I Must say it

There is something I must say. The Inheritance Cycle. An amazing 4 part series. But, I do not believe that the story is at an End. Christopher Paolini can say what he wants, but it is not done.
Eragon and Saphira are not finished with their amazing Journey. I feel that Arya and her dragon will be joining them soon enough. In a land in-between Home and where the riders are to be formed. As will Murtagh and Thorn.
I firmly believe that I am not the only one that feels the story ended abruptly. The author said he was done with the series. But there is a yearning to continue that I noticed near the end of book 4.
Maybe it will not be book 5. But instead Book 1. Of a series I know Not, but i know it will happen someday!
Jack Nutter
(I’m a book freak. What can I say?)

Author: jnutter3006

I'm a full-time student, full-time artist, and i guess I'm a blogger too. I love reading, and have dedicated 19 years to it. (i am 19yo btw). I also enjoy playing video games, collecting pokemon & yugioh cards, studying rocks, enjoying music, and various forms of art.

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