Dr. Seuss-Author Review

Who was Dr. Seuss? No. Who IS Dr. Seuss? Dr. Seuss is an American author, writer, illustrator, cartoonist, animator and publisher who died in 1991. He is most well known for his children’s books. Even to this day, his books are one of the most read!


Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. Please also keep in mind, I do not Promote, Support, or Respond to Negative Commentary.

Please note: I was unable to find another picture that showed tribute to the Iconic Dr. Seuss. His name is Trade Marked, and I am just writing a review. I do not plan on taking his Name. Thank you for reading!!


-Dr. Seuss.  His real name is Theodor Seuss Geisel.  I say Is because Dr. Seuss is alive in all our hearts. And every Christmas. When we watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2!

RecognizabilityOne of the most well-known authors in all of history. He wrote so many books, and they all had a rhyming theme to them. Even now when people hear poems like it, they think of Dr. Seuss! Or at least I do.

Most iconic Books:

-He has a “few” Iconic Books. I will only be talking about my 4 favorites, however.

Like I said, just a “Few”. He wrote so many books, but I believe these are the most well known!!


-Children’s books*. Fantasy. Magic. Fiction. Classics.

* This isn’t always true, though. Dr. Seuss actually wrote a few books for the adult genres as well. He kept with the same theme, but they are not made for children. That is why I included the Asterisk. <- This symbol *


-10/10. I love this author. I started reading his books when I was 9 months old. Now, they were upside down, but I was still reading!!

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 6-9

-My Opinion: Now this happens to be another instance where I hate the Phrase “Age Range.” I have a much better “Range”.  You listening?

I say ages 4+. You could be 120 years old and still love these books! I’m 19 and love to pick them up! So I guess we can say 4-120. And I say 120 because there are many people who live past 100. Only a few make it past 110. This is for them!

Basic Review/info:

-Who was Dr. Seuss? No. Who IS Dr. Seuss? Dr. Seuss is an American author, writer, illustrator, and publisher who died in 1991. (Now you know me, I am very family Oriented. So this next part sits just fine with me!) Dr. Suess only had 2 wives during his lifetime. Hist first wife died in ’67. Dr. Seuss was a widower for one year. Then in ’68 he married his second wife. They were married until His death in ’91. “Till Death do us Part.” Dr. Seuss really lived to that!

He is most well-known as a children’s book author. However, Dr. Seuss was much more than that. He was a cartoonist and an artist for many magazines after his college life. (He attended both Dartmouth and Oxford. Now THAT is a smart kid!!) He then went to be an animator for the United States Army during the World War 2 era. It was only after the war that he got started on his children’s books career. However, this wasn’t going to be his first time writing. Yes, he did magazines back in the day. His first book was published before the war. But it is not one of his most well known. Not even I knew about it for a long time.

His first book was Published in 1937. Its name is: And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street. I personally have not read this book. But I can only imagine it is an amazing book!

Truth be told, I firmly believe that Dr. Seuss rivals the great William Shakespeare. And that is really hard to do!!

Long Review of Books:

-Now that we have the basic information out of the way, let us start the reviews on my favorite 4 books!

Green Eggs and Ham:

green_eggs_and_ham This is one of the best books Dr. Seuss wrote. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had Green Eggs and Ham, but it seems like an interesting meal. I’m guessing that the green egg is like the century egg. Basically black. *shudders*. Some people seems to like em. I don’t think I really would, though.  Fun fact real quick, though. Do you know how to pronounce Egg? “Eh-g”. Guess how I pronounce it? No takers? I don’t know why, but I have always pronounced it as “Eai-g”. I pronounce Leg the same way. It’s really 1: sad, and 2: annoying. Anyways…

Also, green ham… To me, that says mold is growing on it. And has been for a while! Call me crazy, But I don’t want to eat anything with mold on it. Granted, I love cheese… And cheese is mold…… But I don’t like Moldy cheese. Like Blue cheese. That stuff makes me sick to my stomach… I love Feta, though!  Alright, I’ll get back to the review.

