intent on hunting down her killer. And he is ruthless. We have seen Halt MAD. But you have never seen Will mad. Take Halt’s anger, and Multiply it by 5.     Actually, remember when Halt insulted King Duncan in public (if you remember, he was perfectly in control of himself. He just needed to go find Will.) with the ruthless anger he had, that’s basically what Will has right now. He has shrugged off two assignments from Gilan. Halt is appalled at this fact, as Will loves being a ranger. One more shrugged off assignment, and Will treaty will be removed from the Corps.

Gilan has decided that Will needs an Apprentice. Halt loves this idea. When he was in his Funk, Pauline sent Alyss to be with him for a bit. And he lightening up. He has an idea in his head, and NO ONE is prepared for it. He suggests that the Crown Princess shall be His apprentice. Gilan freaks. He keeps stating that no female has ever been a Ranger. And Evanlyn freaks out even more. She doesn’t want her rebellious daughter to be in the way of Danger. Horace has to agree with his wife. Only Pauline isn’t upset by this fact.

Halt calms everyone down and says that Princess Maddie will be in the hands of the most capable ranger ever. Everyone is shocked by this statement. “Will is a much better ranger than myself.” <-or something to that effect. Will is Maddie’s GodFather, and he loves her more than anything. A lot like how Halt and Pauline love Will and Alyss. As close as you can get to Parental love. And so, the first female ranger will be trained by the most famous ranger in history. (yeah, his legend even surpassed Halt’s. Damn cool!)

So Gilan and Halt go and talk to Will, letting him know what’s up. After some hesitation, he takes on Maddie as his apprentice (not like he had a choice in the matter… You can’t say no to both the Commandant AND the famous ranger Halt [Who used to be your mentor…]).

Maddie is so high on her horse (literally. She makes fun of the ranger horses.) that she believes that she will only be with Will for 2-3 days. Instead, Horace and Evanlyn took away her right to be the princess. So in that respect, she will be with Will until she learns some respect.

So Will trains her like Halt Trained him. Poking fun at.  On one occasion Maddie decides to make breakfast and coffee for Will. As an apology. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out too well. And Will was laughing. Maddie got really hurt by that and will said this: “The eggs deserved better. But you gave me something better that I haven’t had in a long time. You made me laugh.” Will didn’t laugh or smile those entire 18 months.

Because of this, Will and Maddie developed a much better relationship. A few months go by and Gilan sh0ws up. He asks Will how she is doing, and Will has pride in his voice when he talks about her. Gilan then asks if Will would be willing to go on a mission with her. At that time Maddie walks in. And they decide to go on this mission.

Will and Maddie find Alyss’s killer during this seemingly completely UNRELATED mission. And when he tries to kill Maddie, Will loses it.

There are many twists and turns in this book, and I absolutely LOVE it!! It also happens t0 be the longest of the 12 books. So you better be ready to enjoy a few days! (Well, Took me 3 days to finish it anyways. Maybe take others longer, or even shorter. I just wanted to savor the last book!)

Would Recommend?

-Yup. You HAVE to read this book and the entire series. Here is the review of the series that I have been updating. Link. (I just remembered that I left the link up at the top…. Well, guess you’ll get two links?)

I have been in contact will the Head Ranger (John Flanagan) and he has said that we need to stay tuned. Ranger Maddie may be making another appearance. I won’t tell you when (cause I don’t know), or how (again, don’t know), or why (this seems simple. Cause she’s a RANGER). I will let the Head Ranger fill you in on the rest of the details. Just know that if you thought the series was over, well actually it is. But it may have a spinoff! I don’t really know. I’m just spitballin here. John Flanagan just said he wasn’t done with the characters.

(Hey Mr. Flanagan, I didn’t spill anything you told me. Which to be fair, wasn’t much. But I kept my mouth shut!) <- I promised him I wouldn’t say a thing.  Not that I have many followers to bother me (as of today I have 8).

Alright, I’m done here. I think I’m just rambling. Sorry.

Thanks for readin!


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