Captain Underpants-Series Review

Ever have that one person that has it out for you? Sometimes it’s a bully, or an evil teacher. But what happens when it is your Principal? Well, he put on one of his curtains and strips down. And you follow him.


Guess what?! There are 5 reviews this month. Lucky you! So let’s start off the Month with a Bonus review. Captain Underpants. Ā As of yet, I’ve really only reviewed books for the young adult age to the Adult ages. So let’s go for something for the younger kids.


Series Title/Author:

Captain Underpants. Dav Pilkey.

Times Read:

-3 times, give or take. It has been a few years since I have read any of the Captain Underpants Books.


-Fiction, Bathroom Humor, Kids, Action, Fiction, and (as the author put it) Laffs.


-About an 8 or 9/10. Ā They are good books. But the older you get (as a kid) the more uncomfortable it is to read. Mostly cause all your friends stopped reading them last week. By the time you get to my level of reading, (By the way, I am not bragging at all. I just love to read. I read the Lord of The Rings books when I was in 3rd grade. I read the Hobbit in 6th. I did that backward. Not on purpose, mind you. My generation doesn’t like to read at ALL. So I am advanced compared to some of my peers, and behind compared to others. I didn’t know what the middle finger meant until I was 12. My peers knew what it meant when they were 7 and 8. I’m getting off track, Sorry.) The books are just too short.

Age Range:

-Author(s) Suggest: 7+

-My Opinion: In reality, you could start reading this after you learned to read. I did. Although, I read a few upper-level books before I read these. But I’m an abnormal case. šŸ˜›

Basic Review:

-Ever have that one person that has it out for you? Sometimes it’s a bully or an evil teacher. But what happens when it is your Principal? Well, he put on one of his curtains and strips down. And you follow him. Or you should follow him. He has a tendency to get into trouble. And you have a tendency to get detention afterward.

So why follow him? Well, you helped create him. You and your best bud. And it also doesn’t help that a monster is trying to turn everyone into boogers and your principal is the only one that can stop it.

Long Review:

-You thought I was joking about the Boogers, weren’t you? Well, I actually wasn’t. Yes, the books have a villainĀ (or 3) that are basically boogers. In reality, it is a lot grosserĀ than it sounds. Imagine when you have a Sinus Infection. And all that mucus that is in your sinuses and throat. Ever coughedĀ it up before? Normally it would be yellow. Now imagine it a yucky green. And that is what these villains look like. Well, and they are bigger than most children. But it’s alright, you’re only going to die!

So your principleĀ is running around in just a curtain and Briefs. The only way to wake him up so he can go back to screaming at you is to splash a cup of water in his face. Otherwise, he’ll keep screaming “Captain Underpants!” Which after the 2nd time gets really irritating.

So the true heroes of these books? The two kids. Sure, Capt. Undies is a hero in some respects, but he is more of a backseat character. The only reason why the monster got defeated was because of Harold and George. And that goes for all the monsters.

These are good books, but it has been so long since I’ve read them that it is hard to recall. But, I do recommend the younger kids read these. It is worth their time, and if they aren’t book freaks like me, it’ll keep them satisfied for a while.

Why did I choose this book(s)?

-I had read a lot of the books in my classrooms. Almost all of them and my teachersĀ told me to try these books out. And I did. And then I needed more material.

WouldĀ Recommend?

-Yeah, I would actually. Almost every kid can relate to these books. And every adult/teen can snicker because they remember thinking the same things. Good books, just short.

Thanks for readin!


Shorter review, but it is still comprehensive. I think so anyways.Ā 

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