 The Cat in the Hat:

220px-seuss-cat-hat The most iconic book Dr. Seuss has ever written. Or in my opinion anyway. So let me ask you a question? What happens when your mother will not let you do ANYTHING!!? Well, you get bored. You want to break the rules. But you can’t. So your minds wanders. And that is where the cat in the hat came from. Yes, I know that’s not what the book says. But I am trying to say what would happen IRL.

Brother and sister had the same daydream about a cat that comes to save them from boring hell. And their pet fish learns how to talk. What kid wouldn’t love that?!

Most children don’t like it when their parents tell them that they are not allowed to do anything. My younger brother is an example. Or some of my closest friends. Either they have boundaries that they find a way around, or they have none at all. My brother and I have very strict boundaries. But i love it. It keeps me in check. There is no worse feeling than disappointing my mom. Now yes, I am not Perfect. I have broken the rules before. But when I do there is a serious guilt that lays on me. And I tell my mom almost immediately. But that is because I respect my mom. Sorry… off track again… I do that a lot. Damnit, sorry. You came here for a review!

Anyway, the boundaries thing. One of my buddies had lax boundaries. As such he ended up being really lonely. And he tried to kill himself. more than once too. We are no longer friends, but that is beside the point. What I am trying to say is that even though these two hate the boundaries, it really keeps them in check.

What do I mean by that? well, just read the book. Things get out of control. thing one and thing two go bonkers and make a huge mess. the Cat doesn’t know what to do. And the two kids are doing everything they can to make things right again! (Cat in the hat game for the P.C. was one of my favorites. I played that to death!!) Did anyone ever see the movie? HERE is the link to the IMDB page. Mike Myers played the Cat. He had this Purple goop that made a huge mess everywhere. he encouraged the kids to break the rules. Jump on the couch with dirty feet. Drive illegally. And disobey their mom.

But in the end, the kids pull their bootstraps up and fix the problem. They remove the goop from everywhere and get thing one and thing two back into check.

I love this book. Because, even though it is meant to be entertaining, it teaches a moral at the end. And Dr. Seuss tells the best Morals!

How the Grinch stole Christmas:

how-grinch-stole-christmas His second most Iconic book. Now up above I mentioned Home Alone and Home Alone 2. The reason for this is because the Animated movie was playing. Not the one with Jim Carry, But the original. And I love those two movies. SO FUNNY!!! But You’re not here for that. (I say something later on about that. Or did I say it up above? Either way…)

Who is the Grinch? And Evil hearted Goblin that hates everything that is happy or bright. Hang on, I’ll come back to this in just a moment->

I was reading up on Dr. Seuss and I saw something That caught my eye. Dr. Seuss wrote this book because of something that happened to him. It was during the prohibition, and his family’s brewery was shut down. And I think he was arrested? I didn’t click on the article, but i thought it was very interesting. You always think that an author (Fiction author) just has an amazing imagination. But it looks like their real life actually influences a lot of their writings. Now, is this true? I’m not sure. But if it is, then that explains how the grinch is so mad. Because Dr. Seuss was Mad. And I guess he found a way to move past this problem. Once again, No clue at all if it was true! If it was, then it is one helluva story! Back to the review.

He mistreats his dog, and that right there angers the hell out of me. There is n such thing as a bad dog. Just bad owners. Dogs (Not cats. Cats have their own agendas.) ooze out unconditional love. But I guess that’s why the grinch was such a jerk to his dog.

Every single year he hates the sounds of the happiness of Christmas. so this year he decides to go and steal the Christmas presents and food from everyone in the town below. Even the little crumb for the mouse!! Now he expects that this will be devastating for everyone in the town and can’t wait to hear their cries of agony.

And then he hears something unexpected. Singing. Why? Wouldn’t you be so pissed off is everything you worked so hard for what taken away from you? well, they don’t. In fact, it doesn’t seem to bother them at all. Why? It is because the grinch failed to take away the one thing more important than material goods. Family. All of a sudden, the Grinches heart seems to stutter.

