The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel-Review

Nicholas Flamel was the Keeper of the Sorcerer’s Stone. But how did he get to be Immortal? And is it something anyone can Achieve? Nicholas Flamel and his wife take two young teens on an adventure they’ll never ever forget. “For there is Magic in us All.”


Hi there Y’all! I promised to a special review for making it so far into my 2.5 k word review on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Well, here it is!



The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. Michael Scott.

Times Read:



-Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic, Suspense, and a nail-biting Page Turner.


-10/10 will recommend to all Harry Potter fans.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 10+

-My Opinion:¬†Around the age of 12 is a good start. I recommend¬†reading the first books of Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Nicholas Flamel makes an appearance¬†in said book, and you get some background about him. Rather than just jumping into this series and expecting everything to be all hunky-dory.


Basic Review:

-Nicholas Flamel was the Keeper of the Sorcerer’s Stone. But how did he get to be Immortal? And is it something anyone can Achieve? Nicholas Flamel and his wife take two young teens on an adventure they’ll never ever forget. “For there is Magic in us All.” <- I don’t really know if anyone has ever said that. But I just did…. ¬†Anyways, read on to find out more. ¬†Oh, and this is another conversation (I keep telling Y’all that’s how I write.) so be prepared.

Long Review:

-Who is Nicholas Flamel? Well, he is immortal and was the keeper of the Sorcerer’s Stone that Harry Potter now owns. But do you know anything else? Come on, Tell me……. Do it or I won’t continue the review.¬†“Well, he is married to Joan of Ark.” Now how did you know that?! Oh, you read ahead. Well, you can just sit there with your mouth shut and let the others guess.¬†“He made that Appearance¬†in Harry Potter!” I just said that… Someone say something else. Please…¬†“Wasn’t he the Alchemyst who claimed that you could turn Lead and other metals into Gold?”¬†Finally, someone who says something that is almost correct! And I like that you used to the book’s spelling of Alchemist instead of being correct.

Yes. Alchemists’ throughout history have believed that you could turn metal into gold. The most common were Lead to Gold. If you ever played Skyrim, there was a spell that could turn Iron to Silver. Then Silver to Gold. But this isn’t a Gaming Blog, so I’ll stop there. Scientifically speaking it is possible to turn Lead into Gold, but to do it you need to have Nuclear Radiation. Which is dangerous (duh! Like the Hulk but worse.). What is easier to do is to turn Gold into Lead, but who wants a chunk of Lead hanging from their neck? Not me.

Let me get back to your question. Technically speaking, Yes. Nick (as he is known is the books), has been an Alchemyst for many years. And I don’t mean just 10 or 20 years. I mean hundreds of years. Nick was born in 1330, while his wife¬†Perenelle Flamel was born in 1320. Remember how I said that Joan of Arc was his wife, well, as you recall, I never said that. I just said that that person read on. Clearly, he didn’t read far enough, though. They married in 1368 and lived together until 1397 when they both “died”.

According to the world, they were dead. But since they achieved immortality, they were, well, Immortal. By the time the events of Harry Potter roll around both are around 600-650 years old. His books have us advance another 15 years to the time of 2006.  Josh and Sophie Newman are twins. But they have a very interesting story to tell. One: They have the two rarest Auras known. Two: Josh is really the older of the Siblings, even though Sophie was born 28 seconds before.

Josh was born around 30,000 years ago. But he didn’t know. Sophie was born around 1,000 years ago. Again, she didn’t know about that. Sophie has a Pure Silver Aura. Which is the second rarest Aura. Josh has a Pure Gold Aura. Which just so happens to be the rarest. As such, these “twins” are the two most powerful teens in the universe. Everything surrounding them is False. Their mother and Father are really Immortals. Their Aunt is an Immortal. John Dee is Evil. And Josh will no longer be Josh. (I¬†haven’t gotten that far yet.)

Let’s get back to the Auras. Every Aura has a scent to it. Sophie’s scent is Vanilla. Josh’s is an Orange-Spice. If I’m not mistaken, John Dee’s is like rotten eggs. (UGH!). It is how the Elders determine who to attack and eat. Which is gross. But hey, I ain’t no Elder.

With our frail human minds, we see Immortality to be a¬†Nirvana. That may be true, but how are we to know? There was this book called Tuck Everlasting. I was never a huge fan of it (we had to read it for my Literature class), but there was one thing that Tuck said that has always stuck out to me. And I haven’t read that book in a long time. It was that life was a river. And instead of being the leaves that continuously flow by, you are a rock that sits there. Forever. Never changing, never being able to move on. Rather than a blessing, it is a curse.

