Divergent-Review/Series Review

Who are you? More specifically, what are you? Or do you even know? Maybe you are dangerous and outgoing, like your father. Or maybe you are quiet and reserved, like your mother. Or maybe even Neither. Whatever you are, a test is the best way to determine that! So you can be with others JUST LIKE YOU!! And who knows? You may love your new home!


Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. Please also keep in mind, I do not Promote, Support, or Respond to Negative Commentary.

The following character | is used to separate book from series. It will be in a bright green color. 



Divergent. | Divergent.    Veronica Roth.

Times Read:

-1 for both.

I personally have not read Four. Which happens to be the fourth book in the series. It is told from the perspective of Tobias. (Nicknamed, Four.)


-Horror. Action. Adventure. Suspense. Nail Biting Page Turner. Young Adult. Fantasy. Fiction. Science Fiction. Dystopia. Utopia.



Parent Story: HERE. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Now, what do I mean by parent story? I do not mean what it usually means. No, this book is not directly related to The Hunger Games. However, The Specific literary genre is the parent story. Now, it can be argued that The Hunger Games was influenced by a different Literary work. but I have not heard of it. Granted, this is just my Library, so that could be why. There are many books that follow the same theme of The Hunger Games, but Divergent takes it to a whole new level. Which is why it is more like the Sibling or best friend of the parent story. I’m just rambling again. Anyways, that is why that link is there.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12+ for both.

-My Opinion: 13+. | 15+ for book 3. For once, I am not terribly angry with an age range. This is more appropriate for book 1. However, since there is a lot of death located in book 3, I recommend 15+.

Basic Review:

-*Who are you? More specifically, what are you? Or do you even know? Maybe you are dangerous and outgoing, like your father. Or maybe you are quiet and reserved, like your mother. Or maybe even Neither. Whatever you are, a test is the best way to determine that! So you can be with others JUST LIKE YOU!! And who knows? You may love your new home!.*

Sound familiar? Nah, I didn’t think so. But what if you saw an ad like that every day? What if you are so different from your family that you think you need to be somewhere else? Well, this simple test will tell you (and everyone watching) exactly where you belong. Even if it has NOTHING to do with what you love.

Long Review:

-What does it mean to be normal? To be honest, I’m not sure. But neither do most people. Tris, on the other hand, she is about as normal as normal can be. Can you do me a favor? Imagine your current landscape. And it is all white and gray. Wouldn’t you just want to claw your eyes out?! I’d go stir-crazy. But that is what Tris and her brother are raised to be.

When you become of age, you are required to take a test. Normally, you go to the ‚Äúcommunity‚ÄĚ where others like yourself are living. And normally, it‚Äôs not where you have grown up your entire life. But this test. It is supposed to know your darkest secrets. And what you truly enjoy. So what happens when you have too many deep dark secrets that you enjoy? Well, you are divergent.

What does Divergent mean? The explanation in the book makes my head hurt. So, I’ll explain in a way that makes sense to me. It means that you don’t conform with society. You are so different, that it makes you abnormal. And this rarely happens.

When you get the choice to join a community, it is permanent. You can pick the new community or stay with your old one. But if you choose said one, you stay there forever. You usually only get the 1 option. (not including your home.) But Tris was different. She got two choices. And she chose the community furthest from what she knew. The danger Zone!!

It really is what the community should’ve¬†been named. Most of the kids who go to new zones get picked up in a fancy way. Not the dangerous kids! The get to run onto a train moving at 70 mph. Don‚Äôt get caught under the wheels kids! Then, you have to jump off a building to finish it off! And I mean like empire state building.

Tris is scared at first. And she gets made fun of by this big burly kid. But listen to this, He was too big of a wimp to jump off the building first! Who was first? TRIS. And she had no problem! Except that she is a girl and screamed on the way down. Which she gets made fun of for later.

There is this boy that catches her eye. She feels at peace when she sees him. And considering she’s been in a lot of life and death situations, it makes sense. Why? It is revealed later in the series that he was also a divergent. Oh, and being a divergent is taboo.

Tris is always putting herself in danger. Especially for her Four. It is actually really cute. :-). But it gets to point where Four is forced to go and save her. Until the day that he cant save her. <‚ÄĒ The reason I don‚Äôt really want to pick the series back up again. I‚Äôm not a huge fan of when the MC (Main Character) dies. That may just be me, though. Anyways.

By the end of book 1, Tris and four are a thing. If you don‚Äôt remember your high school days (or you haven‚Äôt made it to high school yet) ‚ÄúA Thing‚ÄĚ basically means a couple. Like they are the real deal. And this continues into book 2.

In book 2 everything starts to fall apart. How? Well, it is revealed that the world outside the settlements is destroyed. Literally, nothing left. Like a Nuke was dropped on the city. I think the city used to be Chicago. I may be wrong on that matter, though…

Near the end of book 2, Tris meets the leader of the resistance. The one who has been causing trouble. And this leader is non-other than Four’s mom. Which makes sense why they don’t have a great relationship. Tris agrees to join up in the ranks. They are known as the Insurgents. What does insurgent mean? I have no clue. I’m just assuming it means rebels.

In book 3, everything goes to crap. Tris watches her mother and father get killed right before her eyes. Something happens to her brother as well. Tris is so self-sacrificing that she decides to put an end to everything. So that she can save her Four. She ends up dying, not realizing how much it would hurt Four.

Now Four has no-one left in his life. His mother is gone, His soulmate is gone, and his friends are gone. So he sets off on a new adventure.

As I stated above, I did not read book 4. Which is conveniently named Four. As far as I know, it tells all three books from Four’s point of view. Am I wrong? Probably. But when I read the series in the first place, book 4 wasn’t even a thing. It was more like a surprise for everyone that followed the author religiously.

Which wasn‚Äôt me. After I finished the third book, I went back to the person who recommended the series to me. And I told her that I hated the ending of book 3. Who was that person? Doesn‚Äôt really matter. I haven‚Äôt talked to said person in 2 and a half years‚Ķ.. Fine. She‚Äôs the sister of my ex-girlfriend. I’ve known them for a long time. But we just stopped talking. But that‚Äôs ok. Not everyone likes me!!