Yes, he’s having a hear attack. of sorts anyway. His heart is growing. Basically from a peanut to an orange. or something like that. But right then, The grinch learned how to be happy. And how to sing. and how to Love.

So he got back on his sleigh and rode the presents to everyone in the town. And at the end of the book, he is singing too.

Oh the places you’ll go!: 

thecuriousg-seuss-the-places-youll-go One of my favorites because it tells you never to give up. How do I mean? Well, I am talking about is the moral of this story. You can’t just wait around for something to happen. Life isn’t a game. The best way I can put this is to describe and use two of my favorite games.

Pokemon vs Skyrim.

In Pokemon, you can’t just wait around for rings to happen. If you just sit there, life won’t continue.  You want to be the very best and catch them all? Then YOU have to get out there and do something about it! You want to go and travel the seas? See things you never get to? Then GO! Stop waiting for things to happen and make them happen!

In Skyrim, it is some of the same deal, but better explained. If you just sit around and wait, nothing will happen. Life will continue around you. You may see a bear or two come in front of you, but you will never get to destroy the dragons just sitting there.

Are you not a gamer? Then here is the best possible explanation I can give you.

A river. Let’s say that we are all either fish, or leaves, and bugs, or even a piece of bark flowing by. You could even be a frog! But there are bumps along the way. A little cove that traps the water and you. A rock that blocks your vision. Someone who forces you into a corner and leaves you there. What are you going to do?

In this book, we are told to get up, get moving, and live life! Where do you want to go? In the river: You are whatever of those things I listed. You want to get to the Amazon river and you are stuck in the Mississippi river in a cover of constantly swirling water. What are you going to do? Just swim there and wait to die? Or are you going to find a way out of your mess? Get back into the flow of the river? and make your way to the Amazon. or the Nile. Or even the open Ocean!

That is what this book is about. Living your life. And not letting anyone take it away from you!!

So what are The Morals that Dr. Seuss left in these books? ↓

Green eggs and ham: Don’t be afraid to try new things. You may enjoy them!

Cat in the hat: Respect your boundaries. But at the same time, Have fun.

Oh the Places you’ll go: Don’t sit around and wait for life to end. Go! Live your life!

How the grinch stole Christmas: Don’t let anger and hatred Fester. We each can move past it! And you will be a happier and better person because of it.  (I did this recently. I made peace with one of the people that made my life a living hell. And I am a much happier person!)

The second moral is that Family is forever. No material good can replace that. Eventually, even Diamonds will fade away. But Family never does.

2 other Morals:

Sneeches: No matter what everyone looks like, including yourself, We can be all accepting. There is no reason why someone with different coloration or marks means they suck. Learn to accept everyone.

Horton hears a who: Everyone, no matter how small and insignificant, deserves a voice and a life. You know what I attribute this one to? Bees. Now, I am deathly allergic to bees and I am terrified of them. But I love honey. I used to stomp on them when I was younger because I was afraid they’d sting me. (I was traumatized by a nest of hornets. Just another stupid thing I did as a kid.) Now I just run away!!

Would Recommend Books by Author?

-Yes. He really knew how to get these Iconic books into your head. And they will never fail!!

Reason Chosen?

-Because he is an Amazing Author. And he rivals William Shakespeare! Look, I am a biased reader. Also “Author”. I say Author because, I am the only person on this blog. But this is My Library! It is how I feel!  My mom has a picture of me reading Dr. Seuss’s book upside down when I was 9 months old!! His books will always hold a special place in my heart! (If I could find the picture in our basement I would include it in here. My mom may know which bin of memorabilia it is in, but I highly doubt it.

Could you let me know what you thought about this? Talking about the author and my favorite books they have written? I rather enjoyed it!

Thanks for readin!



To be or Not to be. That is the question! Or so Hamlet thought…

Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. I will not respond to negative comments. 



Hamlet. William Shakespeare.