In this series Nick and his wife are ready to Die. They have lived a long life and are ready for some closure. Which is something that Both Josh and Sophie can help with. But first, they must unlock their inner powers. And even though the bloodlust (Josh) and the horrible headaches (Sophie) get impossible to control at times, they are the best chance that humanity has for survival.¬†“WHAT!?” Oh… I forgot to mention that, didn’t I?

There is something called the Codex. It tells of the day and age when the Dark elders plan to destroy the mortal world. And only two twins of pure Silver and Gold can put a stop to it forever. Or to finish off the world. Depending on who gets into their heads first. Which is why Nick and his wife try to Unlock the good inside of both of them. And John Dee unlocks the Evil inside of Josh. (That was the last I got to. I need to get the last two books to learn what happened.)

Would Recommend?

-Yup. Especially if you are a fan of Harry Potter. And if you are not, then read it anyway. Trust me, You’ll like the series!

This was supposed to be a normal review, but it kinda turned into a series review as well. ¬† ¬†I’ll put it as both.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Review

The Finale of the Harry Potter series. Where Harry faces off his worst Enemy, Lord Voldemort. Who will Die? Who Will Survive? And will Harry Finally kiss Ginny?!?!?!


I’ll be honest, I haven’t even begun writing this as of today (9-14-16 11:31 Am). And it comes out in 3 days. *UGH!* ¬†I meant to have this done last weekend, but I was extremely ill. So here I am. ¬† ¬† ¬† A small update (9-14-16 5:03 Pm). This is by far my longest review ever. 2100 words and counting. ¬† ¬† ¬† Be Prepared!

And remember, I have a very honest style of writing. So I may re-word a few things, but It’ll be left in here. That way we are having a conversation, Hence the Green Text. Or I am giving a speech.¬†It’s¬†definitely one of the two.¬†

I will be using links from the Harry Potter Wiki Page. This will help with visual aid.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.    J.K. Rowling. Amazon has the Paperback version. I still have my Hard Cover version.

Times Read:

Around 14. This is my favorite book of the series. My second most read is book four, The Goblet of Fire. That one I have read about 15 times. Even though I’ve read it more times, number 7 holds my heart. The entire series I have read upwards of 11 times. I really stopped counting after 10. The book have been read so much that they are falling apart. Lol.


Action. Fiction. Fantasy. Magic. Suspense. Turmoil. And its a Nail Biting Page Turner. Even though I’ve read to it DEATH!!


10/10. The movie… 8/10. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like the movies. But I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12+

-My Opinion: I’d say around 14+. That seems like a decent age for this book. I was around 11 When I first read it. But I’m old fashioned and feel like a middle school age is better suited for this book.


Basic Review:

Geez, how Do I do a Basic Review, rather than going into ¬†it. ¬†And do i really feel like spoiling the Book, or do I let you read it an find out. This is my struggle as a reader. I WANT you to read the books with me spoiling it. But at the same time I WANT to spoil everything. And this is with every review I have given as of Yet. Especially the Ranger’s Apprentice series. ¬† ¬† Anywhoser, lets try the small review.

This is the Finale of the Series. It Follows Harry, Hermione, and Ron as the hunt down and destroy the remaining Horcruxes. If you remember in book 6 (Or not if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie… Slacker), Dumbledore died while destroying the first ¬†Horcrux. And Snape killed him. Later in book 7 it is explained why he did this.

There are a Total of seven¬†Horcruxes. They Appeared at Different times in each book. It wasn’t until book 6 that they were properly named. After reading the series once through you will notice the¬†Horcruxes in each book. Or at least I did.

If you want to know more, then go to the long review. I have a feeling that I am going to ramble. If not, then thanks for coming and reading. I’ll see you next week for the special Series Review!

Long Review:

So rather than leave, you decided to stay and read my Rambling? Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you… Let’s get started!

I left off with the¬†Horcruxes. I’ll finish up with those.¬†Horcruxes are a vile act to do. First you must commit murder, and do it willingly. After that you bind a part of your soul to said item and Bob’s your uncle. Before Lord Voldemort it was unknown to have more than one¬†Horcrux. And he had 7. Not 6, but 7!! Call me Crazy, but that seems like a helluva lot of merciless killing to me. And we aint talking bout ants here, we’s talking bout humans. Like James and Lily Potter.

Each time a¬†Horcrux is destroyed, it is like you dying. Lord Voldemort didn’t really feel it, cause he was so F’d up. But if you ever wondered why he looks like he does, that is why. (“What do you mean by that?”).¬†Well, its simple. Voldemort has no Nose. He is white as a sheet. And when harry is in the white room, Tom Riddle looks like a burned House elf. <- I’ll get to that in a moment.¬†Horcruxes are basically the punishment for killing. Though you made it, and it screwed you up.

