The Magic School Bus-Review

A crazy teacher. A Lizard. A class full of bored kids. And a School Bus that can transform… What happens when you mix these together? THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!! Travel into the Human Body, Space, and even back to when the Dinosaurs roamed the earth!


Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. Please also keep in mind, I do not Promote, Support, or Respond to Negative Commentary.


Series Title/Author:

-The Magic School Bus. Joanna Cole.

Please Note: As far as I’m Aware, Joanna Cole is the sole Author of the books. A google search claims that there are more authors, but I am not sure if this is true. The only author I know about is Joanna Cole.    However, there is a single book that was written by another Author. Which book it was, though? Something about Photosynthesis. 

Original Series

Chapter Books

Scholastic Level 2

TV Show

There is news floating around that the TV Series is getting a Reboot. I do not know if this information is Valid. However, If it is, I’m really happy about that fact! T’was an amazing TV show!!

Times Read:


One again, I am unsure of the amount of times I’ve read these. I know I read the Original series at least twice. However, the level 2 books and the chapter books I’m not sure about. In my Middle School, we watched the TV series while reading some of the TV Tie-In Books. However, Amazon does not have a “set” of these books. Which is why the link wasn’t added.


-Children’s Literature, Fantasy, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Scientific, Adventure, All Ages.



Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 3-10 for everything.

-My Opinion: Right around 3+. The Website says that everything is suitable for any age. And I have to agree with that. So, 3+. The + is for people like me. That still love the books for kids.

My boss saw me doing research for this review and was wondering why I was looking at something for kids. I didn’t tell him it was for a review I was writing. LOL.

Basic Review:

-A crazy teacher. Mrs. Frizzle. A Lizard.That is always on her head. A class full of bored kids. Who would rather be at home in bed. And a School Bus that can transform. Wait! What?! What happens when you mix these together? THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!! Travel into the Human Body, Space, and even back to when the Dinosaurs roamed the earth!

Long Review:

-Doesn’t that class sound like so much fun!!? No? Well, why not? Oh, Because it could never happen. Well, That is the magic of The Magic School Bus. It doesn’t have to be real. That is the real Magic. And since a lot of Science is included in Magic, this is the perfect book!!

I am speaking to the kids real quick: Do you remember how I reviewed The Magic Tree House? That series revolved around both History and Magic. This series revolves around Science and Magic. If you liked Magic Tree House, You’ll love Magic School Bus!  OH! And the books are much shorter if that has any appeal to you. 

I forget how old the children are in the books, But I believe the age range is 8-10. Ish. If I’m not mistaken, that age range is 2nd -4th/5th grade. (In American Schools). Cause Kindergarten is 6, right? Anyway.

The reason I stated the ages is because most kids who read these books are right around that age group. And, the class size is much bigger. Most kindergarten classes are around 10-12 students, At least mine was. Traditionally, the higher up in classes you go, the more students are in class. In this specific class, there are 19 students. 2 more are added later in the series. The books are told from the point of view of an unnamed student. This student is just an average school kid. So it is very personable with the younger children.

In my Middle School years, we watched the TV series. A lot of my classmates complained because they thought we were too old to watch a Kid’s show. It may have just been a kid’s show, but it was extremely informational. The first one we watched, and the most memorable, was the human body.

Now, I may get the facts wrong, as it has been a few years since I read/watched the Book/Episode. So, here’s what I think I remember.

Mrs. Frizzle and her class were in the classroom. She is just about to teach them about the human body. And someone asks a question about blood cells. Then Mrs. Frizzle gets an amazing idea! “To The Bus!”, she yells. All but one of her students run onto the bus. Why not all? Because the one student is sick at home.

The bus transforms into a flying bus. And as they travel to the sick kid’s house, the world is getting bigger. Or, are they getting smaller? Sure enough, when they get to the sick kid’s house, they are small enough to fly into the window. And up her nose. And that is where the story gets awesome!

They are the size of a Red Blood Cell.

Quick Fact Time! Who here knows how many red blood cells are located in a single drop of Blood? I ask this because I KNOW you have had a cut before. Just trust me here.

Anyone? Ok, almost 1 Billion Red Blood Cells in 1-2 drops of blood. Now, How many White Blood Cells are in a group of 600 Red Blood cells? 1. So Let’s do math!

If we have we have 1 Billion Red Blood cells, and there is 1 white blood in every group of 600 cells. Then we have……….. Ok, I just used google. I tried to do the conversions and my brain stoped working. Lol. There is anywhere between 7,000 and 25,000 white blood cells per drop of blood.

What do White Blood Cells do? 1: They help fight off disease. They also have the other super ability to make the red blood cells form together. So, They are an antivirus Glue of Sorts. This group of cells rises to the surface of your cut. And they work fast. That is why a Normal Cut Starts to scab over in under an hour. These White Blood cells are the ones that keep us safe. So you can imagine them as Knights in armor.

Sorry, That fact probably had too much information in it. But I hope you now get a better understanding of how tiny they really are. Think about it. They are the size of a red blood cell. There are almost 1 billion red blood cells in a single drop. Yeah, They’re that small!

They get to explore the human body. Not just the nose, But also the Blood vessels! Really Quick Fact! If you look at your veins, you’ll see that they are blue/purple. That is because that is what color your blood actually is. It only turns red when it mixes with oxygen. And that’s as much as I remember from my class… Lol

They visit the stomach, the eyes, the airways, even the BRAIN! Can you imagine how cool that would be?! Well, and terrifying at the same time. But so cool!

I am ashamed to say that I do not really remember the other books all too well. I only remember specific “Scenes”. If you don’t remember: I said in another review that I tend to put myself inside the book. So I can almost relive it whenever I want!

One scene was where they shrunk down again, went into a body of water and waited. Then they got pulled up to the clouds, and it started raining. They were in a drop of rain that turned into a snowflake…. Or was it the other way around? I don’t remember…

Another scene I can remember is where the class visited the ocean floor. I think one of the kids saw that sea plant/creature that looks like a brain. That may have been another book, but I think it was this book.

All In All (by 5th grade we were to never use that phrase again. My teachers would be so disappointed right now.) this is an amazing series to read. For everyone. It goes over the basics of science. And sure, some of the facts may be out of date. But why should that matter?

If you need me, Look for me in Mrs. Frizzle’s next school bus trip!

Why did I choose this book(s)?

-Well, Here’s the real question. Why did I choose it for the review, or just in general?

In general: Because it seemed like a book I would like. And sure enough, I loved it. I’m Just sad that I stopped reading them. But, my reading level progressed so much… So I guess it’s not too surprising then.

Review: I did the review on the Magic Tree House and stated that it was learning about history. And then I remembered that Magic School Bus could help with learning about science. I recommend it for all ages. But if you are younger and need the basics, and an adventure, I highly recommend this book!

Would Recommend?

-Yes. For everyone. I recently did a review on The Magic Tree House. (Link will be added shortly. This is being written 3 weeks before release date. DOW 1-19-17. If I forget, Please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page!) The Magic Tree House is more focused on history. However, this series is focused around Science. This is another series I highly recommend for everyone. Especially Middle and High School students. As studies tend to Drop during those years. This is a good way to Refresh your memory!