Times Read:



-Classic, Turmoil, Death, Suspense, Conflict, Drama.



Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12+

-My Opinion: 15+. We didn’t read it until my Senior Year of Highschool. So I was 17, going on 18. This is not a lighthearted book like Romeo and Juliet was. (Even though it wasn’t really lighthearted…), so I recommend a slightly older age.

Reason have an opinion: My younger brother was forced to read the College edition of The Odyssey when he was in 6th grade. Not only did they not understand it, but it was way too inappropriate for them. I have had to read books that I thought were a grade level or two ahead of me, but that was overkill. That is why I have an opinion. Cause some people don’t. Sorry, Just had to let that out!

Basic Review:

-To be or Not to be. That is the question!    Or so Hamlet thought… In this version of Hamlet, we get to see the original text, along with plain ol English.

Long Review:

-Don’t freak out, Don’t freak out. Hamlet is actually a good read. I recommend getting No Fear Shakespeare. It has the original text on the left and plain old English on the right. Definitely worth it!

Fun Fact Time! Shakespeare made up one of the most common names used as of late. any guesses?  Jessica.

Have you ever wondered what your role is in this world? Or why your father died suddenly? Hamlet has. In fact, he pondered both of those questions with his famous phrase. “To be, Or not to be.” And he did this whilst holding a skull in his hand…

In this book, Hamlet chooses to question everything. And to have a lot of internal monologues. Or eulogies. Whatever it is called. And he kills his Lover’s Cousin. With a sword… As he kills hamlet… Anyways…..

Remember how I said that his father was killed? Well, his brother (Hamlet’s Uncle) killed him. And his ex-wife (ex because he is dead) was in on the whole ordeal. And then she married the uncle. And expects Hamlet to be ok with her having fun with him instead…

Due to this fact, Hamlet goes crazy. Or he was faking being crazy. It really isn’t explained all too well. Take it or leave it! (been a little while since I’ve read it…) What I do remember is that he starts seeing ghosts. More specifically, the ghost of his Late father. And he talks to/with it. And then he holds a skull in his hand…   This is how Hamlet lives his life as a teenager. (Thought your life was hard? Try being crazy and labeled as normal… And watching your mother have fun with your uncle…)

Then there is the part of the book where Hamlet takes a backseat. One of the acts talks about a man named Laertes, Hamlet’s Lover’s Cousin (Who is in love with her (He name is Ophelia) and believes Hamlet is unworthy of her.) In the end, Hamlet and Him duke it out.

The 3rd act (It’s either the 3rd or the 4th. And the thing I said above is either the 3rd or the 4th.) follows the monologue of the Late King Hamlet (Yeah, King Hamlet and prince Hamlet…) as he talks about his Battles. In one such battle, he and this other king are fighting over a piece of land. They decide to duke it out in a duel. King Hamlet wins the duel (dueling back then means killing your opponent) and now that king’s son (who is named after his father) is plotting revenge against the kingdom of Hamlet.

Ever wanted a book that makes your head hurt? Or like a giant impossible puzzle? Then this is your book to read!!

I really enjoyed it! And if I did, then I think you would as well!! (Or maybe not…)

Would Recommend?

-Yes. Not as much as I would recommend Romeo and Juliet, but worth your time!!

Thanks for readin!


The Royal Ranger-Review

What happened to Will Treaty? Well, when we last left him he was getting married to Alyss. Now it’s 15 years later. And he is getting his first apprentice. And SHE will be the hardest challenge yet. And maybe she can pull him out of his funk.

Hope you have been keeping up on my Series Review of The Ranger’s Apprentice. I will be finishing that Post within the next few months! (Date of Writing: 10-5-16)

Also, sorry for both this review and yesterday’s review coming up late. Been sick n just now starting to not feel lethargic. (Date of Writing 10-16-16)



The Royal Ranger. John Flanagan.

