Welcome to the About Page. Here is where those who wanted to know more about me come. Hi!

Welcome to My Library!!

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So first things first. I am having a conversation with you. Be it writing an essay, sending an Email, or on the phone. (that last one was “called” humor people). I am truly sorry if my humor gets annoying, but I love to make a bad situation better. And my main way of doing that is little bits of humor. So far it has done wonders.

I am 19 years old. I’m currently studying 3D Animation & Archaeology @UCDenver. I am a full-time artist/student. There will be an average of 1 Review a week. If I have the hankering to do more, then it’ll be a surprise for us all!!

So, Let’s get started.

How many books have you read?

Honestly? Too many to count. I started reading at the age of 9 months old. I may have been holding the Dr. Seuss book upside down, but I was absorbing it. Since then my bedrooms have become personal libraries. Anytime I saw a book I wanted, I tended to read it. And not the normal 2 months to finish a 300 paged Harry Potter book. I read them fast. According to the dictionary, but urban and webster, I am what is classified as a speed-reader. It is my favorite thing to do. I am not trying to brag, but it sometimes sounds like I am. The average reading time for me is 1-2 weeks. I am not, nor do I try to be, the best speed-reader. But I sure do love to read!

My most read series is Harry Potter. I have read the entire series 13 or 14 times. I honestly lost count after 11 times. Even though it is my most read series, it is not my favorite. My all time favorite series is The Barsoom Series. The author is Edgar Rice Burroughs. When people in NASA or Sci-Fi produces are asked about their inspiration, the all say it came from The Martian Chronicles. But guess what?! The author of the Martian Chronicles got his inspiration from The Barsoom Series. BOOM!

Anywhoser, I went off topic. If I was to say how many, I would say easily over 1000. Proof? I read every book in my Elementary School Library. They had a quite a few college level books in there, which I started reading in 3rd grade. I’m thinking I answered the question well, and I could go on for a while…

What is the Longest paged book you have read?

I’ve read quite a number of books over 750 pages. The Lord of The Rings series was over 1000, Harry Potter book 5 was 1000 pages or so… I can’t give a definite answer, but the shortest book I’ve read was 4 pages long. If that helps.                  ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ ♪♬

Do you really like reading, or are you just another horrible blogger?

Yes. I love reading. Always have, always will. And I HATE E-Books. I need to feel the paper in-between my fingers. Out of all the books I’ve owned, only 2 have been E-Books, and I hated it.

Another thing I hate is marking up my books. Sadly, an avid reader like me happens to have a few destroyed books. Mostly cause I’ve read them to death. Infact, I just bought another two books to replace my old ones. The others ones were falling apart at the seams. Litterlly.

Have you ever blogged before?

Yes, I have. I tried out Tumblr once before, but it didn’t last long. Too much complaining for me. And I’ve dealt with enough drama.

So you’re a professional blogger then?!

Now I am 😛

So 1 Blog a week? 😦

Well, I’m debating between 1 or 2. But any more than that is too much.

How old are you? I’m curious because of the amount of books you’ve read, and you seem to be well versed.

I am 19 years old. I’m currently in college. I will be getting a major in Archaeology & a Studio Minor in 3D Animation.

When will you update your site? You keep hinting that you will. Or have you already?

As soon as I can. I currently don’t have the funds to get the “Account” I want. What I mean is that I want to monetize my site, and disable ads for all of you. In order to do that I need the business or the professional account. (The one I’m looking at is like 8$ a month, 100$ a year.) As soon I get the funds I’ll start the updates.

Where can I see your Most recent review?

Well, there are a variety of places to do this. I recommend starting off with Twitter and Facebook. Both are on my homepage. And might even be on the page to your right. You can also check out the site Niume. I am a part of that community as well. The only issue is that the reviews will come on here first and then I manually re-blog on there.

You say that you Manually Reblog. Does that mean it’s just you?

Yes. I am the sole author and employee on this site. In the future, I plan to hire my mom. It might be awhile, though. Well “Hire”. Depends on if she wants to come on to the project. We’ll see I guess.

So let’s get cracking!!!