Thanks for readin!


The Magic Tree House- Review

Have you ever had an amazing imagination? Have you ever wanted to go back in time to view history? Or joining King Arthur and Merlin on their adventures? Or do you just want to be a kid again? Join Jack and Annie as they travel through history and mythic legends. And as they learn more about the world around them!

Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. Please also keep in mind, I do not Promote, Support, or Respond to Negative Commentary.


Series Title/Author:

Magic Tree House.     Mary Pope Osborn.

Magic Tree House Facts.   Also by Mary Pope Osborn.

-The set of books is almost 200$. So it may be in your best interest to buy all the fact tracker books separately.

Times Read:


Why? Because I have read so many of the magic tree house books. Some I’ve read multiple times, others I’ve only read once, and others still I’ve never read. So that is why I say Unknown.

I know I made it to book 30 something before I graduated Elementary School (we went from K thru 6). What was my Elementary school you may ask? “No. I didn’t ask…” Cougar Run Elementary! “Ok?”  It was an interesting time spent there. I wasn’t really into the whole friends playing sports thing. “Why are you telling me that?” Why? Because it made me who I am. It is why I enjoy reading so much. Granted, some of it is in my Genes, but it propelled me forward. And now? I’m the author of this blog!!

That 30 something book? Eve of the Emporer penguin or something close to that. I think the school library was ordering the next book when I graduated.


-Historical Fiction, Fiction, Fantasy, Non-Fiction, Magic, Children’s literature, Adventure, Informational, Cute.



Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 6-8

-My Opinion: 6+. Look, Ranges stink. Age 6 is kindergarten/first-grade time. Do teachers really expect us to make that big of a jump in reading level in 2 years?! I know people that are still in a middle school reading level!!

Now, I was a bit different. Seeing as how I read the Lord of the Rings series while my peers were reading Go Dog, Go!, but that is a story for another time. So? Onto the review!!

Basic Review:

-Have you ever had an amazing imagination? Have you ever wanted to go back in time to view history? Or joining King Arthur and Merlin on their adventures? Or do you just want to be a kid again? Join Jack and Annie as they travel through history and mythic legends. And as they learn more about the world around them! And who knows? You may learn something new too!

Long Review:

-So have you? Or are too old for this? If you are, then do me a favor. 1: Close your eyes for 5 seconds, then read the next step. 2: You are a kid again. In your room. And you are wondering about the dinosaurs. (Did it work? I’m not very good at hypnosis… If it didn’t work, just try and imagine it.)

Have you ever wondered about history? Jack and Annie did. But before that, they were just regular kids. Going and playing around outside. Enjoying Mac n Cheese. Going to bed at a respectable hour. And enjoying their history classes. But there was one problem. Their classes didn’t give enough information. And so they came up with a plan.

As they climbed there tree house, a magical thing happened. Wherever Jack and Annie wanted to go, they now could. So they started with the most logical time. The time of the dinosaurs. And this is where our story begins!

How did this happen? I have no earthly idea. But I can tell you one thing for sure. Children have an amazing imagination. And with imagination comes magic. Magic is real, and kids are the only ones that can harness it. It is why they are so wise when they are young. Then they get into their teen years and forget how to be imaginative. Then comes adulthood where they daydream about all their childhood fantasies.

These books are really special. As I stated above, I would still read these if I could. But there is something about these. There is a companion series. For each and every book. (55 books by now, I believe.) The companion series has the Facts about what Jack and Annie did in their adventures. So, Book 1? It was about dinosaurs. And the companion book? It was the non-fiction part about books!

These are a good way to have your child learn something about history. Or, (depending on who’s reading right now) it may be a good way for you to learn about history. And to be a kid again.

Books 1-29 are all about history. Dinosaurs, The American Civil War, and even wooly mammoths!! And their companion books have the real facts. (I believe Jack and Annie appear in those as well. That way they can help you learn what some words mean.)

Now, Books 29-50 something. (Once again, I believe it is 55, but I may be wrong.) These are slightly different. While books 1-29 were meant for entrance level reading, books 29+ are meant for 3rd or 4th graders. The books are longer. Almost 3 times as thick. And that is because this is where the magic comes into play.

How do I mean? It’s actually fairly simple. Everyone here should know something about mythology. And the most well-known mythological creatures? Sphinx, Minotaur, and Thor. I’m sure even most children know about those three. One that is less familiar, though? King Arthur. Now, why is that?

What Kid wants to be a king? Ok, A lot. But they do not know about the most famous king in history. Now, it can be argued that King Arthur was just made up. But I have a feeling that he was real. And so was Merlin.

Mary Pope Osborn changes this, however. She makes them real in the eyes of a child. Jack and Annie now go on quests for King Arthur and Merlin. It is how they got to spend Christmas in Camelot (That was one of the books). In a sense, they become mythological heroes themselves. Well, a hero and a heroine. They save the world of Magic!

Or so I believe they do. Since I only got to read a few of those books before I graduated, I never really did get to see what Jack and Annie were going to accomplish next!

Mary Pope Osborn? I never met her. But what I do know if that she speaks to the hearts of Children everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are 2, 22, or 122. Inside your heart, you are still a Kid. And if the Kid has grown up, have them read one of these books. In my eyes, that is much better than throwing Mud at the side of a house. Or disobeying Parents.

Can you let me know if You liked this review? I tried to make it more personable for children, but at the same time keeping it informational for the Parents. I do recommend this series. For everyone! Because it is not only Fun but informational as well.

Why did I choose this book(s)?

-As I stated up above, I was in elementary school. I didn’t really have any close friends, and I’ve NEVER been coordinated. Heck, I tried to throw a snowball today 3 different times… Two hit the ground, one hit the tree. I was aiming for the fence… And I have 2 years of baseball under my belt… Pretty sad actually.

Would Recommend?

-Yes. And not just for Kids. I recommend this for all ages. Even High School and College kids. Why? Because it is informative. I had so many friends that hated reading the history books. And they never did well in the classes. But books 1-29? They are all about history!! Had my friends read those instead of watching horror films, they may have done much better in their classes!

If I was sent the entire series, I’d read ’em immediately. They are a link to my past. And those were some of my favorite reading years. Heck, I’d be fine reading them when I’m 30 something. Granted, by that time I’ll probably be reading them to my future kids, but that’s a long way off.

Thanks for readin!


Dr. Seuss-Author Review

Who was Dr. Seuss? No. Who IS Dr. Seuss? Dr. Seuss is an American author, writer, illustrator, cartoonist, animator and publisher who died in 1991. He is most well known for his children’s books. Even to this day, his books are one of the most read!

Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. Please also keep in mind, I do not Promote, Support, or Respond to Negative Commentary.

Please note: I was unable to find another picture that showed tribute to the Iconic Dr. Seuss. His name is Trade Marked, and I am just writing a review. I do not plan on taking his Name. Thank you for reading!!