Review? Oh yeah. I forgot. LOL. So let’s recap. Who here knows what a utopia is? It is where everything is perfect. And a dystopia? Where everything looks perfect but is actually horrible. So what are the communities? Read the books and you’ll see that they are a dystopia. Which I would not want to live in. I’d rather stay where I am. Hardships and all! How about y’all? Dystopia, Utopia, or where you currently live? Let me know!

Would Recommend?

-YES. I actually would recommend this book. It is actually a better story than The Hunger Games. Or, it is a more in-depth story. Whichever way is easier to understand. I am trying to take the plurals out of my writing. It sounds accusatory. And I don’t want that. I want y’all to come back!!

Basically speaking, This book is great. But the series kinda goes down hill in the process. I preferred book 1 over the others. Although, Book 2 was also really good. Book 3 was too depressing, though. However, It was a great read, And I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Thanks for readin!


Twilight-Review/Series Review

Bella Swan is just a normal girl. That is until she sees a boy staring at her. Something about his eyes makes her feel different. And so she starts down the path of no Return… Towards her Bloodsucker.

Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. I will not respond to negative comments. 

The following character | is used to separate book from series. It will be in a bright green color. 



Twilight. Stephanie Meyer. |  Series.

Times Read:

-3. | Series=3 (ish)


-Fiction, Science Fiction, Action, Suspense, Turmoil, Conflict, Adventure.


-10/10 | 10/10

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 15+ | 15+

-My Opinion: I agree with the 15+ for the first three books. But book 4 is a 17+ in my eyes. Due to some mature themes in this book.

Basic Review:

-Bella Swan is just a normal girl. She hates the rain and moved to the wettest area in the United States. Her dad is a cop, and her school life is normal.  That is until she sees a boy staring at her. Something about his eyes makes her feel different. And so she starts down the path of no Return. Towards her Bloodsucker.

Long Review:

-So we are back! About 3 months ago (roughly) I did a review on Breaking Dawn. The plan was to do a series review not soon after. Then I remembered how much I loved the first book as well. (Not near as much as book 4 however. Book 4 was the bomb!) I figured it would be confusing having two titles that both say Twilight Review! So, I combined them into one review. Might as well.

So, Let us start!

Bella Swan. Who is she? Well to start, she is the only person in Arizona that is able to get sunburned. Her skin is as white as a Catfish’s belly. Which is really white! (I’ll include a link to a picture. I don’t exactly have one on hand.) She is also one of those people who prefer not to socialize at all. Like a Hermit, but on a different level. (Could be higher or lower. You decide.)

When we first meet her she is on her way to the wettest part of the United States. Seattle. And Bella hates the rain. But I think she may hate the hot more. Her mom and dad just couldn’t make it work. Her mom remarried, and her dad married his job. (He is a cop). Anyways, Something happened in Arizona that made her want to move. Not that that is the worst thing. Moving can be a good experience. And in Bella’s case, It is!

When Bella starts attending school, she makes friends and enemies. And she appears to have attracted the attention of a certain boy. Perfect teeth, White skin (Like hers, but it looks like ivory), Tall, Handsom, A family that looks just like him, And a voice that can make even the Birds swoon. Bella finds herself trapped. She wants to get to know him, But something is warning her to stay away.

One day, in the parking lot, she is standing next to her truck. And she sees Him staring at her. Little does she know, he was about to panic… All of a sudden, a truck loses control and is barreling towards her. She sees her life end before her life. Her only regret? That she didn’t get to meet the mysterious boy. And it goes black.

Then she opens her eyes and sees the boy standing over her. But that is not possible, as he was on the opposite end of the parking lot. Not even Usain Bolt could’ve made it to her so fast. And what’s else? There is a dent in the truck (van?) that would’ve crushed her. ¬†It is this, and much more that start her down the path she was always meant to be on.

We are onto book 2. Bella and Edward are dating. But something is wrong. He can’t seem¬†to keep her safe. Cause her best friend is his sworn enemy. And then something happens. The Cullens are forced to leave. Their presence disappears completely. The house is in shambles. Charslie’s practice is gone. Edward and his family no longer attend school. And Bella’s heart is shattered.

Because of this problem (That Edward did NOT see coming…. Or even Alice for that matter), Bella enters a state of severe depression. For almost 6 months (from October till about March, If I remember correctly…) she became a hermit. Unable to eat. Crying herself to sleep. And repeating it all over again. Charlie decides it is time to intervene. And then Jacob re-enters her life.

All of a Sudden, she is alive again. Her best friend is back. And she is happy. They go out and ride on his motorcycle, Hang with his buddies, and have no care for what they are doing. And then Bella guesses what disease Jacob and his buddies had. And it was no disease, but a curse. But Bella isn’t dumb. She sees right through his facade. I mean, she guessed Edward was a Vampire, didn’t she?

Now let’s talk about Alice for just a minute. She has¬†visions¬†to where she can see into The future. However, this only works for certain people. It is revealed in book 4 (Breaking Dawn) that she cannot see the future Bella’s baby. Nor can she see any of the wolves futures. This is due to the¬†amount¬†of¬†chromosomes¬†that they have.¬†Time for science!!

Now, I am not all too great with science. In fact, it is one of the classes I almost always fail.¬†Except for archaeology. For some reason I understand it. But that’s a story for another date! Anywhosers…

Humans are born with 23 pairs of¬†chromosomes. This adds up to 46.¬†“What am I? An idiot? I know how to add numbers.”¬†Look, I’m not trying to insult you. I’m just doing some basic math calculations. Vampires¬†have¬†25 pairs which¬†adds¬†up to 50. Now werewolves have 24 pairs. Carlisle reveals this fact when he took blood from Jacob in book 3. When he was passed out in the forest. (I’ll continue that in a few mins.)

Alice says that she cannot see with Bella’s child around. Or even the child located in her womb! As such, Alice gets incredibly horrible¬†Migraines. (I get bad¬†migraines. They really suck!) This is where Alice and Jacob form a bond. Granted, they basically become family later in book 4, so why not?! Ok, back to book 2.

Alice sees a vision of Bella jumping into the ocean. (It is called Base Jumping. 100-200ft tall cliffs into the ocean. The tricks people can do on them is awesome! But extremely Dangerous. Can be very fatal. Like falling onto Concrete.) Alice tells Edward, Edward calls Charlie (Jacob answers the Phone), Asks where Charlie is, Jacob says at the Funeral, Edward hangs up, and Alice shows up. Long story short, Edward hears an Incomplete Vision from Alice, Gets the wrong information, and tries to kill himself.

