The Inheritance Cycle- Series Review

This is the collection of what our brave hero Eragon did. He learns how to harness his magic, and use it to defeat the horrible king. Or he was supposed to anyways.


Bonus Review found Here.           This review will take the place of my Saturday review. That way it is at the end of the Month. The next review will be a Single book going up on the 3rd of September. Im going to try and have my 4th review of the months be series’s.

Series Title/Author:

The Inheritance Cycle. Christopher Paolini

Times Read:

5 (I have read eragon 7 times. I have read the entire series 5 times. Don’t yell at Me!!)


Dragons, Fantasy, Fiction, Suspense, Medieval-ish



Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 11+

-My Opinion: 13+  I hate when people give an age range. This age to this age. Look, I may be 19, but that doesn’t mean I can’t read a book meant for elementary school kids. So I just give a good start age and then the world’s your oyster.

Basic Review:

Amazing book review will all the classics. Dragons, Elves, Magic, Dwarves, Humans, Evil, Good, Death, Immortality, and Music.

Long Review:

This is an amazing book series. It officially ended back in 2012 when the fourth book was published. However, the author has recently let us fans know that a 5th book will be published. (he didn’t say when, he just said it would happen.) I will detail the names of the books below and a small summary of each.


Needless to say, this is the first book of the series. Now Eragon is the Main Character of the series. And he does not know who his real father is. (I seem to have a taste for these books. Like how my favorite Anime is where the MC is extremely Over Powered and doesn’t act like a hotshot. Normally the MC is a guy and has a “harem” with a red haired girl completely in love with him.) <- Yeah, I tend to Ramble. If you don’t like it, well… Ain’t nothin I can do bout it. Thats just who I am. There is a lot of Death in this first book, and it is such a page turner. If it wasn’t packed in a box and I wasn’t obsessed with Ranger’s Apprentice right now, I’d be reading it. This is the book where Eragon Finds a Dragon egg and Hatches Saphira. They become dragon and rider.


This is the Second book of the series (“Ya don’t say?“). This book covers the matters of Eragon’s step brother. He is the eldest of the family (“Clearly….“) and tends to get really angry at Eragon’s incompetence. (“You mean like how I’m Angry at you?“). However, this also covers the story of Eragon’s Half-Brother. I can’t remember his name otherwise I’d tell you, (“Talk about incompetence… Just use the Internet.“) And I don’t want want to use the internet cause I just don’t want to. (“ugh….“) By the end of the Book, Eragon is a true Dragon rider.


The third book of the series (“Dude, I’m not that stupid…“). Brisgnr is the name for a fire spell that Eragon Learns. (“Finally, some useful information“). By this time in the series Eragon is a Half-Breed. Half Elf, Half Human. The dragons did this to Him, which means Eragon is Basically immortal. (“Elves aren’t immortal numnuts.“). He has the combined abilities of his formal self and his new self. He is More graceful than a Human, and almost as graceful as an Elf. He is now connected to the world around him and it Hurts him to see the world around him hurt. Do me a quick favor, pretend that that blade of grass you just pulled out of the ground was screaming. Now imagine when you get a paper cut. Now combines those and put it inside of you’re heart. Thats basically what Eragon now experiences. (“That sounds absolutely horrible. Like a constant Heart attack.“) But now he is ready for the final fight!


Hopefully you have been listening and you’ll know this is the fourth book in the series (“STOP IT!! I get it! I see what you’re doing and it’s so Annoying!! I’m tired of responding to your stupid comments! Just shut up!!“). <- Y’all don’t have to keep yelling, it won’t happen again. 😛

Everyone needs some humor from time to time. And I love to make people smile or laugh. But back to the review.  This is the last we see of Eragon for a while. Some of his closest friends have become dragon rider’s themselves. And Eragon learns of a secret that he must forget (which he does.) At the end of the book he and Saphira remember the secret that defines how they live the rest of their Lives.

So here’s my Suggestion. Start with Eragon, and then read on. It should be enough to propel you forward. And if it doesn’t, then no harm done. Least I got you to read one more book. And Reading is what I’m trying to help keep alive. Seems I’m one of the few that still read. (“I’ll read the books, just stick to the reviews and stop talking to me…“) <- Y’all can stop your whining. It’ll only happen every once and a while!

Why did I choose this book(s)?

It was just there on a shelf at Tattered Cover. By that time books 1 and 2 were out (and maybe 3? I’m not totally sure…). At that time I was totally obsessed with Dragons. And I saw a book cover with a Dragon on it, I just had to get it. And here we are.

Would Recommend?

Yes. Of course. Why wouldn’t I?!  As of yet I haven’t written a review where I tell you to not read the book. Maybe someday. But not Today!!

Thanks for reading!


Link to Art found Here

The Italicized Words were y’all talking to me. If you didn’t get it. I find it easier to read reviews if you’re talking back to the person writing. That way it’s more personal.

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7 thoughts on “The Inheritance Cycle- Series Review”

  1. Wow! 5 times?’4 books? Ohboy! I’ve been trying to finish Eragon for quite some months- I will, although I’ve read a couple of other books in between. I found it long and sometimes boring- although I am sure is a great series- I am just not there yet to fully appreciate it. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Also, Eragon does get dry at times. the entire series is guilty of that. Brisngr is my favorite. Try and just breeze through the first 2 books. Then read book three. Then go back and re read books 1 and 2. Ive found that they are juicier after that. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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