Now, I Mentioned Tom Riddle? Well, if you read book 2 (or watched the movie… Slacking) you would know that his full name is Tom Marvolo¬†Riddle.¬†¬†(“So what? I saw the movie.¬†Doesn’t mean anything.”)¬†Here is why it matters. If you Scramble around the words¬†Tom Marvolo¬†Riddle, you come up with a name. Lord Voldemort. Hence why Voldemort hates it when Harry calls him Tom.¬†(“Right… I forgot about that…”)¬†Make sense now?

Lord Voldemort is basically a shell for Tom Riddle. Tom is dead and he is in constant Limbo. Here is a picture. Be warned before you click on that though, Its really sickening. When I said that Lord Voldemort didn’t feel the pain of his Horcruxes dying, it was true. But Tom feels¬†it. For Voldemort it is like a Constant High. He never feels pain, is very quick to anger, and loves the feeling. Tom on the other hand is in constant pain. Imagine this for me. Have you ever accidentally cut yourself with a knife? I do it all the time when I’m cooking. Now imagine that same level of pain on the inside of your body, rather than the outside. Both inside your brain and heart. I can only assume that is what Tom feels, but when looking at his picture I think I’m right.

Look at that… So many words for just one thing… Boy I have a lot to say. Oh, and the reason Harry was there (in limbo?) was because he died. I won’t tell you how (Yes I will. I¬†can’t keep my trap shut.), when or why. You’ll have to read the books for that. Trust me, It’ll make sense later.

There is a lot of Death in this book. And I mean a LOT of death.

The first death was Charity Burbage. She was a professor at Hogwarts and believed that Muggles and Wizards were similar in more ways that one. She was Killed by Voldemort and his Death Eaters. And then Eaten by His snake Nagini. Link

The next notable death is a heart breaker. This character has been part of the series from the Beginning. Yes. Hedwig died. Via the Killing Curse. She died at the Battle of Seven Potters. A good idea, but it didn’t really work. Have 6 others look like Harry Potter when the death eaters stormed the place. One thing that wasn’t counted on was that Voldemort himself was there and found the real Potter. And Hedwig paid the price.¬†One note though, Harry’s wand shot a burst of Gold at Voldemort. Which has never happened in the history of wands. So he was definitely special. As was his wand. ¬† Link

Alastor Moody. Yes, he died. And by Voldemort’s hand. Also during the Battle of the Seven Potters. He was the first death when his fake Potter disapperated. Which left an Open spot for Voldemort to use the Killing Curse. Moody took it upon himself to protect Harry. Cause he was the only one capable to stopping Voldemort. Moody and the other members of the Order came up with the idea of the Seven Potters. Oh, and even if he survived the Killing curse (As i know only Harry has survived) he fell. And we aint talking about 10 feet. He fell well over 1000 feet. So he is as good as dead. Link

A death that I feel really isn’t that important, But I’ll mention it anyway. Rufus Scrimgeour¬†was the Head of the Ministry of Magic. He was originally part of the Aurors, whose sole purposes were to fight Dark Wizards. After that he became head of the Ministry.¬†But¬†the Ministry was Loyal to Voldemort and not Rufus. Rufus was captured by a group of death eaters and killed after questioning. Voldemort wanted the location of Harry Potter, and Rufus took the information to the grave. The Killing curse seemed to be Voldemort’s Favorite Spell. Link

Mykew Gregorovitch was a famous Wanamaker from Germany. Officially is it Europe, but the name appears to be German. His wands rivaled that of Ollivander. He was killed when Voldemort questioned him about the Elder Wand. Again, by the killing curse. Gregorovitch owned the Elder Wand for a while, but it was stolen from him. When Voldemort hunted him (and it lasted months) and found out that he didn’t have it, he killed him. Link

Author of¬†A¬†History Of Magic¬†Bathilda Bagshot. She was killed by Nagini so that when Harry came looking, Nagini could kill him once and for all. Though not as a Snake. Voldemort animated her body, and the snake lived inside of it. *UGH!!!* I think that is extensive enough, don’t you? (Im not a big fan of snakes….) Link

Gellert Grindelwald. The thief who stole the Elder Wand from Gregorovitch. He is partially responsible for the death of Dumbledore’s¬†sister. Also known as being the second most powerful dark wizard in history. Near the end of his life however, he wasn’t near as evil. In 1998 after being imprisoned in his castle for years, he is killed by Voldemort. Since he was an owner of the Wand for a while Voldemort wanted information on it. Grindelwald refused and was killed for it. Link

Ted Tonks, Father of Nymphadora Lupin. He was killed by Snatchers after running from the Ministry. Link. Two others were killed for the same reason. Dirk Crewsswell Link, and the goblin, Gornuk Link.