This book is quite the emotional rollercoaster!

Book three… The Newborn crisis.

Ok, the book is actually titled Eclipse, but I think that “The Newborn Crisis” sounds a lot cooler. But, I guess in order to stay with the theme, Stephanie chose Eclipse.

Now, what is a newborn? Contrary to popular Belief, we are not talking about newborn babies. Though, in a way that is not totally wrong. We are talking about newborn Vampires. *SPOILER* Bella becomes a newborn vampire in book 4. Though, She is more stable than the monsters everyone else Becomes. *END SPOILER* They are already crazy and go out of control whenever they get a hint of blood a mile or two near them.

Newborns are also incredibly strong. Imagine an 18 wheeler barreling towards to at 90 MPH. Scary, right? Well, that is just one punch they can throw. And when they get any blood, well, You’re gonna wish you were never born. Cause they will devour you!!

Which happens to be the reason why the Wolves and the Vampires band together for the first time in History!! Least, that is what we are told. And guess what? It doesn’t stop there. Due to what happens in book 4, the wolves and vampires become family. (If you can’t tell, I really like book 4. The Absolute best book of the series!!)

Needless to say, Neither side likes this. Only Bella is happy. And Edward is trying to be happy, just for her. There are fights that break out, and they might have just given up right there. But Bella reminds them of something. If they don’t band together and take care of the Newborns, the newborns will end of killing everyone. The vampires, the wolves, and the innocent humans.

What would you do?¬†(Go to the comments and tell me what you would do. Just for the Halibut!)¬†I’d pull up my bootstraps, shut the hell up, and get it over with. And maybe make a friend or two. Like Seth Clearwater did!!

Breaking dawn. Now I already did a review on this one, so… I’ll just cover the basics. Follow the link to that review¬†Here.

So, the basics: Bella and Edward get married, Bella gets pregnant and gives birth within a month’s time, Jacob has a fight with Sam and leaves the Pack, Jacob falls in love with Bella’s child, Other wolves come and join Jacob’s “Pack”, and the Vampire government comes to kill everyone. I basically just explained the whole book. I think I gave more information here than I did in the Actual review!! Oh well. ¬† ¬†¬†šĻĀŗĽí( Õí ‚Ćā Õí )ŗ•≠„ĄŹ

Would Recommend?

-Yes on Both. ¬† ¬†This is a special review¬†because I felt like doing both at once. If you don’t like it, Well… It’s Too late. Cause you read this far. ¬† ¬† ¬† Šēē( ’ě Šóú ’ě )Šēó

Thanks for readin!


I have a question for you!

-Did I give enough Info? For my reviews, I try to aim for a minimum of 500 words. Give or take 20. Usually take 20. Every once and a while I manage to get 750 words or so. And then once in a blue moon, I get over 1,000 Words. Like today. I reached almost 1,700 words. So let me know, did I do good? Or my Harry Potter Review! I think it was like 1,800?


To be or Not to be. That is the question! Or so Hamlet thought…

Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. I will not respond to negative comments. 



Hamlet. William Shakespeare.

Times Read:



-Classic, Turmoil, Death, Suspense, Conflict, Drama.



Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12+

-My Opinion: 15+. We didn’t read it until my Senior Year of Highschool. So I was 17, going on 18. This is not a lighthearted book like Romeo and Juliet was. (Even though it wasn’t really lighthearted…), so I recommend a slightly older age.

Reason¬†I¬†have an opinion: My younger brother was forced to read the College edition of The Odyssey¬†when he was in 6th grade. Not only did they not understand it, but it was way too inappropriate for them. I have had to read books that I thought were a grade level or two ahead of me, but that was overkill. That is why I have an opinion. Cause some people don’t. Sorry, Just had to let that out!

Basic Review:

-To be or Not to be. That is the question! ¬† ¬†Or so Hamlet thought… In this version of Hamlet, we get to see the original text, along with plain ol English.

Long Review:

-Don’t freak out, Don’t freak out. Hamlet is actually a good read. I recommend getting No Fear Shakespeare. It has the original text on the left and plain old English on the right. Definitely worth it!

Fun Fact Time! Shakespeare made up one of the most common names used as of late. any guesses?  Jessica.

Have you ever wondered what your role is in this world? Or why your father died suddenly? Hamlet has. In fact, he pondered both of those questions with his famous phrase. “To be, Or not to be.” And he did this whilst holding a skull in his hand…

In this book, Hamlet chooses to question everything. And to have a lot of internal monologues. Or eulogies. Whatever it is called. And he kills his Lover’s Cousin. With a sword… As he kills hamlet… Anyways…..

Remember how I said that his father was killed? Well, his brother (Hamlet’s Uncle) killed him. And his ex-wife (ex because he is dead) was in on the whole ordeal. And then she married the uncle. And expects Hamlet to be ok with her having fun with him instead…

Due to this fact, Hamlet goes crazy. Or he was faking being crazy. It really isn’t explained all too well. Take it or leave it! (been a little while since I’ve read it…) What I do remember is that he starts seeing ghosts. More specifically, the ghost of his Late father. And he talks to/with it. And then he holds a skull in his hand… ¬† This is how Hamlet lives his life as a teenager. (Thought your life was hard? Try being crazy and labeled as normal… And watching your mother have fun with your uncle…)

Then there is the part of the book where Hamlet takes a backseat. One of the acts talks about a man named¬†Laertes, Hamlet’s Lover’s Cousin (Who is in love with her (He name is Ophelia) and believes Hamlet is unworthy of her.) In the end, Hamlet and Him duke it out.

The 3rd act (It’s either the 3rd or the 4th. And the thing I said above is either the 3rd or the 4th.) follows the monologue of the Late King Hamlet (Yeah, King Hamlet and prince Hamlet…) as he talks about his Battles. In one such battle, he and this other king are fighting over a piece of land. They decide to duke it out in a duel. King Hamlet wins the duel (dueling back then means killing your opponent) and now that king’s son (who is named after his father) is plotting revenge against the kingdom of Hamlet.

Ever wanted a book that makes your head hurt? Or like a giant impossible puzzle? Then this is your book to read!!