Times Read:

-1. But after I finish the Barsoom series (which starts with A Princess of Mars) and we move (All but 6 of my books are in boxes [9 boxes stuffed full of books. Yeah, I’m a bit of a book freak…] My family and I move in 3 weeks or so.) I will be Re-Reading the series and then be buying the BrotherBand Chronicles series. Or as much of it as I can afford.


-Classic, Conflict, Fantasy, Fiction, Suspense, Pager Turner, Finale.


-10/10 better than most of the series! Ok, not really. But this book is amazing.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 10+

-My Opinion: 13+

This book is a bit different from the others. Will is now an adult. The 12th book takes place 15 years after the end of book 11. As such, Will is training someone who means the world to him. And something has happened to the love of his life, so he is a wreck. In this book, we lose a lot of the characters that we fell in love with. But such is life.

Basic Review:

-I kinda spoiled a bit, didn’t I? Well, Will is a wreck. Something has happened to the love of his Life, who also happens to be his wife. Yes, Alyss is…… Gone….. But she….. left in a way that is honorable. I’ll tell you in a minute. Because of this Will has started to go crazy. One of his best friends, Gilan, and the Ranger Commandant is worried about him. As such, Gilan calls a meeting with Will’s oldest friends. Halt, Pauline, Horace, and Princess Cassandra (Evanlyn).And they try to figure out what to do with the most capable ranger ever (As Halt said).

Long Review:

-As I stated above, Will Treaty is in a funk. He has gone Crazy hunting down a man that killed Alyss Treaty. Yes, I said it. Alyss is gone. 18 months before the book starts, Alyss is on a mission. You know Courier stuff. A bandit named Jory Ruhl set fire to the Inn that she was staying in. In his defense, he was just there to steal. He didn’t know about Alyss. Alyss originally made it out but heard the screams of a small child still inside the building. So without a Mili-second of hesitation, she ran back in. She reached the child and toss her out the window to her escort. As she was climbing out the window, the building collapsed. There was nothing she could do. Never had a chance. (Or so the book says. However, her body was never found. And even though I asked John Flanagan about it, he wouldn’t say. So she may actually be Alive!!)

We have Lost Alyss. We have also lost King Duncan. Well, Somewhat. He is really sick and as such Evanlyn has taken over. With her husband Sir Horace by her side. And their rebellious daughter (she plays a role. Just let me continue.) is complicating their life. Anyway. We have also lost the ranger Commandant, Crowley. HE passed in his sleep with a smile on his face. So Halt is at peace. The ranger Commandant position was offered to Gilan, and he accepted. We have also lost Ebony. She was Shadow’s pup. We now have Sabel, which I take to be Ebony’s pup. But I may be wrong. I probably am. I asked the Head Ranger about that and he didn’t tell me who her mom is. Anyway…

Because Alyss has passed, Will is intent on hunting down her killer. And he is ruthless. We have seen Halt MAD. But you have never seen Will mad. Take Halt’s anger, and Multiply it by 5.     Actually, remember when Halt insulted King Duncan in public (if you remember, he was perfectly in control of himself. He just needed to go find Will.) with the ruthless anger he had, that’s basically what Will has right now. He has shrugged off two assignments from Gilan. Halt is appalled at this fact, as Will loves being a ranger. One more shrugged off assignment, and Will treaty will be removed from the Corps.

Gilan has decided that Will needs an Apprentice. Halt loves this idea. When he was in his Funk, Pauline sent Alyss to be with him for a bit. And he lightening up. He has an idea in his head, and NO ONE is prepared for it. He suggests that the Crown Princess shall be His apprentice. Gilan freaks. He keeps stating that no female has ever been a Ranger. And Evanlyn freaks out even more. She doesn’t want her rebellious daughter to be in the way of Danger. Horace has to agree with his wife. Only Pauline isn’t upset by this fact.

Halt calms everyone down and says that Princess Maddie will be in the hands of the most capable ranger ever. Everyone is shocked by this statement. “Will is a much better ranger than myself.” <-or something to that effect. Will is Maddie’s GodFather, and he loves her more than anything. A lot like how Halt and Pauline love Will and Alyss. As close as you can get to Parental love. And so, the first female ranger will be trained by the most famous ranger in history. (yeah, his legend even surpassed Halt’s. Damn cool!)

