To be or Not to be. That is the question! Or so Hamlet thought…


Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. I will not respond to negative comments. 



Hamlet. William Shakespeare.

Times Read:



-Classic, Turmoil, Death, Suspense, Conflict, Drama.



Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12+

-My Opinion: 15+. We didn’t read it until my Senior Year of Highschool. So I was 17, going on 18. This is not a lighthearted book like Romeo and Juliet was. (Even though it wasn’t really lighthearted…), so I recommend a slightly older age.

Reason have an opinion: My younger brother was forced to read the College edition of The Odyssey when he was in 6th grade. Not only did they not understand it, but it was way too inappropriate for them. I have had to read books that I thought were a grade level or two ahead of me, but that was overkill. That is why I have an opinion. Cause some people don’t. Sorry, Just had to let that out!

Basic Review:

-To be or Not to be. That is the question!    Or so Hamlet thought… In this version of Hamlet, we get to see the original text, along with plain ol English.

Long Review:

-Don’t freak out, Don’t freak out. Hamlet is actually a good read. I recommend getting No Fear Shakespeare. It has the original text on the left and plain old English on the right. Definitely worth it!

Fun Fact Time! Shakespeare made up one of the most common names used as of late. any guesses?  Jessica.

Have you ever wondered what your role is in this world? Or why your father died suddenly? Hamlet has. In fact, he pondered both of those questions with his famous phrase. “To be, Or not to be.” And he did this whilst holding a skull in his hand…

In this book, Hamlet chooses to question everything. And to have a lot of internal monologues. Or eulogies. Whatever it is called. And he kills his Lover’s Cousin. With a sword… As he kills hamlet… Anyways…..

Remember how I said that his father was killed? Well, his brother (Hamlet’s Uncle) killed him. And his ex-wife (ex because he is dead) was in on the whole ordeal. And then she married the uncle. And expects Hamlet to be ok with her having fun with him instead…

Due to this fact, Hamlet goes crazy. Or he was faking being crazy. It really isn’t explained all too well. Take it or leave it! (been a little while since I’ve read it…) What I do remember is that he starts seeing ghosts. More specifically, the ghost of his Late father. And he talks to/with it. And then he holds a skull in his hand…   This is how Hamlet lives his life as a teenager. (Thought your life was hard? Try being crazy and labeled as normal… And watching your mother have fun with your uncle…)

Then there is the part of the book where Hamlet takes a backseat. One of the acts talks about a man named Laertes, Hamlet’s Lover’s Cousin (Who is in love with her (He name is Ophelia) and believes Hamlet is unworthy of her.) In the end, Hamlet and Him duke it out.

The 3rd act (It’s either the 3rd or the 4th. And the thing I said above is either the 3rd or the 4th.) follows the monologue of the Late King Hamlet (Yeah, King Hamlet and prince Hamlet…) as he talks about his Battles. In one such battle, he and this other king are fighting over a piece of land. They decide to duke it out in a duel. King Hamlet wins the duel (dueling back then means killing your opponent) and now that king’s son (who is named after his father) is plotting revenge against the kingdom of Hamlet.

Ever wanted a book that makes your head hurt? Or like a giant impossible puzzle? Then this is your book to read!!

I really enjoyed it! And if I did, then I think you would as well!! (Or maybe not…)

Would Recommend?

-Yes. Not as much as I would recommend Romeo and Juliet, but worth your time!!

Thanks for readin!


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