I really enjoyed it! And if I did, then I think you would as well!! (Or maybe not…)

Would Recommend?

-Yes. Not as much as I would recommend Romeo and Juliet, but worth your time!!

Thanks for readin!


The Way of Shadows-Review (For Adults)

In a city where nothing is right, how do you live? Will you be the Orphan, the humble commoner, the boy taken advantage of, or the whore next door? Or maybe you will become the ultimate thief. Like the fabled Durzo Blint. Join the Orphan, humbly named Azoth, as he is taken in by the fabled assassin.

Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. I will not respond to negative comments.

(DOW 1-19-17) I realize now that I was really rude in this review. So, before you read this, let me apologize to the author. Brent Weeks: I am sorry that I wasn’t a fan of your book. It was not what I was expecting. Quite truthfully, I was shocked and surprised. I am just trying to warn others to be ready for this kind of Book. Especially those that are around my age. I hope you will Accept my apology. I will update my rating for the adults.¬†




The Way of Shadows. Brent Weeks.

Times Read:

-1, and will not read again. Just wasn’t a book for me.


-Adult. (there are more things to add here, but I want to make sure everyone knows that this is not a book that is for those younger than 20.) Action, Suspense, Conflict, Rated M Themes, Nail Biter.


-3/10 |||| (DOW 1-19-17) If you are an adult, I will rate this at a 5/10. Some adults may like this better.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 18+

-My Opinion: 20+. Or Older. I truly truly truly Wish I Hadn’t read it. But, I believe it is now my duty to write a review on it. Especially for the young adults that are just getting to adulthood. This book is not what you have read before. But who knows, You may actually like it.

Basic Review:

-In a city where nothing is right, how do you live? Will you be the Orphan, the humble commoner, the boy took advantage of, or the whore next door? Or maybe you will become the ultimate thief. Like the fabled Durzo Blint. Join the Orphan, humbly named Azoth, as he is taken in by the fabled assassin. And he kills his Arch-Rival.

Long Review:

-This one all depends on your choice of books. And really, how much you don’t care what‚Äôs in it. This book is full of cursing. And not the fun stuff. I mean real deal curses, that really don’t ever need to be repeated. You know the F-word (no, it‚Äôs not father. ūüėõ [the parent trap joke]), well add another 20 characters on to it. That is basically what we are talking about. Oh! And lots of murder and Mature material. I honestly was shocked at how much was in there. I was gonna get the other two books but decided against it. And I rarely decide against getting books. Trust me.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† I think I just like the teen books more. This was way too adult for me.

So where do we start? Well, how about the background? Yeah? Well, I‚Äôm gonna do it even of you don’t think that‚Äôs where we should start. ūüôā

The city is Plagued with greed. You are either one who sits on top, or who sits on the¬†bottom. There are no other options. Even the master assassin, Durzo Blint, doesn’t get a choice. Though he would beg to differ. For him, everything is personal. He doesn’t care if you are a lowly sewer rat or a rich king. If you offended him, you are next on his list. This is who Azoth wishes to become. No matter what.

Like that? Well, it is really just a small part of the book. all of these next themes are x10 in this book. Rape, Incest, Murder, Thievery, And other mature themes. Oh, and the swearing is x100. Every other word is a curse. this is NOT a book for children. Nor for those who just became of age. I do NOT recommend this book. its rating is a 3/10. If you want to read it, go ahead. However, I hated it. But again, this is just my opinion.

Does anyone remember the Black Plague? YOU DO?!?! Dang, you must be really old then! How did you manage to live through it?! :-P. But in all seriousness, does anyone remember it from their history books? It was a dark time in Europe’s history. Death was everywhere. there were no honest professions. You would swindle money out of those less fortunate than you. And then someone would steal that from you. Maybe even put a knife to your throat. When I read this book, that is the city I imagined. I figure that it is not 100% accurate, but the Author has a way with words. The way he wrote is astounding, I just didn’t like the book.

*For those who played video games instead of learning their history*. Another way to put it is for the gamers. There is a video-game called Dishonored. Now this game has magic and such, but the city is what I am talking about. Everyone is out to get you. Not that it really matters. You can kill them. Since you have become an Assassin. (Apparently, the Night Angel Trilogy has Magic later on. That’s why I thought this reference would be good.) ¬† ¬† If you want to get a feel for this book (if you even decide to read it) then play this game. Should get you to see what I see.

^^ Yeah yeah yeah. I know. My imagination is very different. That is because I’m in my head a lot more than those around me. Maybe that is why I didn’t like the book… I’m not sure.

I don’t really think I can say much more. 1: my brain has stopped working. 2: I think I’ve reached the end of this review.

Would Recommend?

-NO! ¬†I’m sorry, but this was a horrible read. However, If you are an adult and like this kind of stuff, then this may be the book for you. I am an “adult” and would rather read things for young¬†adults, teens, and children. Like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Ranger’s Apprentice, Barsoom, Magic Tree House, Twilight, Dr. Seuss. This is just my honest opinion.

Thanks for readin!


The Inquistition-Review

After spending a year in his Village Prison, Fletcher is to go to trial. And everything is against him. But when he survives the Manticore’s poison, It is revealed who he really is. Join Fletcher as he forges new friendships, and watches others Vanish.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. I am still playing catch up with my reviews.

Also! I recently got the Opportunity to post my posts on the website Niume. Now, their website is a pain as I have to follow specific guidelines, and they tend to mess up my posts. However, it is an honor nonetheless. As of today, (DoW 10-23-16), I have 8 followers on my Blog. On Niume, I have 27. I’m trying to get my followers on there to head on over here. We’ll see how it turns out, though!

Also, before reading this review, make sure you go and check out the first book’s review¬†Here!



The Inquisition. Taran Matharu.

Times Read:

-1. Such an AMAZING book, however.


-Fiction, Science Fiction, Suspense, Turmoil, Conflict, Fantasy, Action, Pager Turner, and Nail Biting Page Turner. ¬† ¬†If you check the Tags I included Invasion. Traditionally “Invasion” is about aliens coming and, well, invading. However, in books like Lord of the Rings, an invasion is what the Orcs did. Which is what they are doing in this book. And Fletcher goes to the front lines in the 3rd book. Which I can’t wait to get!! ¬†Anyways, back to the reviews.