-Dr. Seuss.  His real name is Theodor Seuss Geisel.  I say Is because Dr. Seuss is alive in all our hearts. And every Christmas. When we watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2!

Recognizability: One of the most well-known authors in all of history. He wrote so many books, and they all had a rhyming theme to them. Even now when people hear poems like it, they think of Dr. Seuss! Or at least I do.

Most iconic Books:

-He has a “few” Iconic Books. I will only be talking about my 4 favorites, however.

Like I said, just a “Few”. He wrote so many books, but I believe these are the most well known!!


-Children’s books*. Fantasy. Magic. Fiction. Classics.

* This isn’t always true, though. Dr. Seuss actually wrote a few books for the adult genres as well. He kept with the same theme, but they are not made for children. That is why I included the Asterisk. <- This symbol *


-10/10. I love this author. I started reading his books when I was 9 months old. Now, they were upside down, but I was still reading!!

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 6-9

-My Opinion: Now this happens to be another instance where I hate the Phrase “Age Range.” I have a much better “Range”.  You listening?

I say ages 4+. You could be 120 years old and still love these books! I’m 19 and love to pick them up! So I guess we can say 4-120. And I say 120 because there are many people who live past 100. Only a few make it past 110. This is for them!

Basic Review/info:

-Who was Dr. Seuss? No. Who IS Dr. Seuss? Dr. Seuss is an American author, writer, illustrator, and publisher who died in 1991. (Now you know me, I am very family Oriented. So this next part sits just fine with me!) Dr. Suess only had 2 wives during his lifetime. Hist first wife died in ’67. Dr. Seuss was a widower for one year. Then in ’68 he married his second wife. They were married until His death in ’91. “Till Death do us Part.” Dr. Seuss really lived to that!

He is most well-known as a children’s book author. However, Dr. Seuss was much more than that. He was a cartoonist and an artist for many magazines after his college life. (He attended both Dartmouth and Oxford. Now THAT is a smart kid!!) He then went to be an animator for the United States Army during the World War 2 era. It was only after the war that he got started on his children’s books career. However, this wasn’t going to be his first time writing. Yes, he did magazines back in the day. His first book was published before the war. But it is not one of his most well known. Not even I knew about it for a long time.

His first book was Published in 1937. Its name is: And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street. I personally have not read this book. But I can only imagine it is an amazing book!

Truth be told, I firmly believe that Dr. Seuss rivals the great William Shakespeare. And that is really hard to do!!

Long Review of Books:

-Now that we have the basic information out of the way, let us start the reviews on my favorite 4 books!

Green Eggs and Ham:

green_eggs_and_ham This is one of the best books Dr. Seuss wrote. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had Green Eggs and Ham, but it seems like an interesting meal. I’m guessing that the green egg is like the century egg. Basically black. *shudders*. Some people seems to like em. I don’t think I really would, though.  Fun fact real quick, though. Do you know how to pronounce Egg? “Eh-g”. Guess how I pronounce it? No takers? I don’t know why, but I have always pronounced it as “Eai-g”. I pronounce Leg the same way. It’s really 1: sad, and 2: annoying. Anyways…

Also, green ham… To me, that says mold is growing on it. And has been for a while! Call me crazy, But I don’t want to eat anything with mold on it. Granted, I love cheese… And cheese is mold…… But I don’t like Moldy cheese. Like Blue cheese. That stuff makes me sick to my stomach… I love Feta, though!  Alright, I’ll get back to the review.

 The Cat in the Hat:

220px-seuss-cat-hat The most iconic book Dr. Seuss has ever written. Or in my opinion anyway. So let me ask you a question? What happens when your mother will not let you do ANYTHING!!? Well, you get bored. You want to break the rules. But you can’t. So your minds wanders. And that is where the cat in the hat came from. Yes, I know that’s not what the book says. But I am trying to say what would happen IRL.

Brother and sister had the same daydream about a cat that comes to save them from boring hell. And their pet fish learns how to talk. What kid wouldn’t love that?!

Most children don’t like it when their parents tell them that they are not allowed to do anything. My younger brother is an example. Or some of my closest friends. Either they have boundaries that they find a way around, or they have none at all. My brother and I have very strict boundaries. But i love it. It keeps me in check. There is no worse feeling than disappointing my mom. Now yes, I am not Perfect. I have broken the rules before. But when I do there is a serious guilt that lays on me. And I tell my mom almost immediately. But that is because I respect my mom. Sorry… off track again… I do that a lot. Damnit, sorry. You came here for a review!

Anyway, the boundaries thing. One of my buddies had lax boundaries. As such he ended up being really lonely. And he tried to kill himself. more than once too. We are no longer friends, but that is beside the point. What I am trying to say is that even though these two hate the boundaries, it really keeps them in check.

What do I mean by that? well, just read the book. Things get out of control. thing one and thing two go bonkers and make a huge mess. the Cat doesn’t know what to do. And the two kids are doing everything they can to make things right again! (Cat in the hat game for the P.C. was one of my favorites. I played that to death!!) Did anyone ever see the movie? HERE is the link to the IMDB page. Mike Myers played the Cat. He had this Purple goop that made a huge mess everywhere. he encouraged the kids to break the rules. Jump on the couch with dirty feet. Drive illegally. And disobey their mom.

But in the end, the kids pull their bootstraps up and fix the problem. They remove the goop from everywhere and get thing one and thing two back into check.

I love this book. Because, even though it is meant to be entertaining, it teaches a moral at the end. And Dr. Seuss tells the best Morals!

How the Grinch stole Christmas:

how-grinch-stole-christmas His second most Iconic book. Now up above I mentioned Home Alone and Home Alone 2. The reason for this is because the Animated movie was playing. Not the one with Jim Carry, But the original. And I love those two movies. SO FUNNY!!! But You’re not here for that. (I say something later on about that. Or did I say it up above? Either way…)

Who is the Grinch? And Evil hearted Goblin that hates everything that is happy or bright. Hang on, I’ll come back to this in just a moment->

I was reading up on Dr. Seuss and I saw something That caught my eye. Dr. Seuss wrote this book because of something that happened to him. It was during the prohibition, and his family’s brewery was shut down. And I think he was arrested? I didn’t click on the article, but i thought it was very interesting. You always think that an author (Fiction author) just has an amazing imagination. But it looks like their real life actually influences a lot of their writings. Now, is this true? I’m not sure. But if it is, then that explains how the grinch is so mad. Because Dr. Seuss was Mad. And I guess he found a way to move past this problem. Once again, No clue at all if it was true! If it was, then it is one helluva story! Back to the review.

He mistreats his dog, and that right there angers the hell out of me. There is n such thing as a bad dog. Just bad owners. Dogs (Not cats. Cats have their own agendas.) ooze out unconditional love. But I guess that’s why the grinch was such a jerk to his dog.

Every single year he hates the sounds of the happiness of Christmas. so this year he decides to go and steal the Christmas presents and food from everyone in the town below. Even the little crumb for the mouse!! Now he expects that this will be devastating for everyone in the town and can’t wait to hear their cries of agony.

