Twilight-Review/Series Review

Bella Swan is just a normal girl. That is until she sees a boy staring at her. Something about his eyes makes her feel different. And so she starts down the path of no Return… Towards her Bloodsucker.


Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. I will not respond to negative comments. 

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Twilight. Stephanie Meyer. |  Series.

Times Read:

-3. | Series=3 (ish)


-Fiction, Science Fiction, Action, Suspense, Turmoil, Conflict, Adventure.


-10/10 | 10/10

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 15+ | 15+

-My Opinion: I agree with the 15+ for the first three books. But book 4 is a 17+ in my eyes. Due to some mature themes in this book.

Basic Review:

-Bella Swan is just a normal girl. She hates the rain and moved to the wettest area in the United States. Her dad is a cop, and her school life is normal.  That is until she sees a boy staring at her. Something about his eyes makes her feel different. And so she starts down the path of no Return. Towards her Bloodsucker.

Long Review:

-So we are back! About 3 months ago (roughly) I did a review on Breaking Dawn. The plan was to do a series review not soon after. Then I remembered how much I loved the first book as well. (Not near as much as book 4 however. Book 4 was the bomb!) I figured it would be confusing having two titles that both say Twilight Review! So, I combined them into one review. Might as well.

So, Let us start!

Bella Swan. Who is she? Well to start, she is the only person in Arizona that is able to get sunburned. Her skin is as white as a Catfish’s belly. Which is really white! (I’ll include a link to a picture. I don’t exactly have one on hand.) She is also one of those people who prefer not to socialize at all. Like a Hermit, but on a different level. (Could be higher or lower. You decide.)

When we first meet her she is on her way to the wettest part of the United States. Seattle. And Bella hates the rain. But I think she may hate the hot more. Her mom and dad just couldn’t make it work. Her mom remarried, and her dad married his job. (He is a cop). Anyways, Something happened in Arizona that made her want to move. Not that that is the worst thing. Moving can be a good experience. And in Bella’s case, It is!

When Bella starts attending school, she makes friends and enemies. And she appears to have attracted the attention of a certain boy. Perfect teeth, White skin (Like hers, but it looks like ivory), Tall, Handsom, A family that looks just like him, And a voice that can make even the Birds swoon. Bella finds herself trapped. She wants to get to know him, But something is warning her to stay away.

One day, in the parking lot, she is standing next to her truck. And she sees Him staring at her. Little does she know, he was about to panic… All of a sudden, a truck loses control and is barreling towards her. She sees her life end before her life. Her only regret? That she didn’t get to meet the mysterious boy. And it goes black.

Then she opens her eyes and sees the boy standing over her. But that is not possible, as he was on the opposite end of the parking lot. Not even Usain Bolt could’ve made it to her so fast. And what’s else? There is a dent in the truck (van?) that would’ve crushed her. ¬†It is this, and much more that start her down the path she was always meant to be on.

We are onto book 2. Bella and Edward are dating. But something is wrong. He can’t seem¬†to keep her safe. Cause her best friend is his sworn enemy. And then something happens. The Cullens are forced to leave. Their presence disappears completely. The house is in shambles. Charslie’s practice is gone. Edward and his family no longer attend school. And Bella’s heart is shattered.

Because of this problem (That Edward did NOT see coming…. Or even Alice for that matter), Bella enters a state of severe depression. For almost 6 months (from October till about March, If I remember correctly…) she became a hermit. Unable to eat. Crying herself to sleep. And repeating it all over again. Charlie decides it is time to intervene. And then Jacob re-enters her life.

All of a Sudden, she is alive again. Her best friend is back. And she is happy. They go out and ride on his motorcycle, Hang with his buddies, and have no care for what they are doing. And then Bella guesses what disease Jacob and his buddies had. And it was no disease, but a curse. But Bella isn’t dumb. She sees right through his facade. I mean, she guessed Edward was a Vampire, didn’t she?

Now let’s talk about Alice for just a minute. She has¬†visions¬†to where she can see into The future. However, this only works for certain people. It is revealed in book 4 (Breaking Dawn) that she cannot see the future Bella’s baby. Nor can she see any of the wolves futures. This is due to the¬†amount¬†of¬†chromosomes¬†that they have.¬†Time for science!!