-10/10 Will recommend to everyone that I know.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12-17

-My Opinion: 13 years and older can read this book/series. Once again, I HATE the phrase “Age Range”. So instead I give a base age, and then you can go on from there. (I think I may leave this note in every review, let me know what you think.)

Basic Review:

-When we last left Fletcher he was to start his prison sentence. After spending a year in his Village Prison, Fletcher is to go to trial. He is Malnourished, near crazy, and everything is against him. But when he survives the Manticore’s poison, It is revealed who he really is. ¬†Join Fletcher as he forges new friendships, and watches others Vanish.

Long Review:

-During his trial, it is hinted who his parents might be. Nobels. And very important ones at that. One of his professors tell a story of his friends (the nobles. I’m sorry, I’m writing this without internet, so I can’t get their names. Besides, why would I spoil that?) and how the demon bird (Athena) was seen flying away from their home with a buck naked baby in her claws.

Traditionally, when a summoner dies his or her demon fades away to that place where all demons live, and become wild once again. Or lost. Depending on how compassionate you are. As such, Athena started to fade away while making sure her master’s baby makes it away safe. Athena’s master is Fletcher’s mom. Notice how I said¬†is? Well, it is revealed much later on that she didn’t die. And I may or may not tell you how. (Do you hate me yet? Cause I don’t spoil the books for you?)¬†“Yes. But not because you won’t tell me, it’s cause you keep teasing me!”¬†Well, don’t get so mad. It’s how I roll. You’ll just have to deal with it. ūüôā

Now where was I? Oh yeah, Athena fading away. Well, so yeah. She drops the baby off at the farthest village she could make it to. Anyways, (back to the present day) Fletcher learns that his father (who isn’t his real father) was severely beaten just because they could beat him. And his best friend (the dwarf) was taken into custody as well and beaten.

A break came up during the trial and Fletcher is greeted by the one who got him into the school in the first place. (If you didn’t read the first review, you have no idea what I am talking about.) He said that he had a way to save Fletcher’s best friend, but not Fletcher himself. And because Fletcher loves his friends, he agreed to it.

When Fletcher goes back up to his trial, he tells his best friend that (that guy’s name who got him into the school,) has a plan to save them. And the dwarf agrees. So Fletcher “admits” that he was the sole perpetrator. That he alone should be punished and killed. His best friend looked up at him in horror as he realized what was happening. When he tried to intervene, Fletcher told him this was the plan from the beginning. And now it is time for Fletcher to die.

It was decided that Fletcher would die by manticore poison. That noble family was the only known people that could survive a full dose of the poison. Everyone else would die within a few minutes from just a small drop of the poison. ¬† Let me put this in perspective. Take ACID. The stuff from those cartoons we all used to watch. Imagine a small drop coming out from a dropper. That went down your throat and you are screaming in pain. And then you probably drop dead. That noble family, on the other hand, can drink a Liter of said ACID and live to tell the tale. ¬† That’s really the best description I can give you.

This was both a death sentence and a secondary trial for Fletcher. It is basically illegal to put a noble on trial. So if Fletcher survives, then it means that the charges must be dropped immediately. If he doesn’t survive, then he is dead and no one has to worry about him anymore. And Fletcher’s enemies are betting that once Fletcher dies, his best friend (the dwarf) and his girlfriend (the elf) will go on a rampage. That way they can declare War without any reason. ¬†It’s actually a great plan, but it fails.

Fletcher gets struck by the Manticore (a demon) and he feels a burning sensation. And then nothing but black. When he awakes he sees his girlfriend’s face above him. She tells him that he barely survived the poison, and the only reason he is alive is because of the elve’s healing magic. He is crestfallen because it means that he is not a noble. So when he eventually stands up all he sees is sky. It is because he is in a Giant tree. And he soon learns something important.

He learns that he really is the Son of that noble family. He was writhing on the floor for over an hour. Anyone else should’ve died within 2 minutes. The judge of the trial had to admit that he was a Nobel, and all charges were dropped. As such, Fletcher gains many more enemies. But he got to see his girlfriend again!

Let us skip ahead just a bit. Fletcher and his friends are on a mission to infiltrate the Orc’s main base. Their secondary mission is to rescue the mother of one of their classmates. While infiltrating they run into some trouble. And it is revealed that there is a traitor amongst them who is trying to kill them. At every single turn too!!

It is soon revealed who the Traitor is. It is right around the time that Fletcher and his team find his classmate’s mom. After the traitor is killed (you have to read to find out how.) the structure around them starts to collapse. Fletcher orders everyone to go into the portal that will take them to the demon plane. He then calls Athena to go and grab his late classmate’s mom. She reacts to that name. And she yells this:

“Athena…. My Baby!!! Where’s my Baby?!?!” Fletcher learns right there that that is his mom. It has been 16 ish years since they ever saw each other. He tells his mom to go into the portal, and that he was right behind her.

So that is the book! I tried to gloss over some of the more important parts. That way you have to really go and read the book. But I realize I forgot to mention that Fletcher was given Athena. And that Athena and his salamander have an interesting relationship. Both trying to be his number one. And cause of that they kept quarreling. His salamander would be around his neck, While Athena (who is much like an eagle) is perched on his shoulder.

Oh! I forgot to mention this during the last review. When you gain a demon, it’s consciousness joins yours. Because of that, your magic power increases. When any harm comes to your demon, you feel the pain. Or pleasure. ¬†In the first book, Fletcher was rubbing his girlfriends’ demon (they weren’t together at that point. Just friends.) under the chin. Like you would a dog. His girlfriend calls his name with a ¬†big of a stutter. When he looks up he notices that the Elf is flushed. The pleasure that The demon was feeling was transmitted over to her master. She also feels the pain that her demon suffers later in the second book. I won’t say how or by what, but it is heartbreaking.

Would Recommend?

-Duh. ¬† Sorry, that was mean. ¬†Yes, I do recommend this book. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up loving it more than me.

Hope y’all will come back for the series review! (going up this weeks as well.)

Thanks for readin!


The Novice-Review

Fletcher has no memory of his parents. All he knows is the Blacksmith’s trade. And his bow n arrow. But when he suddenly summons a Demon, his life changes. And until he learns to master it, its a really bad thing.