And then he hears something unexpected. Singing. Why? Wouldn’t you be so pissed off is everything you worked so hard for what taken away from you? well, they don’t. In fact, it doesn’t seem to bother them at all. Why? It is because the grinch failed to take away the one thing more important than material goods. Family. All of a sudden, the Grinches heart seems to stutter.

Yes, he’s having a hear attack. of sorts anyway. His heart is growing. Basically from a peanut to an orange. or something like that. But right then, The grinch learned how to be happy. And how to sing. and how to Love.

So he got back on his sleigh and rode the presents to everyone in the town. And at the end of the book, he is singing too.

Oh the places you’ll go!: 

thecuriousg-seuss-the-places-youll-go One of my favorites because it tells you never to give up. How do I mean? Well, I am talking about is the moral of this story. You can’t just wait around for something to happen. Life isn’t a game. The best way I can put this is to describe and use two of my favorite games.

Pokemon vs Skyrim.

In Pokemon, you can’t just wait around for rings to happen. If you just sit there, life won’t continue.  You want to be the very best and catch them all? Then YOU have to get out there and do something about it! You want to go and travel the seas? See things you never get to? Then GO! Stop waiting for things to happen and make them happen!

In Skyrim, it is some of the same deal, but better explained. If you just sit around and wait, nothing will happen. Life will continue around you. You may see a bear or two come in front of you, but you will never get to destroy the dragons just sitting there.

Are you not a gamer? Then here is the best possible explanation I can give you.

A river. Let’s say that we are all either fish, or leaves, and bugs, or even a piece of bark flowing by. You could even be a frog! But there are bumps along the way. A little cove that traps the water and you. A rock that blocks your vision. Someone who forces you into a corner and leaves you there. What are you going to do?

In this book, we are told to get up, get moving, and live life! Where do you want to go? In the river: You are whatever of those things I listed. You want to get to the Amazon river and you are stuck in the Mississippi river in a cover of constantly swirling water. What are you going to do? Just swim there and wait to die? Or are you going to find a way out of your mess? Get back into the flow of the river? and make your way to the Amazon. or the Nile. Or even the open Ocean!

That is what this book is about. Living your life. And not letting anyone take it away from you!!

So what are The Morals that Dr. Seuss left in these books? ↓

Green eggs and ham: Don’t be afraid to try new things. You may enjoy them!

Cat in the hat: Respect your boundaries. But at the same time, Have fun.

Oh the Places you’ll go: Don’t sit around and wait for life to end. Go! Live your life!

How the grinch stole Christmas: Don’t let anger and hatred Fester. We each can move past it! And you will be a happier and better person because of it.  (I did this recently. I made peace with one of the people that made my life a living hell. And I am a much happier person!)

The second moral is that Family is forever. No material good can replace that. Eventually, even Diamonds will fade away. But Family never does.

2 other Morals:

Sneeches: No matter what everyone looks like, including yourself, We can be all accepting. There is no reason why someone with different coloration or marks means they suck. Learn to accept everyone.

Horton hears a who: Everyone, no matter how small and insignificant, deserves a voice and a life. You know what I attribute this one to? Bees. Now, I am deathly allergic to bees and I am terrified of them. But I love honey. I used to stomp on them when I was younger because I was afraid they’d sting me. (I was traumatized by a nest of hornets. Just another stupid thing I did as a kid.) Now I just run away!!

Would Recommend Books by Author?

-Yes. He really knew how to get these Iconic books into your head. And they will never fail!!

Reason Chosen?

-Because he is an Amazing Author. And he rivals William Shakespeare! Look, I am a biased reader. Also “Author”. I say Author because, I am the only person on this blog. But this is My Library! It is how I feel!  My mom has a picture of me reading Dr. Seuss’s book upside down when I was 9 months old!! His books will always hold a special place in my heart! (If I could find the picture in our basement I would include it in here. My mom may know which bin of memorabilia it is in, but I highly doubt it.

Could you let me know what you thought about this? Talking about the author and my favorite books they have written? I rather enjoyed it!

Thanks for readin!


The Inquistition-Review

After spending a year in his Village Prison, Fletcher is to go to trial. And everything is against him. But when he survives the Manticore’s poison, It is revealed who he really is. Join Fletcher as he forges new friendships, and watches others Vanish.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. I am still playing catch up with my reviews.

Also! I recently got the Opportunity to post my posts on the website Niume. Now, their website is a pain as I have to follow specific guidelines, and they tend to mess up my posts. However, it is an honor nonetheless. As of today, (DoW 10-23-16), I have 8 followers on my Blog. On Niume, I have 27. I’m trying to get my followers on there to head on over here. We’ll see how it turns out, though!

Also, before reading this review, make sure you go and check out the first book’s review Here!



The Inquisition. Taran Matharu.

Times Read:

-1. Such an AMAZING book, however.


-Fiction, Science Fiction, Suspense, Turmoil, Conflict, Fantasy, Action, Pager Turner, and Nail Biting Page Turner.    If you check the Tags I included Invasion. Traditionally “Invasion” is about aliens coming and, well, invading. However, in books like Lord of the Rings, an invasion is what the Orcs did. Which is what they are doing in this book. And Fletcher goes to the front lines in the 3rd book. Which I can’t wait to get!!  Anyways, back to the reviews.


-10/10 Will recommend to everyone that I know.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12-17

-My Opinion: 13 years and older can read this book/series. Once again, I HATE the phrase “Age Range”. So instead I give a base age, and then you can go on from there. (I think I may leave this note in every review, let me know what you think.)

Basic Review:

-When we last left Fletcher he was to start his prison sentence. After spending a year in his Village Prison, Fletcher is to go to trial. He is Malnourished, near crazy, and everything is against him. But when he survives the Manticore’s poison, It is revealed who he really is.  Join Fletcher as he forges new friendships, and watches others Vanish.

Long Review:

-During his trial, it is hinted who his parents might be. Nobels. And very important ones at that. One of his professors tell a story of his friends (the nobles. I’m sorry, I’m writing this without internet, so I can’t get their names. Besides, why would I spoil that?) and how the demon bird (Athena) was seen flying away from their home with a buck naked baby in her claws.

Traditionally, when a summoner dies his or her demon fades away to that place where all demons live, and become wild once again. Or lost. Depending on how compassionate you are. As such, Athena started to fade away while making sure her master’s baby makes it away safe. Athena’s master is Fletcher’s mom. Notice how I said is? Well, it is revealed much later on that she didn’t die. And I may or may not tell you how. (Do you hate me yet? Cause I don’t spoil the books for you?) “Yes. But not because you won’t tell me, it’s cause you keep teasing me!” Well, don’t get so mad. It’s how I roll. You’ll just have to deal with it. 🙂

Now where was I? Oh yeah, Athena fading away. Well, so yeah. She drops the baby off at the farthest village she could make it to. Anyways, (back to the present day) Fletcher learns that his father (who isn’t his real father) was severely beaten just because they could beat him. And his best friend (the dwarf) was taken into custody as well and beaten.

