Fahrenheit 451-Review

What happens in a future where Tech is king? Books are but a distant memory. Tech is all that is important. And when people revolt, then disappear, you act like nothing is wrong. Because it isn’t.


Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. I will not respond to negative comments. 



Fahrenheit 451.  Ray Bradbury.

Times Read:

-Once. Read it for summer reading my Sophmore Year of High School. It was a good book, but it’s too real for me. I may read it again, though… I’m not sure.


-Action, Suspense, Science Fiction, Conflict, Nail Biting Page Turner, Dystopia.


-10/10. You have to read this. Yes, I am using Tech to get this message out. Because this is where we are headed. And it is terrifying!

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 13+

-My Opinion: 13 and on is fine. We read it when I was 14, some friends were 15, and one of my buddies was 16 (when we graduated he was 20).

Basic Review:

-What happens in a future where Tech is king? Books are but a distant memory. Tech is all that is important. And when people revolt, then disappear, you act like nothing is wrong. Because it isn’t. Or so the Government tells you.   But what if they are lying to you? What do you do? How do you get out of that hell?   It’s simple. You either conform with Society, or you die. Take your pick.

Long Review:

-This one isn’t all too bad. I finished it in about 2 hours, even though my classmates took the entire summer to read it. And I got the better test grade (only the first test. After that we went into vocabulary, and…… Well, I…… Nuff Said?)

Some of my readers may actually enjoy this future. I found it to be horrifying. Oh, and this book was written a many years ago. Before California had ten lane highways. But, I’ll cover that in a minute.

Who here likes to read? Raise your hands in the comments! ✋ Have you done it yet? ……. I’m waiting………..  Ok, I assume that by now you have done it. Well, imagine this: All books are considered illegal. Our firefighters don’t stop fires, they start them. To burn books. Technology is everything. We watch TV with these things in our ears, and reading glasses are screens. And to go against any of this means your death.

Does that sound like fun or what?! I myself will go with What!!! I represent the small part of the world that enjoys reading. I have said many times that i hate E-Books. And this book just strengthened that feeling. Quite honestly, this book for told the future. Google Glasses. Earbuds.   Tvs mounted in the wall. People falling away from reading…. Was horrible. However, I HIGHLY recommend this book! 10/10. Trust me.

This book was Published back in 1953, by Author Ray Bradbury. This man shocks me. Somehow his fiction books that are set in the future, are almost real. Like the Google Glasses (I am NOT endorsed!) or books being burned! (Yes, People do actually burn books. For fun. I am not one of them. Books are super important to me. As is the game of Chess. Keeps my brain from melting away…)

This book is called a Dystopia. Where everything seems perfect on the outside. But on the inside, it is a personal hell. There is no such thing as a utopia, at least not on planet Earth.

Our MC (Main Character) is a firefighter. Although, they stopped using water a long time ago. Now they go to start fires. If a citizen is caught holding a book, hell erupts.  Imagine this: Your entire house is soaked in Gasoline. Except, it really isn’t gasoline. More like Chlorine trifluoride. Your doors are locked. Your family is screaming at you, and begging to be let out. And you just wet yourself. because you have a book. The firefighter looks right at you without any compassion, and throws the match.

Say you read a book. Like the bible. Or even a Dr. Seuss book. You are instantly put on the Hit-List. You questioned society, and now you pay the ultimate price. You decide not to wear your Glasses and earbuds today. Hit-List. You ask why the Firefighters start fires. Hit-List. You smile. Hit-List. You rebel and try to get a firefighter to read a book. You are never seen or heard from again.

Quick Fact! : Chlorine trifluoride is the most flammable liquid on the planet. It is so dangerous, the Nazi’s decided to leave it alone. I read up on it, and it can burn through concrete. I have poured molten bronze and iron (2,000°F, & 3,000°F) and would be terrified to see this stuff in action.

Our MC Wonders what happened to his young friend. She was only 19 (ish. Im guessing.) and so full of joy. She didn’t appear on his walk home that night. Or the next. It was right then that our MC started to rebel.

By the end of the book, he is hunted. And the military will do anything to kill him. Including dropping a nuke on his neighborhood. (He was far away when it happened. But it still happened.)

This book is scary. Stuff like this could happen in the near future. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. Go out and read this book. Trust me, It is really worth your time.

I recommend that you read this as soon as you think is viable. Like the age of 12 or 13.

Would Recommend?

-Yes. Read it (An actual book, not an E-Book) and spread the word. We are already headed down this dark path. And I must say, I for one would rather not be 100% Tech.

Thanks for readin!


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