So Gilan and Halt go and talk to Will, letting him know what’s up. After some hesitation, he takes on Maddie as his apprentice (not like he had a choice in the matter… You can’t say no to both the Commandant AND the famous ranger Halt [Who used to be your mentor…]).

Maddie is so high on her horse (literally. She makes fun of the ranger horses.) that she believes that she will only be with Will for 2-3 days. Instead, Horace and Evanlyn took away her right to be the princess. So in that respect, she will be with Will until she learns some respect.

So Will trains her like Halt Trained him. Poking fun at.  On one occasion Maddie decides to make breakfast and coffee for Will. As an apology. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out too well. And Will was laughing. Maddie got really hurt by that and will said this: “The eggs deserved better. But you gave me something better that I haven’t had in a long time. You made me laugh.” Will didn’t laugh or smile those entire 18 months.

Because of this, Will and Maddie developed a much better relationship. A few months go by and Gilan sh0ws up. He asks Will how she is doing, and Will has pride in his voice when he talks about her. Gilan then asks if Will would be willing to go on a mission with her. At that time Maddie walks in. And they decide to go on this mission.

Will and Maddie find Alyss’s killer during this seemingly completely UNRELATED mission. And when he tries to kill Maddie, Will loses it.

There are many twists and turns in this book, and I absolutely LOVE it!! It also happens t0 be the longest of the 12 books. So you better be ready to enjoy a few days! (Well, Took me 3 days to finish it anyways. Maybe take others longer, or even shorter. I just wanted to savor the last book!)

Would Recommend?

-Yup. You HAVE to read this book and the entire series. Here is the review of the series that I have been updating. Link. (I just remembered that I left the link up at the top…. Well, guess you’ll get two links?)

I have been in contact will the Head Ranger (John Flanagan) and he has said that we need to stay tuned. Ranger Maddie may be making another appearance. I won’t tell you when (cause I don’t know), or how (again, don’t know), or why (this seems simple. Cause she’s a RANGER). I will let the Head Ranger fill you in on the rest of the details. Just know that if you thought the series was over, well actually it is. But it may have a spinoff! I don’t really know. I’m just spitballin here. John Flanagan just said he wasn’t done with the characters.

(Hey Mr. Flanagan, I didn’t spill anything you told me. Which to be fair, wasn’t much. But I kept my mouth shut!) <- I promised him I wouldn’t say a thing.  Not that I have many followers to bother me (as of today I have 8).

Alright, I’m done here. I think I’m just rambling. Sorry.

Thanks for readin!


The Gods of Mars-Review

What happened to the Immortal Savior of Barsoom, John Carter? It is said that his body made he final voyage. And this is seen as truth when Carter awakes in the strange land. What happened to his wife, his child to be (in the egg), and his best friends? Join Carter in his next big adventure.

I do not have the review for tomorrow ready (been sick this week) so I wrote this as a Bonus. I may or may not get it done in time, so this will either be a bonus or an apology review. But I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Oh, and if you complain that I don’t go over much in the reviews, it is because I hate it when books or movies are Spoiled. So I just leave a Hook and my Personal opinion. No spoiling there!



The Gods of Mars.  Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Times Read:



-Fiction, Science Fiction, Suspense, Page Turner, Nail Biting Page Turner, Classic, Action, Conflict, Action.


-10/10 You really need to read this book. It is the second in the series of the Barsoom series. And it is amazing! Rather than make you feel bored, you have the need to continue reading.

I know this book is fiction. But I really do believe that there is Life besides us. So who am I to say that this is Fiction? In all truth, I’d love to meet the Famous John Carter. Imagine that… Just like his nephew meets him in book 5 (I have not finished it, nor have I written a review. Just a small teaser.)