A break came up during the trial and Fletcher is greeted by the one who got him into the school in the first place. (If you didn’t read the first review, you have no idea what I am talking about.) He said that he had a way to save Fletcher’s best friend, but not Fletcher himself. And because Fletcher loves his friends, he agreed to it.

When Fletcher goes back up to his trial, he tells his best friend that (that guy’s name who got him into the school,) has a plan to save them. And the dwarf agrees. So Fletcher “admits” that he was the sole perpetrator. That he alone should be punished and killed. His best friend looked up at him in horror as he realized what was happening. When he tried to intervene, Fletcher told him this was the plan from the beginning. And now it is time for Fletcher to die.

It was decided that Fletcher would die by manticore poison. That noble family was the only known people that could survive a full dose of the poison. Everyone else would die within a few minutes from just a small drop of the poison.   Let me put this in perspective. Take ACID. The stuff from those cartoons we all used to watch. Imagine a small drop coming out from a dropper. That went down your throat and you are screaming in pain. And then you probably drop dead. That noble family, on the other hand, can drink a Liter of said ACID and live to tell the tale.   That’s really the best description I can give you.

This was both a death sentence and a secondary trial for Fletcher. It is basically illegal to put a noble on trial. So if Fletcher survives, then it means that the charges must be dropped immediately. If he doesn’t survive, then he is dead and no one has to worry about him anymore. And Fletcher’s enemies are betting that once Fletcher dies, his best friend (the dwarf) and his girlfriend (the elf) will go on a rampage. That way they can declare War without any reason.  It’s actually a great plan, but it fails.

Fletcher gets struck by the Manticore (a demon) and he feels a burning sensation. And then nothing but black. When he awakes he sees his girlfriend’s face above him. She tells him that he barely survived the poison, and the only reason he is alive is because of the elve’s healing magic. He is crestfallen because it means that he is not a noble. So when he eventually stands up all he sees is sky. It is because he is in a Giant tree. And he soon learns something important.

He learns that he really is the Son of that noble family. He was writhing on the floor for over an hour. Anyone else should’ve died within 2 minutes. The judge of the trial had to admit that he was a Nobel, and all charges were dropped. As such, Fletcher gains many more enemies. But he got to see his girlfriend again!

Let us skip ahead just a bit. Fletcher and his friends are on a mission to infiltrate the Orc’s main base. Their secondary mission is to rescue the mother of one of their classmates. While infiltrating they run into some trouble. And it is revealed that there is a traitor amongst them who is trying to kill them. At every single turn too!!

It is soon revealed who the Traitor is. It is right around the time that Fletcher and his team find his classmate’s mom. After the traitor is killed (you have to read to find out how.) the structure around them starts to collapse. Fletcher orders everyone to go into the portal that will take them to the demon plane. He then calls Athena to go and grab his late classmate’s mom. She reacts to that name. And she yells this:

“Athena…. My Baby!!! Where’s my Baby?!?!” Fletcher learns right there that that is his mom. It has been 16 ish years since they ever saw each other. He tells his mom to go into the portal, and that he was right behind her.

So that is the book! I tried to gloss over some of the more important parts. That way you have to really go and read the book. But I realize I forgot to mention that Fletcher was given Athena. And that Athena and his salamander have an interesting relationship. Both trying to be his number one. And cause of that they kept quarreling. His salamander would be around his neck, While Athena (who is much like an eagle) is perched on his shoulder.

Oh! I forgot to mention this during the last review. When you gain a demon, it’s consciousness joins yours. Because of that, your magic power increases. When any harm comes to your demon, you feel the pain. Or pleasure.  In the first book, Fletcher was rubbing his girlfriends’ demon (they weren’t together at that point. Just friends.) under the chin. Like you would a dog. His girlfriend calls his name with a  big of a stutter. When he looks up he notices that the Elf is flushed. The pleasure that The demon was feeling was transmitted over to her master. She also feels the pain that her demon suffers later in the second book. I won’t say how or by what, but it is heartbreaking.

Would Recommend?

-Duh.   Sorry, that was mean.  Yes, I do recommend this book. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up loving it more than me.

Hope y’all will come back for the series review! (going up this weeks as well.)

Thanks for readin!


The Novice-Review

Fletcher has no memory of his parents. All he knows is the Blacksmith’s trade. And his bow n arrow. But when he suddenly summons a Demon, his life changes. And until he learns to master it, its a really bad thing.

First off, welcome back. And sorry for both this review and last week’s review coming up late. Been sick n just now starting to not feel lethargic. (Date of Writing 10-16-16). I was wrong. Got Swamped yet again. So please enjoy my interesting comments. Tomorrow’s review may come up late as well. But, I’ll try my best to make sure this doesn’t happen. (Date of Writing 10-21-16). (DoW 10-23-16) Yup, the review is coming up a day or so late.  Sorry.

I love this series as well, so enjoy!



The Novice. Taran Matharu.

Times Read:

-1. I may re-read this book again very soon. I’ve been trying to wait until book 3 comes out. Unfortunately, I have to wait until May 9th, 2017. I’ve been in contact with this author as well. I’m hoping I can get him to give me a signed copy, but We’ll have to see. (I haven’t specifically asked him…). Anyways, Here is the link to that book. It’s in the pre-order stage right now.   I read this one in about 4 days. I read the second one in under 24 hours. I expect that I’ll read the third under 24 hours as well, or faster.  Not the fastest book I’ve read. I read Fahrenheit 451 in 2 hours. Not that I chose to read it. School readings really SUCK at times. (I’ll probably write a review on Fahrenheit 451 soon. As a bonus review or something.)


-Action, Fantasy, Conflict, Science Fiction (It’s really not Science, but it’s listed in that section. Anyways….), Magic, Suspense, Page Turner. Amazing book, and book series!


-10/10. You have to read this book. It’s like The Inheritance Cycle and Ranger’s Apprentice Mixed together, but it’s almost better. I won’t say it is better, but it is right there.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12-17

-My Opinion: 14 years and older can read this book/series. Once again, I HATE the phrase “Age Range”. So instead I give a base age, and then you can go on from there.

Basic Review:

-Fletcher has no memory of his parents. He was told that he was dropped off at the front gates of this village. No Name, No Nothin. The Blacksmith takes him in as his own son. And he learns the skills of a blacksmith, which is where he gets his name. So, as a nobody loser that gets bullied, All he knows is the Blacksmith’s trade. And his bow n’ arrow. But when he suddenly summons a Demon, his life changes. And until he learns to master it, its a really bad thing. Which means persecution. Especially since his number 1 bully blames him for committing a crime he didn’t do.

Long Review:

-Trouble LOVEZ Fletcher. (Yes, I spelled loves wrong. Cause I can.) He has never been able to stay away from it. No matter how hard he tries. Be it getting locked outside the village gates Every sing night, or even his bow breaking in half. Or getting put on trial for a crime he didn’t commit and sentenced to die by manticore poison……… I just spoiled a part of book 2, didn’t I? Well, until I opened my big mouth saying that I did, I didn’t. Lol, I Funny.