First off, welcome back. And¬†sorry for both this review and last week’s review coming up late. Been sick n just now starting to not feel lethargic. (Date of Writing 10-16-16). I was wrong. Got Swamped yet again. So please enjoy my interesting comments. Tomorrow’s review¬†may come up late as well. But, I’ll try my best to make sure this doesn’t happen. (Date of Writing 10-21-16). (DoW 10-23-16) Yup, the review is coming up a day or so late. ¬†Sorry.

I love this series as well, so enjoy!



The Novice. Taran Matharu.

Times Read:

-1. I may re-read this book again very soon. I’ve been trying to wait until book 3 comes out. Unfortunately,¬†I have to wait until May 9th, 2017. I’ve been in contact with this author as well. I’m hoping I can get him to give me a signed copy, but We’ll have to see. (I haven’t specifically asked him…). Anyways, Here is the link to that book. It’s in the pre-order stage right now. ¬† I read this one in about 4 days. I read the second one in under 24 hours. I expect that I’ll read the third under 24 hours as well, or faster. ¬†Not the fastest book I’ve read. I read Fahrenheit 451 in 2 hours. Not that I chose to read it. School readings really SUCK at times. (I’ll probably write a review on¬†Fahrenheit 451 soon. As a bonus review or something.)


-Action, Fantasy, Conflict, Science Fiction (It’s really not Science, but it’s listed in that section. Anyways….), Magic, Suspense, Page Turner. Amazing book, and book series!


-10/10. You have to read this book. It’s like The Inheritance¬†Cycle and Ranger’s Apprentice Mixed together, but it’s almost better. I won’t say it is better, but it is right there.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12-17

-My Opinion: 14 years and older can read this book/series. Once again, I HATE the phrase “Age Range”. So instead I give a base age, and then you can go on from there.

Basic Review:

-Fletcher has no memory of his parents. He was told that he was dropped off at the front gates of this village. No Name, No Nothin. The Blacksmith takes him in as his own son. And he learns the skills of a blacksmith, which is where he gets his name. So, as a nobody loser that gets bullied, All he knows is the Blacksmith’s trade. And his bow n’ arrow. But when he suddenly summons a Demon, his life changes. And until he learns to master it, its a really bad thing. Which means persecution. Especially since his number 1 bully blames him for committing a crime he didn’t¬†do.

Long Review:

-Trouble LOVEZ Fletcher. (Yes, I spelled loves wrong. Cause I can.) He has never been able to stay away from it. No matter how hard he tries. Be it getting locked outside the village gates Every sing night, or even his bow breaking in half. Or getting put on trial for a crime he didn’t commit and sentenced to die by manticore poison……… I just spoiled a part of book 2, didn’t I? Well, until I opened my big mouth saying that I did, I didn’t. Lol, I Funny.

Anyways. The book starts with Fletcher out in the woods staring down his sights. Well, as close to sights as you can get on a bow. He is an amazing hunter and nails his prey. But when he goes back to the village, the gates are closed. Early. That is because almost everyone in the village hates Fletcher. Especially the Guards. After he argues with them he finally finds his way into the Village. And we learn how much everyone really does hate him.

The next day there is a traveling salesman who is being harassed by Fletcher’s number 1 bully and his cronies. So Fletcher intervenes. Later that night they are at the local tavern. And the bullies come around again. This time a fight breaks out, and Fletcher goes on the defensive. In the end¬†of this scene, (cause I will not spoil the book) Fletcher wake up the next day and finds a gift left to him by the salesman.

We later find out that this is an incantation spell. What I mean by that is that it gives Fletcher his first ever demon. Normally the first demon given to you is a small bug. r you can be given a higher demon by one of your elders. Fletcher just summoned the demon. A Salamander, which is incredibly rare. Remember that incantation I just spoke of? Well, it was written on HUMAN SKIN, by an Orc that lived a couple hundred (i think it’s close to a thousand) years ago. Known as the White Orc. I can’t help but picture the White Orc from the Hobbit. And the description really doesn’t help me come away from that picture. Anywhosers, Fletcher summons this rare demon and this starts the real pursuit.

I’ll skip ahead a few days after all of this amazing action happens that I don’t want to spoil. Fletcher finds himself in a town where he is pursued. There is this guy staring at him in the Bar, and fletcher gets out of there as soon as he can. Turns out this guy helps him get into the school that trains demon users. Long story short, he becomes an ally for Fletcher.

When Fletcher gets into the school he makes friends with a Dwarf and tries to become friends with a female Elf (They become really close later in the book. Especially in the second book. Fletcher and the Elf. Not the Dwarf. They are just really close battle buddies/friends.) who snubs him.

We will skip ahead in the book when it is time for the games. Fletcher has this dream about how to summon spells. In said dream, Fletcher is watching through the eyes of his demon. And he sees the orc has finger tattoos. So Fletcher has one of his Dwarf’s family (cause he is accepted as a good family friend now.) member tattoo certain incantations on his fingers. And this is how he wins the Games.

And then he is publicly arrested and that is where book 2 starts off. And this is backlash from the crime that he didn’t actually commit. All the while his bullies AT this school are sneering at him and are glad to see him die. (Cause his trial really is a death sentence. He has 0% hope of survival.)

Well, I’m done here. I think I left a big enough hook for you to come back without spoiling the book. If I did, then be sure to read it and then get book 2. Which I’ll be writing very soon! Be sure to come back for that review!!

Would Recommend?

-YES!!!!!! I really wonder why I even leave this section in. I say what I feel when I give said reviews a rating. Guess I just re-enforce that you need to read/don’t read.

Thanks for readin!


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Review

The Finale of the Harry Potter series. Where Harry faces off his worst Enemy, Lord Voldemort. Who will Die? Who Will Survive? And will Harry Finally kiss Ginny?!?!?!


I’ll be honest, I haven’t even begun writing this as of today (9-14-16 11:31 Am). And it comes out in 3 days. *UGH!* ¬†I meant to have this done last weekend, but I was extremely ill. So here I am. ¬† ¬† ¬† A small update (9-14-16 5:03 Pm). This is by far my longest review ever. 2100 words and counting. ¬† ¬† ¬† Be Prepared!

And remember, I have a very honest style of writing. So I may re-word a few things, but It’ll be left in here. That way we are having a conversation, Hence the Green Text. Or I am giving a speech.¬†It’s¬†definitely one of the two.¬†

I will be using links from the Harry Potter Wiki Page. This will help with visual aid.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.    J.K. Rowling. Amazon has the Paperback version. I still have my Hard Cover version.