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12-18

-My Opinion: 13+

If you read the first book (which you need to in order to understand the following books.  Here is the link to that review and to the book on Amazon.) then you can read this at 13+. If you don’t want to understand anything about the series, then you can be 15+ to read it.  See how I’m forcing you (even though I have a 0% hold on you) to go read the first one?

Basic Review:

-What happened to the Immortal Savior of Barsoom, John Carter? It is said that his body made the final voyage. And this is seen as truth when Carter awakes in the strange land. What happened to his wife, his child to be (in the egg), and his best friends?   Join Carter in his next big adventure.

Carter’s last adventure was to save the world he loves. He traveled to the factory that sustained life on Mars and forced the doors open. And then he collapsed, dead. When he awoke (for John carter can never die. Seriously, he remained at the age of 35, never changing. And he had no memory of his past.) he was back in the cave in Arizona. And NEVER did he want so hard to die.

12 years later he finds his nephew on the streets. His nephew recounts how his uncle was found dead in his front yard, but he always wondered whether or not he really died. His last notes to his nephew were to build a certain tomb. With an open casket, and a handle on the inside of the Tomb. I’ll explain right down below.

Long Review:

-His nephew wasn’t all too surprised to find Carter in front of him. Carter tells his nephew that he is never going to leave his princess again, but comes bearing the tales he lived. And since his nephew is a writer, Carter expects him to write a story about it. And Carter returns to his home. Where his Wife and Son await him.

Let’s talk about his nephew real quick. At the end of his notes at the beginning of The Gods of Mars, he leaves his initials. E.R.B. Now, why is this important? Well, try and place the initials to a certain name. I’ll wait here…. Still waiting…. I’ll help you out. E: Edgar. R: Rice. B: Burroughs.

This is part of the reason that I always considered the Barsoom series to be true. I understand it is fiction. But I also believe that it could be true. Cause we are not the only creatures located in the universe. But You’re not here for that. I’ll get back to the review.

Then the book starts and we get to see the rest of Carter’s story. For 10 years Carter starred  at his lost home. Longing to feel that odd passage that would bring him back to his wife, and the egg that contained his child. (I still don’t understand that part, though. She gave birth to an Egg…..) One night while standing in his front yard he closed his eyes after looking at his home. And then the tugging sensation happened. He pulled against it and there he lay. His body was on the ground, but Carter didn’t care. He looked towards his home and away he went.

When Carter awakes he expects to find the dead sea bottoms of his beloved Barsoom. But he is in a strange land where vegetation flowers everywhere. For a few minutes, Carter wondered whether or not he was on the right planet. And then he walked and flew again.

After Carter gets his bearings again, he notices some figures off to a side. They looked like a plant of some sort. And then one turned toward him. Imagine a Venus Fly Trap that is 7 ft tall (2.25 meters) and has legs. And then fuse that together with a dinosaur. And there you have the Plant Men.

Carter finds this Green warrior fighting for his life against these plant fiends. And the fighting man inside him rushes to that creature’s aid. After fighting off the fiends the warrior remarks that he is proud to fight shoulder to shoulder with John Carter. Then Carter turns to see his oldest friend. Tars Tarkas.

He, along with his Oldest friend, find out what it means to be “DEAD”. And together they fight the Holy Therns. Who by coincidence eat Human flesh rather than Animals. And they love to feed the Lesser humans to the Banths (Which until book 4 I had no idea was a gigantic Lion. Yeah. Like Simba but 4 times bigger.) The Therns look just like Carter. White skinned instead of Red, Green, Yellow, Black, or Furry. (I’m not being racist. Read the books. The Yellows are like Banana yellow. And the Blacks are Pirates with THICK beards.)

While debunking the Mysteries, Carter finds a fellow RED man from Hellium. And he seems to fight in a similar style to Carter. So they choose to fight together. And I’m going to stop right here otherwise I’m going to spoil the entire book.

In this book, Carter learns the truth behind the God’s of Mars. He also learns the fate of his unborn egg. He also discovers races that were thought to be Extinct, or never even existed. And he Debunks the Mysteries of them ALL.   Look, you need to read the entire Barsoom series. But the first 3 books are the only way to understand the rest. Trust me.