Anyways. The book starts with Fletcher out in the woods staring down his sights. Well, as close to sights as you can get on a bow. He is an amazing hunter and nails his prey. But when he goes back to the village, the gates are closed. Early. That is because almost everyone in the village hates Fletcher. Especially the Guards. After he argues with them he finally finds his way into the Village. And we learn how much everyone really does hate him.

The next day there is a traveling salesman who is being harassed by Fletcher’s number 1 bully and his cronies. So Fletcher intervenes. Later that night they are at the local tavern. And the bullies come around again. This time a fight breaks out, and Fletcher goes on the defensive. In the end of this scene, (cause I will not spoil the book) Fletcher wake up the next day and finds a gift left to him by the salesman.

We later find out that this is an incantation spell. What I mean by that is that it gives Fletcher his first ever demon. Normally the first demon given to you is a small bug. r you can be given a higher demon by one of your elders. Fletcher just summoned the demon. A Salamander, which is incredibly rare. Remember that incantation I just spoke of? Well, it was written on HUMAN SKIN, by an Orc that lived a couple hundred (i think it’s close to a thousand) years ago. Known as the White Orc. I can’t help but picture the White Orc from the Hobbit. And the description really doesn’t help me come away from that picture. Anywhosers, Fletcher summons this rare demon and this starts the real pursuit.

I’ll skip ahead a few days after all of this amazing action happens that I don’t want to spoil. Fletcher finds himself in a town where he is pursued. There is this guy staring at him in the Bar, and fletcher gets out of there as soon as he can. Turns out this guy helps him get into the school that trains demon users. Long story short, he becomes an ally for Fletcher.

When Fletcher gets into the school he makes friends with a Dwarf and tries to become friends with a female Elf (They become really close later in the book. Especially in the second book. Fletcher and the Elf. Not the Dwarf. They are just really close battle buddies/friends.) who snubs him.

We will skip ahead in the book when it is time for the games. Fletcher has this dream about how to summon spells. In said dream, Fletcher is watching through the eyes of his demon. And he sees the orc has finger tattoos. So Fletcher has one of his Dwarf’s family (cause he is accepted as a good family friend now.) member tattoo certain incantations on his fingers. And this is how he wins the Games.

And then he is publicly arrested and that is where book 2 starts off. And this is backlash from the crime that he didn’t actually commit. All the while his bullies AT this school are sneering at him and are glad to see him die. (Cause his trial really is a death sentence. He has 0% hope of survival.)

Well, I’m done here. I think I left a big enough hook for you to come back without spoiling the book. If I did, then be sure to read it and then get book 2. Which I’ll be writing very soon! Be sure to come back for that review!!

Would Recommend?

-YES!!!!!! I really wonder why I even leave this section in. I say what I feel when I give said reviews a rating. Guess I just re-enforce that you need to read/don’t read.

Thanks for readin!


The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel-Review

Nicholas Flamel was the Keeper of the Sorcerer’s Stone. But how did he get to be Immortal? And is it something anyone can Achieve? Nicholas Flamel and his wife take two young teens on an adventure they’ll never ever forget. “For there is Magic in us All.”

Hi there Y’all! I promised to a special review for making it so far into my 2.5 k word review on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Well, here it is!



The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. Michael Scott.

Times Read:



-Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic, Suspense, and a nail-biting Page Turner.


-10/10 will recommend to all Harry Potter fans.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 10+

-My Opinion: Around the age of 12 is a good start. I recommend reading the first books of Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Nicholas Flamel makes an appearance in said book, and you get some background about him. Rather than just jumping into this series and expecting everything to be all hunky-dory.


Basic Review:

-Nicholas Flamel was the Keeper of the Sorcerer’s Stone. But how did he get to be Immortal? And is it something anyone can Achieve? Nicholas Flamel and his wife take two young teens on an adventure they’ll never ever forget. “For there is Magic in us All.” <- I don’t really know if anyone has ever said that. But I just did….  Anyways, read on to find out more.  Oh, and this is another conversation (I keep telling Y’all that’s how I write.) so be prepared.

Long Review:

-Who is Nicholas Flamel? Well, he is immortal and was the keeper of the Sorcerer’s Stone that Harry Potter now owns. But do you know anything else? Come on, Tell me……. Do it or I won’t continue the review. “Well, he is married to Joan of Ark.” Now how did you know that?! Oh, you read ahead. Well, you can just sit there with your mouth shut and let the others guess. “He made that Appearance in Harry Potter!” I just said that… Someone say something else. Please… “Wasn’t he the Alchemyst who claimed that you could turn Lead and other metals into Gold?” Finally, someone who says something that is almost correct! And I like that you used to the book’s spelling of Alchemist instead of being correct.

Yes. Alchemists’ throughout history have believed that you could turn metal into gold. The most common were Lead to Gold. If you ever played Skyrim, there was a spell that could turn Iron to Silver. Then Silver to Gold. But this isn’t a Gaming Blog, so I’ll stop there. Scientifically speaking it is possible to turn Lead into Gold, but to do it you need to have Nuclear Radiation. Which is dangerous (duh! Like the Hulk but worse.). What is easier to do is to turn Gold into Lead, but who wants a chunk of Lead hanging from their neck? Not me.

Let me get back to your question. Technically speaking, Yes. Nick (as he is known is the books), has been an Alchemyst for many years. And I don’t mean just 10 or 20 years. I mean hundreds of years. Nick was born in 1330, while his wife Perenelle Flamel was born in 1320. Remember how I said that Joan of Arc was his wife, well, as you recall, I never said that. I just said that that person read on. Clearly, he didn’t read far enough, though. They married in 1368 and lived together until 1397 when they both “died”.

According to the world, they were dead. But since they achieved immortality, they were, well, Immortal. By the time the events of Harry Potter roll around both are around 600-650 years old. His books have us advance another 15 years to the time of 2006.  Josh and Sophie Newman are twins. But they have a very interesting story to tell. One: They have the two rarest Auras known. Two: Josh is really the older of the Siblings, even though Sophie was born 28 seconds before.

Josh was born around 30,000 years ago. But he didn’t know. Sophie was born around 1,000 years ago. Again, she didn’t know about that. Sophie has a Pure Silver Aura. Which is the second rarest Aura. Josh has a Pure Gold Aura. Which just so happens to be the rarest. As such, these “twins” are the two most powerful teens in the universe. Everything surrounding them is False. Their mother and Father are really Immortals. Their Aunt is an Immortal. John Dee is Evil. And Josh will no longer be Josh. (I haven’t gotten that far yet.)

Let’s get back to the Auras. Every Aura has a scent to it. Sophie’s scent is Vanilla. Josh’s is an Orange-Spice. If I’m not mistaken, John Dee’s is like rotten eggs. (UGH!). It is how the Elders determine who to attack and eat. Which is gross. But hey, I ain’t no Elder.

With our frail human minds, we see Immortality to be a Nirvana. That may be true, but how are we to know? There was this book called Tuck Everlasting. I was never a huge fan of it (we had to read it for my Literature class), but there was one thing that Tuck said that has always stuck out to me. And I haven’t read that book in a long time. It was that life was a river. And instead of being the leaves that continuously flow by, you are a rock that sits there. Forever. Never changing, never being able to move on. Rather than a blessing, it is a curse.