Times Read:

Around 14. This is my favorite book of the series. My second most read is book four, The Goblet of Fire. That one I have read about 15 times. Even though I’ve read it more times, number 7 holds my heart. The entire series I have read upwards of 11 times. I really stopped counting after 10. The book have been read so much that they are falling apart. Lol.


Action. Fiction. Fantasy. Magic. Suspense. Turmoil. And its a Nail Biting Page Turner. Even though I’ve read to it DEATH!!


10/10. The movie… 8/10. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like the movies. But I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12+

-My Opinion: I’d say around 14+. That seems like a decent age for this book. I was around 11 When I first read it. But I’m old fashioned and feel like a middle school age is better suited for this book.


Basic Review:

Geez, how Do I do a Basic Review, rather than going into ¬†it. ¬†And do i really feel like spoiling the Book, or do I let you read it an find out. This is my struggle as a reader. I WANT you to read the books with me spoiling it. But at the same time I WANT to spoil everything. And this is with every review I have given as of Yet. Especially the Ranger’s Apprentice series. ¬† ¬† Anywhoser, lets try the small review.

This is the Finale of the Series. It Follows Harry, Hermione, and Ron as the hunt down and destroy the remaining Horcruxes. If you remember in book 6 (Or not if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie… Slacker), Dumbledore died while destroying the first ¬†Horcrux. And Snape killed him. Later in book 7 it is explained why he did this.

There are a Total of seven¬†Horcruxes. They Appeared at Different times in each book. It wasn’t until book 6 that they were properly named. After reading the series once through you will notice the¬†Horcruxes in each book. Or at least I did.

If you want to know more, then go to the long review. I have a feeling that I am going to ramble. If not, then thanks for coming and reading. I’ll see you next week for the special Series Review!

Long Review:

So rather than leave, you decided to stay and read my Rambling? Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you… Let’s get started!

I left off with the¬†Horcruxes. I’ll finish up with those.¬†Horcruxes are a vile act to do. First you must commit murder, and do it willingly. After that you bind a part of your soul to said item and Bob’s your uncle. Before Lord Voldemort it was unknown to have more than one¬†Horcrux. And he had 7. Not 6, but 7!! Call me Crazy, but that seems like a helluva lot of merciless killing to me. And we aint talking bout ants here, we’s talking bout humans. Like James and Lily Potter.

Each time a¬†Horcrux is destroyed, it is like you dying. Lord Voldemort didn’t really feel it, cause he was so F’d up. But if you ever wondered why he looks like he does, that is why. (“What do you mean by that?”).¬†Well, its simple. Voldemort has no Nose. He is white as a sheet. And when harry is in the white room, Tom Riddle looks like a burned House elf. <- I’ll get to that in a moment.¬†Horcruxes are basically the punishment for killing. Though you made it, and it screwed you up.

Now, I Mentioned Tom Riddle? Well, if you read book 2 (or watched the movie… Slacking) you would know that his full name is Tom Marvolo¬†Riddle.¬†¬†(“So what? I saw the movie.¬†Doesn’t mean anything.”)¬†Here is why it matters. If you Scramble around the words¬†Tom Marvolo¬†Riddle, you come up with a name. Lord Voldemort. Hence why Voldemort hates it when Harry calls him Tom.¬†(“Right… I forgot about that…”)¬†Make sense now?

Lord Voldemort is basically a shell for Tom Riddle. Tom is dead and he is in constant Limbo. Here is a picture. Be warned before you click on that though, Its really sickening. When I said that Lord Voldemort didn’t feel the pain of his Horcruxes dying, it was true. But Tom feels¬†it. For Voldemort it is like a Constant High. He never feels pain, is very quick to anger, and loves the feeling. Tom on the other hand is in constant pain. Imagine this for me. Have you ever accidentally cut yourself with a knife? I do it all the time when I’m cooking. Now imagine that same level of pain on the inside of your body, rather than the outside. Both inside your brain and heart. I can only assume that is what Tom feels, but when looking at his picture I think I’m right.

Look at that… So many words for just one thing… Boy I have a lot to say. Oh, and the reason Harry was there (in limbo?) was because he died. I won’t tell you how (Yes I will. I¬†can’t keep my trap shut.), when or why. You’ll have to read the books for that. Trust me, It’ll make sense later.

There is a lot of Death in this book. And I mean a LOT of death.

The first death was Charity Burbage. She was a professor at Hogwarts and believed that Muggles and Wizards were similar in more ways that one. She was Killed by Voldemort and his Death Eaters. And then Eaten by His snake Nagini. Link

The next notable death is a heart breaker. This character has been part of the series from the Beginning. Yes. Hedwig died. Via the Killing Curse. She died at the Battle of Seven Potters. A good idea, but it didn’t really work. Have 6 others look like Harry Potter when the death eaters stormed the place. One thing that wasn’t counted on was that Voldemort himself was there and found the real Potter. And Hedwig paid the price.¬†One note though, Harry’s wand shot a burst of Gold at Voldemort. Which has never happened in the history of wands. So he was definitely special. As was his wand. ¬† Link

Alastor Moody. Yes, he died. And by Voldemort’s hand. Also during the Battle of the Seven Potters. He was the first death when his fake Potter disapperated. Which left an Open spot for Voldemort to use the Killing Curse. Moody took it upon himself to protect Harry. Cause he was the only one capable to stopping Voldemort. Moody and the other members of the Order came up with the idea of the Seven Potters. Oh, and even if he survived the Killing curse (As i know only Harry has survived) he fell. And we aint talking about 10 feet. He fell well over 1000 feet. So he is as good as dead. Link

A death that I feel really isn’t that important, But I’ll mention it anyway. Rufus Scrimgeour¬†was the Head of the Ministry of Magic. He was originally part of the Aurors, whose sole purposes were to fight Dark Wizards. After that he became head of the Ministry.¬†But¬†the Ministry was Loyal to Voldemort and not Rufus. Rufus was captured by a group of death eaters and killed after questioning. Voldemort wanted the location of Harry Potter, and Rufus took the information to the grave. The Killing curse seemed to be Voldemort’s Favorite Spell. Link