Oh! And don’t worry, Carter will only stare death in the face a few times. Including when he is…. Actually, you need to read it. 😛

Would Recommend?

-Yes. Duh. Why are you even asking me at this point? I love the Barsoom series and you should too.  I just wish I could’ve met the Author. But I was born in 1997. He died in 1950. I’m a bit far off.

There is something about these books that calls out to the adventurer inside of all of us. Both men, women, children, and the elderly want to be the swashbuckling hero that saves the day, every day.

Thanks for readin!


A Princess of Mars-Review

What happened after the Civil War? Well, only John Carter has the Answer. And it is not of this Planet. I wonder if he ever met Mark Watney…



Princess of Mars.  Edgar Rice Burroughs 

Times Read:



-Science Fiction, Fantasy, Classic



Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12-18

-My Opinion: 13+

I’d estimate around age 13 you start to understand more about the world. Which is why I figure that Mars is a great place to look.  We have always considered that it had life on it. Recently scientists have found ancient pools of water, and even bacteria. Edgar Rice Burroughs was way ahead of his time. I’ll continue this in a few seconds.

Basic Review:

-As I stated above, This book is about Mars. The original publication date was 1911. It was then republished in 1917. The story is over 100 years old, and it is a timeless classic. And it was recently made into a movie: John Carter. John Carter was part of the Civil War, on the side of the Confederates. After the war, he became a Gold Prospector. And that is where the MAGIC happens. In my opinion, this is one of the best books ever written.

Long Review:

-In the basic review I said that John Carter was a part of the civil war. I will give a better in-depth description on Mr. Carter. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote this book like he knew John Carter. Mr. Carter is described being 6’2″. He has black hair, and is white. He is also described as being immortal. He has no memory of his childhood, and he seems to witness his family disappearing around him. On Mars he is basically a god. I’ll explain in a few.

After the war, Carter becomes a Gold Prospector. While searching he and his buddy are attacked by the natives. They run for their lives (on horses) and Carter ends up stumbling on a mysterious cave. He is soon paralyzed and falls unconscious. When he wakes up he is somewhere he has never been, on a planet called: Barsoom.

Carter is buck Naked and surveys the landscape around him. Unlike any desert he has ever seen, he takes a step forward…. And rockets into the sky.

A little down the line he is seen as a war hero by the savage beasts of Barsoom. Able to kill the beasts with just his fist, he wins their hearts. And then, he sees a beautiful Human woman. Also known as the Princess Of Mars. Although, she is not human. She, like the other creatures of Mars, is an alien. (She also lays an egg, but that isn’t until the end of the book…)

Without spoiling too much, this book series is amazing. Rather than boring you with all the amazing things (I just want you to read it. Amazing book and i will forever love it!!!!!!!!!!!!) I’ll skip to the end. Carter saves the Planet he loves by sacrificing himself. (yeah… He “Dies”.) When his heart stops, he knows he saved his new home.

And then he wakes up. Back in the cave that is on Earth. When he sits up, his clothes crumble into dust around him. Carter survived 10 years in a cave. Somehow…. And he spends the next few years trying to go back. Earth doesn’t have anything for him anymore. His wife believes him dead. And the egg that is his child will never know it’s father. If he gets back to mars, what will happen? Will his wife remember him? Will he be as strong as he was? Will he become a king? Will he ever meet his son?

To find out the answers to these questions, read the next two amazing books (there are 11 total books by the way…): The Gods of Mars.  The Warlord of Mars.

Check out the total list of books here.

Would Recommend?

-10/10 will recommend to absolutely everyone. And then I suggest go see the movie.     Actually, see the movie first. Then read the books. It helps you mind to picture everything much better. Trust me.

This is just my personal opinion of the Book. But I urge you to read it. It is my all time favorite book. I may be Biased, but all of us readers are!

Thanks for readin!