In this series Nick and his wife are ready to Die. They have lived a long life and are ready for some closure. Which is something that Both Josh and Sophie can help with. But first, they must unlock their inner powers. And even though the bloodlust (Josh) and the horrible headaches (Sophie) get impossible to control at times, they are the best chance that humanity has for survival. “WHAT!?” Oh… I forgot to mention that, didn’t I?

There is something called the Codex. It tells of the day and age when the Dark elders plan to destroy the mortal world. And only two twins of pure Silver and Gold can put a stop to it forever. Or to finish off the world. Depending on who gets into their heads first. Which is why Nick and his wife try to Unlock the good inside of both of them. And John Dee unlocks the Evil inside of Josh. (That was the last I got to. I need to get the last two books to learn what happened.)

Would Recommend?

-Yup. Especially if you are a fan of Harry Potter. And if you are not, then read it anyway. Trust me, You’ll like the series!

This was supposed to be a normal review, but it kinda turned into a series review as well.    I’ll put it as both.

Thanks for readin!


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Review

The Finale of the Harry Potter series. Where Harry faces off his worst Enemy, Lord Voldemort. Who will Die? Who Will Survive? And will Harry Finally kiss Ginny?!?!?!


I’ll be honest, I haven’t even begun writing this as of today (9-14-16 11:31 Am). And it comes out in 3 days. *UGH!*  I meant to have this done last weekend, but I was extremely ill. So here I am.       A small update (9-14-16 5:03 Pm). This is by far my longest review ever. 2100 words and counting.       Be Prepared!

And remember, I have a very honest style of writing. So I may re-word a few things, but It’ll be left in here. That way we are having a conversation, Hence the Green Text. Or I am giving a speech. It’s definitely one of the two. 

I will be using links from the Harry Potter Wiki Page. This will help with visual aid.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.    J.K. Rowling. Amazon has the Paperback version. I still have my Hard Cover version.

Times Read:

Around 14. This is my favorite book of the series. My second most read is book four, The Goblet of Fire. That one I have read about 15 times. Even though I’ve read it more times, number 7 holds my heart. The entire series I have read upwards of 11 times. I really stopped counting after 10. The book have been read so much that they are falling apart. Lol.


Action. Fiction. Fantasy. Magic. Suspense. Turmoil. And its a Nail Biting Page Turner. Even though I’ve read to it DEATH!!


10/10. The movie… 8/10. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like the movies. But I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 12+

-My Opinion: I’d say around 14+. That seems like a decent age for this book. I was around 11 When I first read it. But I’m old fashioned and feel like a middle school age is better suited for this book.


Basic Review:

Geez, how Do I do a Basic Review, rather than going into  it.  And do i really feel like spoiling the Book, or do I let you read it an find out. This is my struggle as a reader. I WANT you to read the books with me spoiling it. But at the same time I WANT to spoil everything. And this is with every review I have given as of Yet. Especially the Ranger’s Apprentice series.     Anywhoser, lets try the small review.

This is the Finale of the Series. It Follows Harry, Hermione, and Ron as the hunt down and destroy the remaining Horcruxes. If you remember in book 6 (Or not if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie… Slacker), Dumbledore died while destroying the first  Horcrux. And Snape killed him. Later in book 7 it is explained why he did this.

There are a Total of seven Horcruxes. They Appeared at Different times in each book. It wasn’t until book 6 that they were properly named. After reading the series once through you will notice the Horcruxes in each book. Or at least I did.

If you want to know more, then go to the long review. I have a feeling that I am going to ramble. If not, then thanks for coming and reading. I’ll see you next week for the special Series Review!

Long Review:

So rather than leave, you decided to stay and read my Rambling? Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you… Let’s get started!

I left off with the Horcruxes. I’ll finish up with those. Horcruxes are a vile act to do. First you must commit murder, and do it willingly. After that you bind a part of your soul to said item and Bob’s your uncle. Before Lord Voldemort it was unknown to have more than one Horcrux. And he had 7. Not 6, but 7!! Call me Crazy, but that seems like a helluva lot of merciless killing to me. And we aint talking bout ants here, we’s talking bout humans. Like James and Lily Potter.

Each time a Horcrux is destroyed, it is like you dying. Lord Voldemort didn’t really feel it, cause he was so F’d up. But if you ever wondered why he looks like he does, that is why. (“What do you mean by that?”). Well, its simple. Voldemort has no Nose. He is white as a sheet. And when harry is in the white room, Tom Riddle looks like a burned House elf. <- I’ll get to that in a moment. Horcruxes are basically the punishment for killing. Though you made it, and it screwed you up.

Now, I Mentioned Tom Riddle? Well, if you read book 2 (or watched the movie… Slacking) you would know that his full name is Tom Marvolo Riddle.  (“So what? I saw the movie. Doesn’t mean anything.”) Here is why it matters. If you Scramble around the words Tom Marvolo Riddle, you come up with a name. Lord Voldemort. Hence why Voldemort hates it when Harry calls him Tom. (“Right… I forgot about that…”) Make sense now?

Lord Voldemort is basically a shell for Tom Riddle. Tom is dead and he is in constant Limbo. Here is a picture. Be warned before you click on that though, Its really sickening. When I said that Lord Voldemort didn’t feel the pain of his Horcruxes dying, it was true. But Tom feels it. For Voldemort it is like a Constant High. He never feels pain, is very quick to anger, and loves the feeling. Tom on the other hand is in constant pain. Imagine this for me. Have you ever accidentally cut yourself with a knife? I do it all the time when I’m cooking. Now imagine that same level of pain on the inside of your body, rather than the outside. Both inside your brain and heart. I can only assume that is what Tom feels, but when looking at his picture I think I’m right.

Look at that… So many words for just one thing… Boy I have a lot to say. Oh, and the reason Harry was there (in limbo?) was because he died. I won’t tell you how (Yes I will. I can’t keep my trap shut.), when or why. You’ll have to read the books for that. Trust me, It’ll make sense later.

There is a lot of Death in this book. And I mean a LOT of death.