Now, I am not all too great with science. In fact, it is one of the classes I almost always fail.¬†Except for archaeology. For some reason I understand it. But that’s a story for another date! Anywhosers…

Humans are born with 23 pairs of¬†chromosomes. This adds up to 46.¬†“What am I? An idiot? I know how to add numbers.”¬†Look, I’m not trying to insult you. I’m just doing some basic math calculations. Vampires¬†have¬†25 pairs which¬†adds¬†up to 50. Now werewolves have 24 pairs. Carlisle reveals this fact when he took blood from Jacob in book 3. When he was passed out in the forest. (I’ll continue that in a few mins.)

Alice says that she cannot see with Bella’s child around. Or even the child located in her womb! As such, Alice gets incredibly horrible¬†Migraines. (I get bad¬†migraines. They really suck!) This is where Alice and Jacob form a bond. Granted, they basically become family later in book 4, so why not?! Ok, back to book 2.

Alice sees a vision of Bella jumping into the ocean. (It is called Base Jumping. 100-200ft tall cliffs into the ocean. The tricks people can do on them is awesome! But extremely Dangerous. Can be very fatal. Like falling onto Concrete.) Alice tells Edward, Edward calls Charlie (Jacob answers the Phone), Asks where Charlie is, Jacob says at the Funeral, Edward hangs up, and Alice shows up. Long story short, Edward hears an Incomplete Vision from Alice, Gets the wrong information, and tries to kill himself.

This book is quite the emotional rollercoaster!

Book three… The Newborn crisis.

Ok, the book is actually titled Eclipse, but I think that “The Newborn Crisis” sounds a lot cooler. But, I guess in order to stay with the theme, Stephanie chose Eclipse.

Now, what is a newborn? Contrary to popular Belief, we are not talking about newborn babies. Though, in a way that is not totally wrong. We are talking about newborn Vampires. *SPOILER* Bella becomes a newborn vampire in book 4. Though, She is more stable than the monsters everyone else Becomes. *END SPOILER* They are already crazy and go out of control whenever they get a hint of blood a mile or two near them.

Newborns are also incredibly strong. Imagine an 18 wheeler barreling towards to at 90 MPH. Scary, right? Well, that is just one punch they can throw. And when they get any blood, well, You’re gonna wish you were never born. Cause they will devour you!!

Which happens to be the reason why the Wolves and the Vampires band together for the first time in History!! Least, that is what we are told. And guess what? It doesn’t stop there. Due to what happens in book 4, the wolves and vampires become family. (If you can’t tell, I really like book 4. The Absolute best book of the series!!)

Needless to say, Neither side likes this. Only Bella is happy. And Edward is trying to be happy, just for her. There are fights that break out, and they might have just given up right there. But Bella reminds them of something. If they don’t band together and take care of the Newborns, the newborns will end of killing everyone. The vampires, the wolves, and the innocent humans.

What would you do?¬†(Go to the comments and tell me what you would do. Just for the Halibut!)¬†I’d pull up my bootstraps, shut the hell up, and get it over with. And maybe make a friend or two. Like Seth Clearwater did!!

Breaking dawn. Now I already did a review on this one, so… I’ll just cover the basics. Follow the link to that review¬†Here.

So, the basics: Bella and Edward get married, Bella gets pregnant and gives birth within a month’s time, Jacob has a fight with Sam and leaves the Pack, Jacob falls in love with Bella’s child, Other wolves come and join Jacob’s “Pack”, and the Vampire government comes to kill everyone. I basically just explained the whole book. I think I gave more information here than I did in the Actual review!! Oh well. ¬† ¬†¬†šĻĀŗĽí( Õí ‚Ćā Õí )ŗ•≠„ĄŹ

Would Recommend?

-Yes on Both. ¬† ¬†This is a special review¬†because I felt like doing both at once. If you don’t like it, Well… It’s Too late. Cause you read this far. ¬† ¬† ¬† Šēē( ’ě Šóú ’ě )Šēó

Thanks for readin!


