Firestorm-Review (15+)

Who is Jack Danielson? All american football high school teen. Talks in chopped sentences. Has a girlfriend. Enjoys life. But one day, that is all stripped away from him. And he must fight to survive. Not just for himself, but all of Humanity.


Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. I will not respond to negative comments. 



Firestorm.   David Klass

Times Read:



-Science Fiction but also Non-Fiction. Young Adult Fiction. Fiction. Fantasy. Horror themes. Mature themes. Thriller. Adventure.

Not movie horror, but real life horror. Like “what the hell are we doing?!” kind of horror.



Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 13+

-My Opinion: 15+. There are some more mature themes, but nothing that would make me say that you can’t read it.

Basic Review:

– Jack Danielson is just your average high school senior. Big into Football, has a smoking hot Girlfriend, loves going to his classes, and is getting ready for college. Except that he really isn’t normal. He absorbs all information like a sponge. He can run longer and faster than anyone in his state. And then there’s the fact that people are hunting him down with lasers trying to get the final kill shot. Join Jack as he discovers who he is, where and more importantly When he’s from, and that he’s the only one who can stop the destruction of the world.

Long Review:

– Before I continue, The book is written from Jack’s perspective. Very short sentences, but they tell a story. And Lot’s of words that I haven’t even hear of. Just thought I’d let you know before we continue.

As I stated above, Jack (Not Me.) Is an average teen with normal sexual desires, and loving parents. However, he is never allowed to show how amazing he is. His parents force him to be normal. Never the best nor the worst at things. But that all changes. It is his last football game and he runs the entire length of the field. Touchdown, wins the game! (I don’t really understand football, both American and European, so I may have said things wrong. Sorry!) Statewide news coverage!

Jack is out on a date with his girlfriend P.J. when the lights go silver. A man walks by him and looks right at Jack’s soul. P.J. didn’t notice a thing. When jack got home that night (after P.J. turned him down for their first time…) his parents were furious. And when Jack tells them what happened at the restaurant, they freeze. “They found you.”

Jack’s dad and mom rush around to make sure everything is in order. His mom stays behind. His dad forces him to get into the car and are speeding away. His dad never goes above or under the speed limit. But this time, he’s pushing it to 100mph and more. And he’s telling Jack that he’s not really his dad. And that Jack has to run. Then the car rolls, There are things being fired at them. Jack’s dad Screams for him to run to the boat docked at the pier. And then he pulls out a wicked looking pistol and shoots himself in the foot to get Jack to RUN. It’s the last time Jack ever sees his parents.

In his journey fleeing, he happens upon a girl that plays on his sexual desires. In New York. And then she shapeshifts… And tries to bite his leg off. Asking about a firestorm. Jack finds a way to incapacitate her, and then hears a voice in his head. The voice tells him to go to the closet before the Gorm arrive. Inside is a dog. And together they flee. Albeit, Relunctantly. But the dog betrays him and leaves him to a phsyco ninja who beats the tar out of him. Until Jack starts to learn how to counter the attacks. Keeps taking it until he takes the ninja down. And then the mask comes off.  beautiful girl is staring up at him. He almost forgets about P.J.

She takes it upon herself to train Jack so he can find the firestorm. Through these trials Jack learns who he is, when he came from, and what his fated mission is!

Yeah, we were almost done there. Jack escapes from the pursuing Gorms that Attacked him and Eko. (The ninja.) The lying dog finds a boat for him and jack to escape in. I say boat, but it is little more than a raft. Gisco and Jack make up in the boat. (Gisco is the dog by the way…) Just when they are about to die, a fishing Tanker finds them. “Tanker” may not be the right word. But, it seems fitting. Tanks go and destroy everything around them. This fishing boat threw nets and metal contraptions down into the reefs, just to catch a few fish. Anything that wasn’t their prize they threw back into the ocean. Destroyed thousands of years worth of reefs. Just for a few dollars…

^ That right there is what makes me sick to be human. Cause it’s true. That’s all we do. Destroy. We need to give back. Look, I love to fish. But I fish for sport. No profit. These guys were doing it illegally. I fish with a rod and reel. 9/10 times I don’t keep the fish. I have a fishing license. I am getting the eco-friendly fishing line and hooks that dissolve away in the water. Now you may ask why I don’t keep the fish. For one, I don’t fish to eat them. Sure, here and there I do. But I am allergic to fish. I can only eat small amounts of fish, and very rarely. And I get hives when i touch em. So I wear gloves. I take a picture, and then I throw back. I LOVE the fight! My favorite is Catfish. They love to fight!! Spending time just waiting for the hit, and enjoying nature. Then the hit comes and I’m off to the races!

Sorry, had to get that off my chest. I love nature. I enjoy the relationship we have. But it annoys me when some just use her to their own desires. Namely, $$. So this book reached into my heart. As such, I am going to get books 2 and 3. Soon too!!

Would Recommend?

– Yes. This book made me feel sick to be a human. It shows us what we are doing to the world. And we have the option to start giving back. But we don’t. Not as an entire race.

I hope I convinced you to get this book!! Cause it is bloody amazing! And David Klass deserves MAJOR props!

Thanks for readin!


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