The first death was Charity Burbage. She was a professor at Hogwarts and believed that Muggles and Wizards were similar in more ways that one. She was Killed by Voldemort and his Death Eaters. And then Eaten by His snake Nagini. Link

The next notable death is a heart breaker. This character has been part of the series from the Beginning. Yes. Hedwig died. Via the Killing Curse. She died at the Battle of Seven Potters. A good idea, but it didn’t really work. Have 6 others look like Harry Potter when the death eaters stormed the place. One thing that wasn’t counted on was that Voldemort himself was there and found the real Potter. And Hedwig paid the price. One note though, Harry’s wand shot a burst of Gold at Voldemort. Which has never happened in the history of wands. So he was definitely special. As was his wand.   Link

Alastor Moody. Yes, he died. And by Voldemort’s hand. Also during the Battle of the Seven Potters. He was the first death when his fake Potter disapperated. Which left an Open spot for Voldemort to use the Killing Curse. Moody took it upon himself to protect Harry. Cause he was the only one capable to stopping Voldemort. Moody and the other members of the Order came up with the idea of the Seven Potters. Oh, and even if he survived the Killing curse (As i know only Harry has survived) he fell. And we aint talking about 10 feet. He fell well over 1000 feet. So he is as good as dead. Link

A death that I feel really isn’t that important, But I’ll mention it anyway. Rufus Scrimgeour was the Head of the Ministry of Magic. He was originally part of the Aurors, whose sole purposes were to fight Dark Wizards. After that he became head of the Ministry. But the Ministry was Loyal to Voldemort and not Rufus. Rufus was captured by a group of death eaters and killed after questioning. Voldemort wanted the location of Harry Potter, and Rufus took the information to the grave. The Killing curse seemed to be Voldemort’s Favorite Spell. Link

Mykew Gregorovitch was a famous Wanamaker from Germany. Officially is it Europe, but the name appears to be German. His wands rivaled that of Ollivander. He was killed when Voldemort questioned him about the Elder Wand. Again, by the killing curse. Gregorovitch owned the Elder Wand for a while, but it was stolen from him. When Voldemort hunted him (and it lasted months) and found out that he didn’t have it, he killed him. Link

Author of A History Of Magic Bathilda Bagshot. She was killed by Nagini so that when Harry came looking, Nagini could kill him once and for all. Though not as a Snake. Voldemort animated her body, and the snake lived inside of it. *UGH!!!* I think that is extensive enough, don’t you? (Im not a big fan of snakes….) Link

Gellert Grindelwald. The thief who stole the Elder Wand from Gregorovitch. He is partially responsible for the death of Dumbledore’s sister. Also known as being the second most powerful dark wizard in history. Near the end of his life however, he wasn’t near as evil. In 1998 after being imprisoned in his castle for years, he is killed by Voldemort. Since he was an owner of the Wand for a while Voldemort wanted information on it. Grindelwald refused and was killed for it. Link

Ted Tonks, Father of Nymphadora Lupin. He was killed by Snatchers after running from the Ministry. Link. Two others were killed for the same reason. Dirk Crewsswell Link, and the goblin, Gornuk Link.

Peter Pettigrew or Ron’s Rat. I prefer to say Ron’s Rat. He was best friends with James Potter, Lupin, and Sirus Black. Then he Betrayed them, and went to serve Lord Voldemort. He was later killed by his own hand. I literally mean his own hand. It killed him. All because he chose not to kill Harry Potter. Old loyalties die hard. Link

Here is another heart breaker…. Are you ready? Ok, Dobby. When Harry and his pals were escaping from Malfoy manor, Bellatrix threw her knife after them. (They apparated. Every time i say that i want to say Appeared.) Dobby, the free elf, is dead. So much death in this book… Link

Bogrod was one of the Goblins at Gringotts. He was tricked into believing that Hermione was Bellatrix. And then a security thingy made the trick wear off. After a few minutes a dragon burned him to a crisp. Link.  (Can you tell that by this point I’m running out of steam. Definitely my longest review… Ugh.)

Scabior. Was part of the group of snatchers that found Harry. He died at the Battle of Hogwarts. Neville Longbottom cast a spell that made the bridge collapse. Scabior fell to his death. A fitting end. Link

Crabbe was one of Malfoy’s goons. He killed himself by casting Fiendfyre. He was trying to kill Harry. He failed. Miserably. Link

One of the Jokester brothers, Fred Weasley. He died as an explosion went off next to him. He was joking while fighting alongside his older brother, Percy. Percy came to his senses once he realized that the Ministry was in league with Voldemort. Fred was killed mid sentence. Link

Remus Lupin. The werewolf, and Husband to Nymphadora. They had a chid named Edward. And they named Harry the Godfather. Both died in the Battle for Hogwarts. Nymphadora by Bellatrix Link, and Lupin by another Death eater named Antonin Dolohov Link.

Colin Creevey was that kid who was obsessed with Harry in Book 2. He was originally dismissed from the D.A. for being underage. His body is found after the battle. It is speculated that he came back and tried to fight. Link

Severus Snape. It was hard not to hate snape in the books. But then we find out he was friends with James and Lily. And protected Harry on numerous occasions. Dumbledore was already dead by the time Snape “Killed” him. And very recently, the actor who played Snape died. He was an amazing actor by the name of Alan Rickman. But back to the review at hand. So he died to Nagini. And he gave his memories to Harry. Link

That stupid snake Nagini was killed by Neville using the sword of Godric Gryffindor. Yes, I’m scared of snakes. Even those tiny Garden snakes scare me. I have a really deep voice, and the only times it gets high pitched is whenIi scream. Which isn’t often, but it does happen *Shudders*. Link

Bellatrix Lestrange was killed by Ron’s mom Molly. She was gloating about killing Fred. Molly used some unnamed spell which killed her. First time I read this I yelled “YES!”. I was glad to see her dead. Killed Dobby, and Sirius. (Sirius Black was one of my all time favorite characters.) Link

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to spoil how Harry Died? Well… Hediedbythehandsoflordvoldemorteventhoughhereallyisntdeadjustinlimbo. <- Sorry for that. Just wanted a little fun. That happens a lot in the Ranger’s Apprentice books. It feels wrong not to press spacebar after each word… Anyway, It is revealed that Harry is the last Horcrux. So in order to destroy it he lets Voldemort kill him. He has fun throwing around Harry’s body, and then makes Hagrid carry the corpse back to hogwarts.

There is a scream of anguish and anger and then the real fighting begins. Harry disappears (he used his cloak) and Hagrid Freaks.Then Harry reveals himself and kills Lord Voldemort to end all of the fighting.

When Voldemort killed James and Lily all those years back, he didn’t understand a Mother’s love. That love protected Harry from Voldemort’s death curse. And remember, Voldemort heard the Prophecy about Harry and went to kill him. Harry cast that away in order to destroy the final Horcrux. He killed Voldemort by–>

Using his trademark Expelliarmus spell. Harry learned that Malfoy was the real master of the Elder Wand. And since Harry defeated Malfoy, he was the owner. Voldemort refused to believe it and cast his killing curse. The wand refused to kill its’ master and instead rebounded on Voldemort himself. And there you go. Voldemort is Dead.

The end of the book picks up 15 years later. Harry and Ginny are married, Ron and Hermione are Married, and Malfoy is still alive. I guess this is where book 8 takes place? I haven’t read it. Though reading up on Tom Riddle Link I found he had a daughter with Bellatrix. So thats not creepy at all. *Another Shudder*.

Hope you were able to make it this far. Come back soon cause I may just a have a special review for you! Link!

Would Recommend?

Yes. Duh. Course….. Anything else I need to say? It’s an amazing book it well worth your time. I know that there was a lot of death, but it was an amazing read!! Book 8… I’m not sure about. I haven’t read it and I honestly don’t think I will. Book 7 was the end for me. But that’s just me.

Thanks for readin!


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