Mykew Gregorovitch was a famous Wanamaker from Germany. Officially is it Europe, but the name appears to be German. His wands rivaled that of Ollivander. He was killed when Voldemort questioned him about the Elder Wand. Again, by the killing curse. Gregorovitch owned the Elder Wand for a while, but it was stolen from him. When Voldemort hunted him (and it lasted months) and found out that he didn’t have it, he killed him. Link

Author of¬†A¬†History Of Magic¬†Bathilda Bagshot. She was killed by Nagini so that when Harry came looking, Nagini could kill him once and for all. Though not as a Snake. Voldemort animated her body, and the snake lived inside of it. *UGH!!!* I think that is extensive enough, don’t you? (Im not a big fan of snakes….) Link

Gellert Grindelwald. The thief who stole the Elder Wand from Gregorovitch. He is partially responsible for the death of Dumbledore’s¬†sister. Also known as being the second most powerful dark wizard in history. Near the end of his life however, he wasn’t near as evil. In 1998 after being imprisoned in his castle for years, he is killed by Voldemort. Since he was an owner of the Wand for a while Voldemort wanted information on it. Grindelwald refused and was killed for it. Link

Ted Tonks, Father of Nymphadora Lupin. He was killed by Snatchers after running from the Ministry. Link. Two others were killed for the same reason. Dirk Crewsswell Link, and the goblin, Gornuk Link.

Peter Pettigrew or Ron’s Rat. I prefer to say Ron’s Rat. He was best friends with James Potter, Lupin, and Sirus Black. Then he Betrayed them, and went to serve Lord Voldemort. He was later killed by his own hand. I literally mean his own hand. It killed him. All because he chose not to kill Harry Potter. Old loyalties die hard. Link

Here is another heart breaker…. Are you ready? Ok,¬†Dobby. When Harry and his pals were escaping from Malfoy manor, Bellatrix threw her knife after them. (They¬†apparated. Every time i say that i want to say Appeared.) Dobby, the free elf, is dead. So much death in this book… Link

Bogrod was one of the Goblins at Gringotts. He was tricked into believing that Hermione was Bellatrix. And then a security thingy made the trick wear off. After a few minutes a dragon burned him to a crisp. Link. ¬†(Can you tell that by this point I’m running out of steam. Definitely my longest review… Ugh.)

Scabior. Was part of the group of snatchers that found Harry. He died at the Battle of Hogwarts. Neville Longbottom cast a spell that made the bridge collapse. Scabior fell to his death. A fitting end. Link

Crabbe was one of Malfoy’s goons. He killed himself by casting¬†Fiendfyre. He was trying to kill Harry. He failed. Miserably. Link

One of the Jokester brothers, Fred Weasley. He died as an explosion went off next to him. He was joking while fighting alongside his older brother, Percy. Percy came to his senses once he realized that the Ministry was in league with Voldemort. Fred was killed mid sentence. Link

Remus Lupin. The werewolf, and Husband to Nymphadora. They had a chid named Edward. And they named Harry the Godfather. Both died in the Battle for Hogwarts. Nymphadora by Bellatrix Link, and Lupin by another Death eater named Antonin Dolohov Link.

Colin Creevey was that kid who was obsessed with Harry in Book 2. He was originally dismissed from the D.A. for being underage. His body is found after the battle. It is speculated that he came back and tried to fight. Link

Severus Snape. It was hard not to hate snape in the books. But then we find out he was friends with James and Lily. And protected Harry on numerous occasions. Dumbledore was already dead by the time Snape “Killed” him. And very recently, the actor who played Snape died. He was an amazing actor by the name of¬†Alan Rickman. But back to the review at hand. So he died to Nagini. And he gave his memories to Harry. Link

That stupid snake Nagini was killed by Neville using the sword of Godric Gryffindor. Yes, I’m scared of snakes. Even those tiny Garden snakes scare me. I have a really deep voice, and the only times it gets high pitched is whenIi scream. Which isn’t often, but it does happen *Shudders*.¬†Link

Bellatrix Lestrange was killed by Ron’s mom Molly. She was gloating about killing Fred. Molly used some unnamed spell which killed her. First time I read this I yelled “YES!”. I was glad to see her dead. Killed Dobby, and Sirius. (Sirius Black was one of my all time favorite characters.) Link

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to spoil how Harry Died? Well… Hediedbythehandsoflordvoldemorteventhoughhereallyisntdeadjustinlimbo. <- Sorry for that. Just wanted a little fun. That happens a lot in the Ranger’s Apprentice books. It feels wrong not to press spacebar after each word… Anyway, It is revealed that Harry is the last¬†Horcrux. So in order to destroy it he lets Voldemort kill him. He has fun throwing around Harry’s body, and then makes Hagrid carry the corpse back to hogwarts.

There is a scream of anguish and anger and then the real fighting begins. Harry disappears (he used his cloak) and Hagrid Freaks.Then Harry reveals himself and kills Lord Voldemort to end all of the fighting.

When Voldemort killed James and Lily all those years back, he didn’t understand a Mother’s love. That love protected Harry from Voldemort’s death curse. And remember, Voldemort heard the Prophecy about Harry and went to kill him. Harry cast that away in order to destroy the final Horcrux. He killed Voldemort by–>

Using his trademark¬†Expelliarmus spell. Harry learned that Malfoy was the real master of the Elder Wand. And since Harry defeated Malfoy, he was the owner. Voldemort refused to believe it and cast his killing curse. The wand refused to kill its’ master and instead rebounded on Voldemort himself. And there you go. Voldemort is Dead.

The end of the book picks up 15 years later. Harry and Ginny are married, Ron and Hermione are Married, and Malfoy is still alive. I guess this is where book 8 takes place? I haven’t read it. Though reading up on Tom Riddle Link¬†I found he had a daughter with Bellatrix. So thats not creepy at all. *Another Shudder*.

Hope you were able to make it this far. Come back soon cause I may just a have a special review for you! Link!

Would Recommend?

Yes. Duh. Course….. Anything else I need to say? It’s an amazing book it well worth your time. I know that there was a lot of death, but it was an amazing read!! Book 8… I’m not sure about. I haven’t read it and I honestly don’t think I will. Book 7 was the end for me. But that’s just me.

Thanks for readin!


Picture of Lord Voldemort found here: http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Horcrux?file=Voldemort%27s_mutilated_soul.jpg