Otto Undercover-Review

What happens when a kid gets to leave on his own? Well, He has a driver’s license, owns a racecar, Drinks coffee, and Solves mysteries.


Please note that everything you read below is just my personal opinion. I do not know everything. Nor would I want to. I will not respond to negative comments. 



Otto Undercover. Rhea Perlman

Times Read:

-1 or 2


-Children’s Litterature, Fiction, Action, Adventure, Fantasy



Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest:9-12.

-My Opinion: 9 or 10+. I’m not 100% sure which would be better. But those both seem like good ages.

Basic Review:

-What happens when a kid gets to leave on his own? Well, He has a driver’s license, owns a racecar, Drinks coffee, and Solves mysteries. Oh, and did I mention he was like 12? I know he ain’t in Germany or Russia. Granted, I don’t think they get to drive at 12 either… I might be wrong on that fact, so you can correct me in the comments if you wish.

Long Review:

-What would it be like to solve crimes at a young age? I imagine that you wouldn’t have a grip on reality. Always looking over your shoulder. I mean, how could you be a true kid? Going to the playground. Running to the ice-cream truck. Having a caring family….. Since everything I say on here is just an opinion, you don’t need to listen to what I’m going on about. I was forced to grow up at an early age and missed out on a lot of these things. Back when I was a kid and read these, I thought about how awesome it would be. Now, I see that it would be extremely lonely. But anyway, you came for a review, not a sop story! Doesn’t mean I’m taking it out. Remember, we are having a conversation. 🙂

The reason I really like this book, is because it is educational. Yes, it is fiction. And it is just a kid’s adventure book. But I learned some amazing things from reading this! Like Racecar. Now auto correct wants you to spell it Race Car. But that’s not right. I’m getting off my point. Sorry. There is a word to describe it. It means a word that is the same, both backwards and forwards. I can’t remember the word for the life of me. But there are other words that fit that description. Hannah. Poop. (Threw that one in for the kids. those are the jokes them 6 year olds love.) Racecar. ….. That’s all I can think of. I KNOW there are more. My mind is just drawing a blank.

Oh, and I think that i learned this next fact from this series as well! Purple has no word in the dictionary that rhymes with it. And I think Orange is that way as well. But i may be wrong on that one.

The other reason I like this book and series is the fact that you get to go on an adventure. I love books like that. They keep you in the moment, and make you want to turn the page! Sadly, my generation doesn’t have many avid readers like me. So even though I love the feeling on being sucked into another world, my Peers find reading to be boring. I think it might be because they don’t have any imagination!! (Sorry guys, but it’s true!!)

Back to the solving crimes at a young age? It might be fun. But the only ones who can truly solve crimes is Scooby-Doo and his Gang!! I am not endorsed, nor am I supported by. But I wish I was. Scooby-Doo has a place in my heart. There is NO BETTER cartoon. It even surpasses Looney Toons!! A life gaol of mine is to own every Scooby-Doo show, and movie, so my kid’s and I can enjoy something every saturday! Pretty sad life goal you may say, but I am all about family. Sorry, Getting off track. AGAIN!

What else can I say about this book? It’s short. That seems to be what people like. Granted, I read books that are hundreds of pages long in a few days to a week. So I may not know what i’m talking about :-P. I think you get my point.

Um, I think there are pictures… They are in my library in my basement. I’d need to crack one open in order to tell you. But I’m on the train right now, So… I’m kinda nowhere near home… Lol.

Would Recommend?


Thanks for readin!


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