I have a question for you!

-Did I give enough Info? For my reviews, I try to aim for a minimum of 500 words. Give or take 20. Usually take 20. Every once and a while I manage to get 750 words or so. And then once in a blue moon, I get over 1,000 Words. Like today. I reached almost 1,700 words. So let me know, did I do good? Or my Harry Potter Review! I think it was like 1,800?

Breaking Dawn-Review

The Finale of Twilight. Bella has a honeymoon with Edward, Has a beautiful surprise that ends in her death, And Jacob Learns how to be around the Leeches.


Due to certain themes in this book, I am rating this review as M. Just in case.


Breaking Dawn. Stephanie Myer

Times Read:

5.           Yes I am a Guy, No I was not forced into reading this by Team Jacob fan girls, and Yes this is my favorite book of the Twilight series.


Fantasy, Fiction, Science-Fiction, Vampires, Suspense, Page Turner,



Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 14+

-My Opinion: Due to some mature content in the book (Pregnancy, blood, Lust, and such) I feel that 16 or 17+ would be appropriate.


Basic Review:

This is the conclusion of the twilight series. Of all the books I feel like this was the best one. It was definitely the longest of the books, and the movie had to be split into two parts. Just for the record, the only twilight movie I saw was the first one. After that I preferred the books much more. In this book Bella Swan becomes a vampire

Long Review:

This book is definitely the most steamy/Lemony of the books. I myself have never read 50 shades of grey, but I’ve heard people compare these two books together. Basically Bella swan becomes pregnant. I WILL NOT explain how this happens. I don’t care if you are 12 or 60 reading this. It is not my place. ¬† A normal pregnancy lasts about 9 months. This is the same for most species. However, Bella’s pregnancy spanned the course of 1 month. Which is definitely not normal.

At the same time, Her child is Vampire and Human. Interbreeding. Thats why I put an M rating on this review. (I’m not 100% sure its interbreeding, but its the closest Definition I can think of. When Bella goes into labor, she dies. Yeah. Thats it, the review is OVER! ¬†(“Dude?! What the Hell?! I wanted to know more. Im sorry I got mad at you in your last review. Please continue…”)¬†ūüėõ

Like how I pulled that back in? No…?! Ok then. Anywhoser, Yes she dies. This was done both on accident and on purpose. During the pregnancy, there were complications. Because of that, Edward had to inject his own venom into Bella’s heart. This stopped it. But at the same time, she started her new life. And remember, In order to become a Cullen Vampire, you really have to be dying. Now Jacob is still a part of these books. He was there holding Bella down while she was in Labor. And if I’m not mistaken, Edward punches him.

After Bella gave birth, Jacob Imprinted in her daughter. Yeah. Basically, they were meant for each other. Even though her daughter is a new born, and Jacob is definitely older. (Another reason why this is an M review.) Bella’s daughter, named¬†Renesmee, Grows at an accelerated rate. Just like the pregnancy. And she is stronger than Edward’s brother¬†Emmett. Oh, and come to think of it, Bella is now Bella Cullen. I’d spaced on the fact that she got married. LOL (And yes, I left my mistake in here. That way I am having a real conversation with you.)

Bella just so happens to be the most graceful vampire Edward (and his entire family) have ever seen. Oh yeah, and to protect Bella in the beginning of the book, he gets her a missile proof car. Yeah, missile proof glass…

The end part of the book is where the Italian vampire group from book 2 come to kill all the Cullens’. I don’t remember why. I do remember that Jacob has broken away from his original pack and created his own. And Bella asks for their help. Which Jacob gives even before she asks. He does it especially for¬†Renesmee. Because she is his and he is hers.

Trust me, this book has so much action in it, and it is seriously amazing. Read it. And if you already have read it, pick it up again and re-read it. That’s what I’m doing after I finish the Ranger’s Apprentice series.

Would Recommend?

DUH! Yeah. This book is really really REALLY good. I don’t care if you are a Macho Male Biker, or whatever. Read it. Its worth your time.

Thanks for readin!