Peter Pettigrew or Ron’s Rat. I prefer to say Ron’s Rat. He was best friends with James Potter, Lupin, and Sirus Black. Then he Betrayed them, and went to serve Lord Voldemort. He was later killed by his own hand. I literally mean his own hand. It killed him. All because he chose not to kill Harry Potter. Old loyalties die hard. Link

Here is another heart breaker…. Are you ready? Ok,¬†Dobby. When Harry and his pals were escaping from Malfoy manor, Bellatrix threw her knife after them. (They¬†apparated. Every time i say that i want to say Appeared.) Dobby, the free elf, is dead. So much death in this book… Link

Bogrod was one of the Goblins at Gringotts. He was tricked into believing that Hermione was Bellatrix. And then a security thingy made the trick wear off. After a few minutes a dragon burned him to a crisp. Link. ¬†(Can you tell that by this point I’m running out of steam. Definitely my longest review… Ugh.)

Scabior. Was part of the group of snatchers that found Harry. He died at the Battle of Hogwarts. Neville Longbottom cast a spell that made the bridge collapse. Scabior fell to his death. A fitting end. Link

Crabbe was one of Malfoy’s goons. He killed himself by casting¬†Fiendfyre. He was trying to kill Harry. He failed. Miserably. Link

One of the Jokester brothers, Fred Weasley. He died as an explosion went off next to him. He was joking while fighting alongside his older brother, Percy. Percy came to his senses once he realized that the Ministry was in league with Voldemort. Fred was killed mid sentence. Link

Remus Lupin. The werewolf, and Husband to Nymphadora. They had a chid named Edward. And they named Harry the Godfather. Both died in the Battle for Hogwarts. Nymphadora by Bellatrix Link, and Lupin by another Death eater named Antonin Dolohov Link.

Colin Creevey was that kid who was obsessed with Harry in Book 2. He was originally dismissed from the D.A. for being underage. His body is found after the battle. It is speculated that he came back and tried to fight. Link

Severus Snape. It was hard not to hate snape in the books. But then we find out he was friends with James and Lily. And protected Harry on numerous occasions. Dumbledore was already dead by the time Snape “Killed” him. And very recently, the actor who played Snape died. He was an amazing actor by the name of¬†Alan Rickman. But back to the review at hand. So he died to Nagini. And he gave his memories to Harry. Link

That stupid snake Nagini was killed by Neville using the sword of Godric Gryffindor. Yes, I’m scared of snakes. Even those tiny Garden snakes scare me. I have a really deep voice, and the only times it gets high pitched is whenIi scream. Which isn’t often, but it does happen *Shudders*.¬†Link

Bellatrix Lestrange was killed by Ron’s mom Molly. She was gloating about killing Fred. Molly used some unnamed spell which killed her. First time I read this I yelled “YES!”. I was glad to see her dead. Killed Dobby, and Sirius. (Sirius Black was one of my all time favorite characters.) Link

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to spoil how Harry Died? Well… Hediedbythehandsoflordvoldemorteventhoughhereallyisntdeadjustinlimbo. <- Sorry for that. Just wanted a little fun. That happens a lot in the Ranger’s Apprentice books. It feels wrong not to press spacebar after each word… Anyway, It is revealed that Harry is the last¬†Horcrux. So in order to destroy it he lets Voldemort kill him. He has fun throwing around Harry’s body, and then makes Hagrid carry the corpse back to hogwarts.

There is a scream of anguish and anger and then the real fighting begins. Harry disappears (he used his cloak) and Hagrid Freaks.Then Harry reveals himself and kills Lord Voldemort to end all of the fighting.

When Voldemort killed James and Lily all those years back, he didn’t understand a Mother’s love. That love protected Harry from Voldemort’s death curse. And remember, Voldemort heard the Prophecy about Harry and went to kill him. Harry cast that away in order to destroy the final Horcrux. He killed Voldemort by–>

Using his trademark¬†Expelliarmus spell. Harry learned that Malfoy was the real master of the Elder Wand. And since Harry defeated Malfoy, he was the owner. Voldemort refused to believe it and cast his killing curse. The wand refused to kill its’ master and instead rebounded on Voldemort himself. And there you go. Voldemort is Dead.

The end of the book picks up 15 years later. Harry and Ginny are married, Ron and Hermione are Married, and Malfoy is still alive. I guess this is where book 8 takes place? I haven’t read it. Though reading up on Tom Riddle Link¬†I found he had a daughter with Bellatrix. So thats not creepy at all. *Another Shudder*.

Hope you were able to make it this far. Come back soon cause I may just a have a special review for you! Link!

Would Recommend?

Yes. Duh. Course….. Anything else I need to say? It’s an amazing book it well worth your time. I know that there was a lot of death, but it was an amazing read!! Book 8… I’m not sure about. I haven’t read it and I honestly don’t think I will. Book 7 was the end for me. But that’s just me.

Thanks for readin!


Picture of Lord Voldemort found here: